Allies Assemble (Multiplayer, Co-op, etc.)

  • The majority of my online gaming, is on PS4. Same as my username: Dice_for_Death_, complete with the underscores. Lately, I've been playing some Fortnite and Star Wars Battlefront (2015).

    Would love an Ally or two in either game, if you enjoy someone that doesn't play loud music, cuss, or splits the party. I love the experience of playing as a unified team, each looking over the other's shoulder.

    If you want to add me on Steam, too, the username remains the same. I don't play much on that, however, due to my using a laptop that isn't terribly suited to gaming.

  • Hi everyone :) Just bought a Switch(Swiiiiiitch!) and would like some allies on my friends list, I currently have Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, and plan on getting Smash Bros and Mario Tennis.

    My Friend code: SW-4707-5791-5108

    Love & respect, DarthAmmii :D

  • Hello Allies, I'm really more of a single-player guy but i do own a few (probably more then a few) multiplayer games. Off the top of my head, I own Monster Hunter World, The Division, and Battlefront 2 on both PS4 and Xbox. However most of my online experiences fizzle out due to lack of consistent people to play with. So if your a chill person and not someone who seems to be racing for some goal line, feel free to hit me up.

    PSN: KW20 - play a few multiplayer games, but mostly this is my RPG machine
    XBL: Zrail - The majority of my multiplaying comes from this one. Mostly Co-op shooters, not one for competitive i.e. Overwatch. Really looking for some chill people to play with.
    Switch: SW-6258-5587-2496, Zrail - plan on getting Smash and "enjoying" Mario tennis right now.

  • Figured I'd add my details to this thread. I own a lot of games (the google drive spreadsheet I have tells me I'm at 1000+ now) with about 70% of them being on Steam.

    XBL: JC Lane
    PSN: JC-Lane (though I currently have no PS+ sub and this console mostly gets used for single player exclusives)
    Steam: Potion Seller, M.D (though I have a tendency to change my name from time to time, so just use jclane to find my SteamID)
    Origin: smoothrunes Smoothrunes#2110 (pretty much used exclusively for HotS at this point)

  • Is there an Destiny 2 clan for Allies?

  • If anyone is looking to join the EZA club on Xbox/Windows 10, search for '.EZA' in clubs. There's over 50 people currently and a lot are playing Forza Horizon 4

  • My ID:

    PSN: CptCobblePot
    Switch Code: SW-6710-4013-9825

  • I will start playing Battlefield V on PS4 sometime soon, so if any of you guys want to squad up or in need of an extra person to play with, add me on PSN, my id is bam54131.

  • I've mainly been playing BFV lately when it comes to multiplayer so i would love to squad up and play if anyone is down with that. i also have BO4, Fortnite and Battlefront II.

    PSN: BlackBear2288

    KH3 in 2 weeks!

  • Hi, looking for people to play some APEX LEGENDS. I'm 40 yrs old and the people I know don't play, I live in Spain but grew up in Los Angeles, my brother plays with me sometimes but there's a 9hr difference. I play other multiplayer games, I play on PS4.

    PSN: Mav_erick_m

    Love & respect, Erick.

  • I am so fucking down to play some Apex. What a fantastic game. I'm flabbergasted that this shit is free.

    Shit I will also play:
    R6 Siege
    GR Wildlands
    CoD Blops IIII
    Wipeout Omega
    GT Sport
    MonHun World

    Basically anything, really... but MAN dat Apex.

  • Anyone for Apex? I'm Skim-0-milK... not that good but not awful...thats what she said.

  • Bumping this thread. I'm looking for more people to play with on The Division 2 on PS4.

    My PSN is: Hidzell

  • Hi, is there a chance we can assemble a team for Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Looking for a team to play the full game coop :)
    I am in Germany, so maybe European Time Zone?

  • admin

    Anyone playing Borderlands on Xbox? Trying to join up with some people real quick. Let me know.

  • Hey allies I’m not much of a multiplayer person but if you want a friend I’m:
    TheOxygenic on PSN and Xbox
    1927 6668 3383 on switch
    L & R