Destiny: Rise of Iron and EZA

  • Hello fellow Allies, with Destiny: ROI around the corner and It being the first expansion to release during the lifespan of EZA, I ask if there is anyone who plans on grouping up. I have never been able to find the right group of players to go through Destiny with, I've tried various LFG websites and grouping with randoms but no luck, so most of my experience with Destiny has been solo. I figured now, with my fellow allies, would be the best time to try and find a proper group. So if anyone is part of a group or wants to start a new one, I am willing and hopeful to join. Hopefully this thread can also help others in my situation. Thanks guys for any and all responses.

    PSN: Solidpanic

    Edit: I play on PS4, thus this is the group I'm looking for, but this thread can be for any players on any system.

  • There is an EZA community on PS4. I'm sure the creator will send you an invite once they see this post. Go ahead and add me if you'd like. PSN: SageOfThyme

    Still up in the air whether I'll be on RoI though. Before I continue to invest in this game after 2 years, I'd really like to know what they are doing for Destiny 2.

  • You can also just join the group on the PS4 community without an invite. "EasyAllies" seems to be more used/has more members, but there's also "Easy Allies". I just joined both because... why not.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I was actually referring to the community specifically for Destiny, "EasyAllies Destiny LFG"

  • @Sage-Of-Thyme Ah, my mistake! Well.... still feel free to join the ones I mentioned too, haha.