What kind of game trailer appeals to you?

  • People who have been as enthusiastic about video games like me has seen a lot of trailers for video games. But what kind of trailer appeals to you the most, what kind of trailer makes you go "I want this game right now." For me I don't think they make the kind of trailers that appeal to me anymore. I like the trailers that shows off gameplay in several cuts while a cool trailer voice guy explains the story and the purpose of your character with cool music (doesn't matter if it's in the game or not) in the background. I just don't see those kind of trailers anymore. I see trailers that are either pure cutscenes or just one long demo of whoever is playing making sure the audience sees the cool background art they did by walking very slow until the game demands that they run. But what kind of trailers do you like?

    EDIT: I guess I should add some examples of what I am talking about, even though neither of these have a cool trailer voice guy like I previously mentioned.

    Metroid Prime
    Resident Evil 4
    Youtube Video

  • I like trailers that achieve what their intentions are more than the type of trailer. I have a big write up here about what I think makes a good game trailer if you want more examples to look at: http://forums.easyallies.com/topic/309/what-makes-a-great-game-trailer

    About what you said, I really hate the trailers that are about marketing. For example, a seemingly revered Phantom Pain trailer called Red Band where you had the cool Kojima segment, then it goes into this god awful part where the game goes into gameplay and you see "New Breed of Stealth" and "Tactical Espionage REDEFINED" plastered on the screen. Not cool at all. Don't try to sell me the game like that.

    Keeping on the Kojima trailers, I'll post one that is probably an extremely bad trailer, but it was a trailer that made me buy the game despite its contents.

    Youtube Video

    This Metal Gear Rising trailer is not a good trailer in that it practically spoils everything in the game. What it did for me was just to be so damn cool and badass with the most epic music and insane, over the top scenes. Kojima even made this trailer feel like a story being told with the way he edited the scenes together. There are lines of text in this, but it's different in that it was setting the story just enough with words, and it was not about marketing.

    I just love epic trailers because they are so memorable. It really sells me on the game.

  • Out-of-context trailer voice overs and text are usually terrible (not in Deus Ex tho!)... but I really love the line "A New Breed of Stealth." Without that trailer, talking about New Zelda would have been a lot less fun.

  • Love me some developer walkthrough ala Tomb Raider and Deus Ex MD.

  • Can Persona 5 just be my answer?


    It's stylish, but that's mostly due to the game.
    As far as trailer appeal, it shows off game play and some new mechanics, as well as getting across the vibe of the game. It sold that game pretty well to new people, while also showing Persona fans how this game would feel and differ from previews entries.

    I guess the long and short of it is that I like my trailers to show gameplay, but also highlight whatever it is that makes the game interesting, whether that's characters, story or mechanics.

  • I can't nail down a specific kind of trailer, but only 2 really stick out to me, and they are similar.

    The first is my favorite. It's the mad world trailer for Gears of War. Completely doesn't jive with the actual game, but this footage cut to this music is too perfect.

    Youtube Video

    My second favorite is the believe trailer for Halo 3.

    Youtube Video

    To be honest, I'm not sure if you'd call these trailers or commercials. They sold me on the games more than a typical trailer showing no actual gameplay would. I think it's because they capture your imagination the way a basic "here's how you run and gun" trailer couldn't.

  • I think my favorite trailers are for games I like, haha. Not exclusively, though, because the Fallout 4 trailers obviously weren't as hype as Skyrim's.

    @Linky I wish the Prime Trilogy got better trailers. Most of them were poorly cut, and all of them are totally divorced from what the actual games feel like. I think that's just what happens when you dub licensed music over an atmospheric game. Anyway, here's the best I could dig up for the later two games. Neither of which are full trailers, but rather commercials.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

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    It really depends.

    I like trailers that really shows off a game in a cinematic way. Such as the Mass Effect 2 trailer.

    But I also like games where you get to see some cool features or are mysterious in ways, like where you wonder how things will go down or "wow that is really cool!" rather than the "WE GOT THIS AND WE ARE AWESOME!"

  • I tend to like the emotional story trailers. Jrpg's mostly as they are often quite melodramatic and impactful. My favourite is a fan made one:

    Youtube Video

  • I'm a simple man: music is what makes trailers memorable to me.
    Persona 5, Deus Ex HR/MD, and even Skyrim's cinematic trailers all got me jumping with excitement.
    Showing various things like Persona's awesome menus, Deus Ex's worldbuilding through Adam's narration, and Skyrim showing off the [at the time] captivating environments were all helped by incredible musical accompaniment that seemed perfectly timed to the trailer.
    MGSV's trailers would not have been the jawdropping spectacles they were without Donna Burke or "STANDING".

  • It's funny how people feel the need to qualify liking things in the past because popular opinion has since swung against them.

  • I am not crazy about trailers the way some people are, but something I know I hate is when they mimic modern movie trailer formats.

    I like this trailer. It's a little long now, but it felt great when it came out.

    Youtube Video