What is your favorite game and why?

  • I'm wondering what the allies favorite games are. Personally when it comes to media such as games, movies, and television, my favorites are things that I can watch/play over and over again, and never get bored. In the case gaming that is Arc the Lad 2. While I recognize it is nowhere close to being the best game ever, nor the best JRPG, it was one of the few games that I had growing up, so I played it a lot.

    What I like about it is the engaging characters and storyline, the actual game mechanics, and the fact you could transfer your save from the first game, receiving every item you got in the first game and transferring over each character's level, something I still find impressive for 1996.

    What are your favorite games and why?

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  • Super Metroid. Nearly a perfect game. Lonely but full of strange life. Labrynthine but masterfully architected. Full of wandering but the next step is always closer than you think.

    I will play it for years to come, maybe the rest of my life.

  • I'd have to say devil may cry 1, 3 and 4

    DMC1 because it just had everything I needed in a video game, plus it helped me through a lot of depression in high school.

    DMC3 just improved on the first in every way and I just fell in love with everything about that game. From the graphics, to the story, controls and gameplay it was just perfection.

    DMC4 just took everything to a new level plus it was my very first 360 game. I didn't mind Nero cause his combos and such were fun as fuck, I didn't care about back tracking ffs that's all you do in metroid, it was just the best game I have ever played, and still has the deepest combo system of all the games.

    Now I'm just waiting on DMC5 so Bayonetta and DMC4 won't be alone at the top anymore.

    1. Persona 4 Golden - every time I play it, it feels like meeting my real life best friends and going through my best years of High School all over again. Excellent writing, music and VO. God tier. The Golden edition has the best iteration of the fusing/collecting/customising of personas (or similar) ever.

    2. The Last of Us - IMO the best execution of a narrative in a game, and I loved the harsh, realistic tilt on action gameplay.

    3. Mass Effect 2 - Amazing characters, much improved gameplay, fantastic universe building, memorable music, MAN, ME2 had the works.

  • @selfconfessedcyn I wish they would port golden to the damn ps4 already.

    1. Pokémon Silver Version
    2. Persona 4 Golden
    3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (GBC).

    My big thing is atmosphere, and all of those games knock it out of the park in that area. The relaxing nighttime vibes of Silver Version, the comfy Christmas vibes of Philosopher's Stone, and the homely country vibes of P4G. Nothing beats 'em.

  • Mass Effect 2. the way the game is structured just works for me so much - it drops you into an immediately emotionally resonant situation, spends the first third of the game building your team, the second third getting to know each of them, and the final third utilizing them and their strengths to fight an enemy, with real consequences if you make the wrong decisions. the characters and the relationships you build with them as you progress your Shepard as a person and a commander are some of my favorites in any medium.

  • @KingofDMC Persona 4 Golden Remastered w/ the P5 engine is my dream (ie Persona 4 Platinum ).

    Extra #E3Dreams points for Persona 3 Remaster.

  • @selfconfessedcyn hunnnng that would be the greatest ever, it would also be nice to play those whole I wait for P5.

  • My personal favourite game of all time? Chrono Trigger, I already liked JRPGs but Chrono Trigger gave me everything I loved about JRPGs + Somethings I didn't even know I wanted ie Dual & triple techs, Multiple endings etc...

    Persona 4 (I don't have a Vita so I've never played P4G) is my 2nd favourite game of all time. Persona 4 was so good that I forgot Chrono Trigger existed for 2 month. All I could talk about was how Persona 4 was my favourite game of all time then I remembered Chrono Trigger existed. Then it became my default number 2, because I still love Chrono Trigger.

  • I think it has to be Kingdom Hearts. I know there are better games out there, but something has resonated with me in the game. I am a Disney FAN, and that only amplifies the experience. The story of light and darkness is done in a way that clicks with me and has made it a game that has gotten under my skin in ways other games haven't.

  • There are too many games that have had an emotional impact on me, so I will respond with a game that has changed the way I view video games ... once again.

    It is a small title called "The Beginner's Guide" by Davey Wreden, who also worked on another fourth-wall shattering game called "The Stanley Parable", which many of you might have played. In "The Beginner's Guide", Davey shows you various games a friend of his created over the years. He narrates the whole thing and in the process tells a story of his relationship with this friend. I really don't want to spoil anything for those who do actually want to check it out; however, I will say why it was very emotional for me:

    It has everything to do with something that is known as the "Imposter Syndrom", which is defined as a " collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true. It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence." Many successful artists in the world like Neil Gaiman, Tina Fey or Meryl Streep have admitted to those sorts of feeling of inadequacy. Polygon has even reported on this happening in the game development industry. I have felt a similar feeling in the past and continue to do so on many projects of mine.

    "The Beginner's Guide" felt to me like a manifestation of this phenomenon in the form of a video game. If this sort of thing interests you in any way, definitely give this game a try. It is only 10 dollars on Steam and you might be able to get it cheaper during a sale at some point. Just keep in mind that the game is only about 2 hours long, so if you don't have the money, at least you can watch the video walkthrough below:

    Youtube Video

  • Currently, I think Mass Effect as a series is my favorite game. I love sci-fi and the first ME signaled the potential of what a more grounded sci-fi RPG could be. There were other sci-fi like RPGs before it, but Mass Effect just had the style and the feel that I loved. ME2 brought that potential to the next level. It might not have been a traditional RPG, but the characters, renegade+paragon prompts, and the world building in that game was just so amazing to me at the time. And ME3, despite the all the ending stuff, brought this epic journey to a definitive conclusion. And the Citadel DLC... all the feels. I know ME has its faults, but it just pushes all the right buttons for me that it's flaws are very easy to ignore and I can dive into that universe and stay in it forever.

    Renegade for life (not really, but c'mon, I had to say it)

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  • It has to be Turrican II: The Final Fight on Amiga.

    It was the first game I ever played, and I fell in love with the soundtrack. I suggest you to search it from youtube, and listen to it, and be amazed how great soundtrack can be. And the 2011 remastered soundtrack is just pure gold, and it's exactly why I need the HD remastered versions of this series. At least Chris Hülsbeck is doing Orchestral versions of some of the tracks end of this year, which I can't wait to hear. Also, I would say that if Scooter (which is one of my favorite bands of all time) utilized samples of track "Freedom" in their song "Level one", it says how great soundtrack it is.

    And yeah, the game itself is good, fun action game. Imagine if Metroid combined with Contra, with a hint of Super Mario thrown into the mix. That's Turrican in a nutshell.

    Edit: Here's a link to the full soundtrack on Youtube:
    Youtube Video

  • @Barrelbot That Harry Potter game was a LOT of fun :)

  • @marcel said in What is your favorite game and why?:

    @Barrelbot That Harry Potter game was a LOT of fun :)

    I have to agree, I played that game, and it has to be one of the most underrated games on GBC. It has good combat system, levelling up, equipment and all that good stuff set in the amazing story that is FIrst Harry Potter. It's basically THE Harry Potter RPG. I don't care if you don't like the series, but this game is still worth checking out, it's MUCH better than that game on PSX, just saying, that is just so bad it's good kind of ordeal, at least if you ask me.

  • There are many games that are dear to my heart, so it's a hard pick. But I'd have to say Final Fantasy VII was the one that popped up first in my mind. I played it the most out of any game I ever owned (and bought it the most too, I have it on PS3, PS4, iOS and PC), I still remember everything about it, and it was just such a fun ride from start to end.

  • I'm probably going to leave a few posts in here as I've too many favourite games. That said, you have to start somewhere and without doubt one of my favourite games of all time is Shadow of the Colossus.

    alt text

    Instantly the game opens with the wonderful theme song and genuinely does set the tone for the rest of the game. What I love most about the game is that it's very personal. I am there for selfish reasons. I just want to save this girl and as you play through the game you slowly begin to put the pieces together and realise the cost of this action. That alone sets this game apart from others I feel. I'm not a hero, I'm not trying to save the world. It's such an powerful story, I love it!

    Then there is the world itself. The best thing about any game is finding things. As gamers, we love to be surprised, we love the joy of discovering new things. SOTC has beautiful varied areas to explore, filled with secrets and of course filled with the colossi themselves. Considering this game is on PS2, the sheer scale is incredible.

    The mechanic of climbing these Colossi and finding their weak points was and still is incredible. Some games take from it now but back then it felt so unique. It's pretty much the definition of epic! Holding on for dear life as you are dragged into the sky or a lake is absolutely incredible and each Colossi feels diverse enough that each battle really feels like a new test or puzzle to deal with.

    If you haven't played this game, do it now before The Last Guardian (along with Ico which is wonderful too). The story, the soundtrack, the environments, colossi, agro... just everything is fantastic!

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    For me its almost coming down to "favorite game in different genre". Games are really good for different reasons.

    Final Fantasy IX - Best JRPG there is imo. The story, characters and how madly I've fallen in love with the world and its people. I bought this with my older brother when it came out. Even though my english wasnt great at the time I still understood enough to spend hours and hours exploring and talking to NPCs. This was the first game (other than Pokemon) where I really cared for the characters. Then we have the music... oh my god the music! it gives me shivers to this day! There are songs that I listen to now and then again and still get goosebumps. I have played through this game many times since I was a kid and got it on my Vita now.

    Vanquish - This shooter is almost on the other side of the spectrum from FF 9. Super fast action, tight controller and about 5 minutes of story. I have played through this short but intense shooter again and again. In the begining it was really hard, but once you get used to the controller it becomes this delecate dance as you boost, slide and jump around on the battlefield.

    Mass Effect 2 - This action RPG is nothing short of amazing. Another universe that are full of surprises and good character (Garrus we love you!). I remember getting a bit tired of the first game about halfway though (I was late to the party) and didnt like how it had aged. However, when my friend introduced me to the second game the opening were enough to blow me away. After the opening I had to take a breather and just sat there with my mouth and eyes wide open! and the adventure to come after kept me invested to the grade that I got banned from being indoors for a few hours. (I played pretty much constantly through an entire weekend until my parents told me to go outside and werent allowed to come back in until later in the evening, lol).

    Burnout 3: Takedown - Best racing game in the world? The fast racing with the most beautiful crashes I had ever seen. I remember running home on my lunch break in school with a friend just so we could play the crash mode. I believe this was also the first game I bothered to get 100% completion in. Pure love.

    Halo Series - Not buying a Xbox one this choice might seem a bit ironic. However I love these games. I got fond memories of linking together 2 xboxes and playing halo 2 with friends for hours upon hours. playing through the campaign sooo many times. The summer when I got the first halo to PC, I pretty much played it through once every day till school started. I LOVE the lore and wouldnt mind our future to actually be like this :3 I got most of the books, action figures and stuff from these games. If there are something you need to know about the lore, just PM me ;)

    Starcraft/Warcraft - RTS games, how much I love you. StarCraft I played through a few times and played this at LAN parties with my friends, even though I always were the worst of everyone I knew. But then Starcraft 2 came out and I actually dedicated time into this on my own. I ended up in the higher leagues and even got offered to join a smaller esports team. With Warcraft its mainly Warcraft 3. I never really played this online, however loved the mechanics and story. Thanks to this game I ended up playing WoW for about 6 years hardcore.

  • Nights into Dreams. The gameplay is just so much fun that I can have a total blast replaying it over and over again, and it rewards that constant replaying because it's all about getting the best score you can so after every level you can see how your score compares to your previous times. Despite being extremely barebones (to the point of only having literally one line of dialogue) I think the game tells its story very nicely too, and integrates the most important part perfectly into gameplay during the final stage. I'm a huge fan of games telling their stories through gameplay rather than a cutscene (Journey is another example that comes to mind) and I think this game is what made me first appreciate it. The music is absolutely incredible like most other Sonic Team games as well. The levels all feel unique and alive in their own way especially with the nightopians and the changes to the music depending on how many are hatched and how happy they are.