Allies Assemble (Multiplayer, Co-op, etc.)

  • I play all types of games.

    Currently Destiny on PSN and Forza Horizon 3 on XBOX PC.
    Anticipating Battlefield 1 on Origin.

    PSN: Niingen
    XBOX PC: Apokilypse
    GOG Galaxy: Niingen
    Origin: Foshi13
    Steam: Niingen
    Uplay: Niingen

  • Im thinking about getting back into FF14 i have level 50 everything besides the 3 new classes that came out. I dont want to pay to jump servers on the EZA server unless there is a health guild going. Ive been scrubbing these forums and haven't found much all i can go by is Micheal Damiani's streaming of it and from what i can tell its just the those 9 dudes playing.

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    I think that other than the actual Allies, the XIV guild is dead. I posted several times in another XIV thread and got no reply.
    I have a small guild on Adamantoise if you are looking for regular players to do shit with. Tetra Masters.

  • Would you be up for playing through co-op together on Gears 4 @MiserablePerson?

    Not sure if we can play competitive MP as don't know if you're on xbox or PC.

    I'll add you on XBL anyway, my GT is the same as here.

  • @DisturbedSwan said in Allies Assemble (Multiplayer, Co-op, etc.):

    Would you be up for playing through co-op together on Gears 4 @MiserablePerson?

    Not sure if we can play competitive MP as don't know if you're on xbox or PC.

    I'll add you on XBL anyway, my GT is the same as here.

    I got the Ultimate Edition, and am finishing the campaign tonight before it gets spoiled - then i'll probably be hopping into multiplayer for awhile. Down the line I'd be up to do it again, but I imagine you'll be eager to get through the campaign as well.

  • Overwatch Halloween starts tomorrow but my group of friend that I played the game with abandoned me for CSGO. I'm usually able to play weeknights around 8pm (EST) Primarily looking for ranked. I"m in platinum. BattleNet: Scrotinger#1127

  • Nillend On Steam, and Origen.
    Nillend#2208 on Battlenet for overwatch.

  • Still trying to get into the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes EZA guild. If anyone can help or pass along my Ally code to the proper person(s) it is 215-376-622. Thanks for any help you fine folks may be able to provide. Cheers.

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    Going to play Titanfall 2 with friends tonight, if anyone else are interested, do add me on PSN (same name) or give me a shout! Im EU based so you know :D

    Also if its not already created I will do a EZA Clan for us to assemble in!

  • I don't do much multiplayer, but my PSN is Lackadaisicool.

  • Hey allies if somebody is playing WWE 2k17 on Xbox One add me: gamertag: drolejan

    Huber and Brad stream of this game was awesome.

  • @Otoshigami how do i go about joining the free company? Im in gilgamesh and i keep trying to search for the allies character names but i must be searching for them when they arent online. Is there anyway you could send me a friend request on ff14 so i can request to join the fc?

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  • Just looking for some Allies to join me in some overwatch fun. Don't have too many friends on bnet.

    My username for overwatch/SC2/HotS/Hearthstone is Munchkin#1429. Feel free to add me!

  • Greetings allies, I just got Battlefield 1 on PS4 and I am looking for some gentlemen (and gentlewomen) to play with. I do own a headset with a microphone, so vocal communication won't be a problem.
    My PSN: br0warr

  • @Browarr I've been playing quite a bit and would be down to team up with some allies!

    I'm out of town for the holiday but my PSN is pig-man and I'll be free to play when I'm home again.

  • Bummin' around Steam, mostly. Playing lots of Brawlhalla lately, and also Lethal League. I am down to play basically anything.

    Also have Xbox Live.

    Steam: gaarathedancingpanda
    Xbox: BlackMesaStaff

  • any allies up for any cod iw or cod4 remastered hit me up on psn Rhaspadoss666

  • Xbox GT: Hero

    Just mention that you are from the Easy Allies forums please. I get a bunch of random messages.