Marks of shame

  • I think my main one is Metal Gear Solid. I've played the first one a few times and got to Psycho Mantis and end up quitting around there. Haven't played any Metal Gear game since.

    @DizBomber803 said in Marks of shame:

    It has been a whole year since I last played Chrono Trigger and Ni No Kuni and I think I'm only half-way through both of them.

    I just picked up Chrono Trigger on the DS and I'm loving it. It's one of the few "marks of shame" I have that I'm actively trying to fix.

  • My biggest one is Xenogears. I adored that game and made it all the way to the end..

    But apparently I had made it through the game super under leveled that I kept getting destroyed by the final boss.
    I meant to grind and level up.... but it never happened.

  • I've been putting off responding to this to really think up something good, and I finally have it. A long time ago I bought a launch day Playstation Portable (PSP), and one of the first series that came out for this system that struck a major chord with me was Patapon. I spent ages playing the demos for the games alone, but I always bought them immediately at launch and binged them, dug in deep until I finished the story and felt satisfied with postgame stuff. This was the case until Patapon 3. From the start Patapon 3 felt weird with it's over-reliance on hero characters, downplaying controlling big armies somewhat, but I still really liked the game. I still always intended to beat it. Unfortunately, there was one level that gave me endless trouble that I couldn't quite get down and it frustrated me enough to put the game down. I also struggled with finding comfortable headphones to play the game with, since earbuds make my ears hurt really badly, and there's so many subtle sounds you won't hear in that game without headphones on. So, I procrastinated finishing it for a long time, too long, and after years and years of dutiful service my model 1000, launch day PSP finally broke before I could finish Patapon 3. I'm not someone wealthy enough to simply buy a new one or buy a Vita now, as I have to prioritize budgeting for this or that and make tough cuts, but I think I'll always regret not finishing Patapon 3 unless I ever get the chance to. They haven't made a main game since it, and I need that closure on a series I dearly loved at the time.

  • Wild Arms Alter Code f. This has been in the back of my mind and bothering me for years. I played it, love the game,.I got to the last dungeon and was stumped by a puzzle, turned the game off planning on getting to it later, and ended up losing my memory card... It's eating away at my soul.

  • Yeah, I never finished Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I was so excited about it, and just didn't. It's kinda embarrassing, even if you don't like the game. I was seriously hyped and then just stopped one day and never went back.

  • FFIX :( I finished the entire game, just not Kuja as final boss... then i lost my PS1 memory card along with the save games of Chrono Cross, FFVII, FFVIII, i tried to play it again in PS3 and PSP but it didn't feel the same thing...

  • Oh man...
    FFXIII; I got halfway thru the game, realized it sucked, but I kept going just to see the ending. After a long - painful 6 hour stretch, I got to the final boss, beat him, got the trophy, then my PS3 bricked. Worse, I lost my save files, so I have to play all the way through that game...again just to see the stupid ending. It really is not worth a second playthrough.

  • I guess I'll keep the FF train running. Played FFXII quite a bit and enjoyed my time with it. Made it pretty far. Made my way up a gigantic tower and fought a couple of bosses, I thought it was the end of the game.

    It wasn't, it was followed by some downtime in a relaxing location. Put the game down there and never felt compelled to pick it back up again.

  • @Av8orGamer I had the same thing happen with the Pre-Sequel. I wonder if it's something in particular about that game, or maybe just too much of the exact same thing?
    Still love playing coop Borderlands 2 though.

  • @Inustar said in Marks of shame:

    I wonder if it's something in particular about that game, or maybe just too much of the exact same thing?

    Oh yeah, I had just put over a hundred hours into BL2 and when I loaded up TPS, I just thought, oh yeah, this...

    And that was that.

  • I will finish Ico some day, damn it.

  • @flower_arrangement Finally played / finished it last week ! The first 2 hours were really hard for me because of the controls and Yorda's AI. But the overall was worth it in the end (welp, didn't scream 'UEDA GENIUS' at my screen but still).

    For me:

    • I tried to play The Witcher 3 several times but I nope as soon as I open the map and see all the stuff to do (I know, I don't have to do all of the quests and collectibles, but I have to clean those maps!)
    • I own a PS4 and don't have Bloodborne
    • Since everyone talked about it this week: Never finished Beyond Good & Evil.
    • Bought 3 Mass Effect, played the first hour of the first, did something else quickly and never continued. I don't have the strength to put so many hours in it.

  • @Maczime

    I'm in that hard to re-pick up place of not being sure what I'm doing and slightly hating the controls. Ergh, when I have enough free days I'll do it, need to complete before Last Guardian comes out.

  • Anyone who hasn't played Beyond Good & Evil should consider it a mark on their soul as a human being.

  • @DMCMaster said in Marks of shame:

    Anyone who hasn't played Beyond Good & Evil should consider it a mark on their soul as a human being.

    I haven't actually finished it either :(

  • @flower_arrangement I think both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have some pretty janky controls and camera work. However, I think that even though those are some fairly major flaws, their incredible use of atmosphere, setting, tone, art direction, music, and minimalistic storytelling overshadow any and all issues that they have from a gameplay perspective. I suspect The Last Guardian will be the same. That said, I completely respect and understand why some people never finished either/both of those games, since yeah, sometimes the controls are so bad that the game gets frustrating to play. But man, do I think that those frustrations are worth it.