Allies Assemble (Multiplayer, Co-op, etc.)

  • Hey Allies, I am a new member here and I just got a fresh PSN account to play Destiny, Uncharted 4 multiplayer and maybe some of the multiplayer games that are going to come out soon (Titanfall 2). Also have a Steam account, which I'll use to play most single-player games from now on!

    Add me if you ever need someone to play or chat with - and especially if you need a fellow trophy hunter to join you for multiplayer trophies - I am always down (After 6PM on weekdays, all day on weekends), I'd be super happy to make some new gaming friends :) Oh, and in case it matters, I am originally German Bulgarian, but now live in Florida (so I play on U.S servers)!

    PSN: Lunier-Serene
    Steam: LunierSerene

  • I actually met another ally and started playing co-op for the first time ever during a Huber stream.

    PSN Descendfromgrace
    Steam Desendfromgrace

  • Destiny: Rise of Iron

    Just got PS Plus not that long ago, so I thought may as well pick up a multiplayer focused game.

    Played destiny for awhile on the Xbone but I'll not be able to transfer anything over. So I'll just use the lvl 40 spark of light. Ah well.. Welcome to the grind.

    If anyone wants to add me on PSN to play later here's my Tag lol


  • Looking for some Allies to play Destiny with and other games in the future.

    PSN Ulty462

  • Always up for some Monster Hunter, whether 3U, 4U, or Generations. Newcomers and Veterans alike!

  • With Gears of War 4 releasing soon, I thought I'd drop my gamertag in here. For anyone new to the series, or bad at multiplayer I recommend playing with friends - which is why I'm posting in here. The Gears community is pretty hostile toward bad players, so just a heads up. Don't give in, just keep working at it, and I'll be there if anyone wants some support.

    Gamertag: MiserablePerson

  • I play all types of games.

    Currently Destiny on PSN and Forza Horizon 3 on XBOX PC.
    Anticipating Battlefield 1 on Origin.

    PSN: Niingen
    XBOX PC: Apokilypse
    GOG Galaxy: Niingen
    Origin: Foshi13
    Steam: Niingen
    Uplay: Niingen

  • Im thinking about getting back into FF14 i have level 50 everything besides the 3 new classes that came out. I dont want to pay to jump servers on the EZA server unless there is a health guild going. Ive been scrubbing these forums and haven't found much all i can go by is Micheal Damiani's streaming of it and from what i can tell its just the those 9 dudes playing.

  • Banned

    I think that other than the actual Allies, the XIV guild is dead. I posted several times in another XIV thread and got no reply.
    I have a small guild on Adamantoise if you are looking for regular players to do shit with. Tetra Masters.

  • Would you be up for playing through co-op together on Gears 4 @MiserablePerson?

    Not sure if we can play competitive MP as don't know if you're on xbox or PC.

    I'll add you on XBL anyway, my GT is the same as here.

  • @DisturbedSwan said in Allies Assemble (Multiplayer, Co-op, etc.):

    Would you be up for playing through co-op together on Gears 4 @MiserablePerson?

    Not sure if we can play competitive MP as don't know if you're on xbox or PC.

    I'll add you on XBL anyway, my GT is the same as here.

    I got the Ultimate Edition, and am finishing the campaign tonight before it gets spoiled - then i'll probably be hopping into multiplayer for awhile. Down the line I'd be up to do it again, but I imagine you'll be eager to get through the campaign as well.

  • Overwatch Halloween starts tomorrow but my group of friend that I played the game with abandoned me for CSGO. I'm usually able to play weeknights around 8pm (EST) Primarily looking for ranked. I"m in platinum. BattleNet: Scrotinger#1127

  • Nillend On Steam, and Origen.
    Nillend#2208 on Battlenet for overwatch.

  • Still trying to get into the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes EZA guild. If anyone can help or pass along my Ally code to the proper person(s) it is 215-376-622. Thanks for any help you fine folks may be able to provide. Cheers.

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    Going to play Titanfall 2 with friends tonight, if anyone else are interested, do add me on PSN (same name) or give me a shout! Im EU based so you know :D

    Also if its not already created I will do a EZA Clan for us to assemble in!

  • I don't do much multiplayer, but my PSN is Lackadaisicool.

  • Hey allies if somebody is playing WWE 2k17 on Xbox One add me: gamertag: drolejan

    Huber and Brad stream of this game was awesome.

  • @Otoshigami how do i go about joining the free company? Im in gilgamesh and i keep trying to search for the allies character names but i must be searching for them when they arent online. Is there anyway you could send me a friend request on ff14 so i can request to join the fc?

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