What is your favorite game and why?

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    Scholar Of The First Sin.

    Became an incredibly personal game for me, with a story which continues to fascinate and ignite me, dancing back and forth with very real world stuff which became a huge part of the experience.

    Beyond that, the fascinating development process - spotlighting the sheer genius of Yui Tanimura. A man who not only came onboard to rescue a broken game and get it shipped on time, but as solo director created some of Souls very finest levels as the Three Crowns Trilogy DLC. Still refusing to let the game go Tanimura continued with Scholar, remixing enemy placements, story, continuity, as well as introducing the character of the Scholar himself.

    I continue to be utterly smitten with it.

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    But never forgetting the magnificence of Demon's Souls.

    Still a terrifying enigma, with stunning design work and a world which pushes needles into me whenever I play it.

    I've been here since importing the US Special Edition all those many moons ago, and I still can't quite get the measure of Miyazaki's first Souls game.

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    Because it changed my perspective on life itself through the Paragon/Renegade system: I chose to be more Paragon in real life because of this trilogy. I had never cared more for video game characters than I did in this game, and I wanted them to be well. So I played Paragon, and then I felt that in real life I was being too much of an asshole (read: Renegade) at that time. So I chose to change that. It made me a better person, and that's not something any other game achieved for me.

  • I really couldn't say.

    The game I completed the most often is by far Super Mario 64 (still do a 120 playthrough every year), but I wouldn't necessarily call it my "favourite game". I suppose I'll answer Mount and Blade: Warband, but reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

  • My Favorite game is Halo. That is the game that brought back to console gaming. The music and the open vistas on the Halo ring at the time were beautiful. The epic 4 vs 4 battles under one roof . I can almost remember the screams.

  • I'm going with The Witcher series, if I'm nitpicking on which in particular, it would of course be the The Wild Hunt. I read the books, and played the games, so I gained an affinity for the lore of that world, and the characters that are in it. The Witcher 3, to me, felt alive. I love the little notes you could find on enemies or in camps that, while weren't always necessary to read, added to the "life" the game had. The weather, way you could customize your appearance with armor and hairstyles, the choices you make that influence change in the story. I also love all the nods to the books and the first two games you find.

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    Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn.
    Fast paced beat em up with light RPG mechanics, a nonlinear story with branching paths and multiple endings, combat more akin to a fighting game, and a sweet anime art style.

    Sometimes this switches place with Super Mario RPG and the first Dead Space, bur mostly its Guardian Heroes.

  • Final Fantasy 6 is my old standby "number 1 game", and I think the characters are really why it has stuck with me so strongly. The character development and stories feel surprisingly mature, yet without as much heavy visual presentation and the dialogue excess of more modern games . They express all the emotion through a variety of animations done with very small sprites. It's incredibly endearing at times.

    The game itself is also totally broken in both good and bad ways, but I've gotten so used to it. The battle system is a very big net positive for me, even though I'm not sure why it works for me.

    How about having a top 3 list as well:

    1. Final Fantasy 6
    2. Perfect Dark
    3. Resident Evil 4

    Dark Souls, F-Zero GX and Soul Blazer are probably the next 3.

  • Its hard to pick just one, but i think Zelda BOTW became it. Its the closest thing to the game i always dreamed of and it`s really close to that "project ego" Peter Molyneux was talking about years ago.

    It`s baffling how many systems are built and interact upon each other.
    In 90% of games when i see a tree, i just see it as a visual element.
    In Botw i see:

    1. Something i can climb to have a better view of the surroundings
    2. A source of food with fruits
    3. A source of wood to burn for fire (and fire can be used in many ways in this game)
    4. If cut and thrown into a river, a tree could be a fortune boat.
      etc. etc. etc.

    No games that i can think of allows me this much and with this level of polish.

  • My heart wants to say Ocarina of Time. I rented it from Blockbuster 3 times before my parents caved in and purchased it. I couldn't believe that games could be like that. I was blown away by a wide open world with multiple towns, genuinely challenging puzzles, many secrets, time travel and a story I cared about.

    However, my brain wants to say Command and Conquer, I probably wouldn't be a software engineer if it wasn't for C&C. It was the first game I modded. It got me into PC's and figuring out how to make things on PCs bend to my will. Now, when I watch Mr Robot, I'm like, 'oh I know how to do that'.