Proposed change to the personal email sent to $50 patreons.

  • Hi Allies!

    During the time of E3 I decided to pledge $50 towards the E3 of dreams. As a part of the reward of that I was sent a personalized email from one of the allies. I'm not gonna say what I got but I'll do say that it was a bit less than what I was hoping for. Besides this when it's the end of the month I've noticed you, sort of, complaining about having emails left to write. So, I was thinking why not make it a letter from each the allies to one part each of the patrons and making them more creative or whatever you feel like. To me it could be more than it is right now and a bigger reward. Personally I feel it wouldn't hurt that about ten more people saw the content. It's just a thought and I'm currently not a $50 patron, but maybe it's something you should discuss with those who are if they feel similar.

    Love and Respect,


  • admin

    Sorry, you didn't feel like you got a great reward. Each person does their letters a different way so I don't really know what to say for yours except that people generally do put some time and effort into them.

    I'm not entirely clear on your proposal. It sounds much like what we're already doing as each Ally handles a different group of patrons each month.

  • Well I really did the pledge for the E3 of dreams so in that sense I did get a great reward, so I'm not disappointed.

    I'll try to explain what I meant. So currently there are about 120 $50 or above patrons, which turns into that each patron would have to write an email to about 13 of those patrons. I'm just thinking that writing 13 different emails seems tricky and that there might not be a whole lot of creativity to make them super great. So my proposal is that instead of making 13 different emails each ally could do one email and send to its 13 patrons, thereby being able to put more effort and creativity into it. The personalized part would be lost a bit but maybe it would be a better reward.

    Just want to say that I really love the content you guys do and I'm not writing this to be negative or complain. It's just something I thought about and wanted to give my feedback on, And I didn't ment to say that it seemed like there was little effort put into the letter, I just maybe thought it could be more. This is really hard talking about without sounding unappreciative.

  • admin

    Ah, I see. Yeah, I think that comes down to how each person approaches it. I personally do it the way that you're suggesting. I write one fairly long letter and send it out to my group, generally giving a more personal take on what I've been up to for the past month, sharing some behind the scenes stories that might not otherwise be communicated.

  • Ah cool, then it seems that its not an issue after all. Thanks!