September in Gaming

  • Personally there's not a ton for me in Sept. only games on my radar are Jotun and Darkest Dungeon on PS4. Was looking forward to FF XV at the end of the month but waiting a couple months isn't so bad.

  • I'm so excited for Xcom 2 on console and Recore! I really hope Recore is good!

  • @AnonFriction PS4 unfortunately. My clan is also only based on PS4. Check out the Destiny app to see if you can find a nice clan. One that isn't strict and too caring about K/D ratio and flawless raiding. And you can easily get 10+ people to play with

  • I will probably get ReCore.

    I was really looking forward to Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero until it was delayed... :-(

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    The more from Recore I see, the more interested in it I become... the problem is though that I dont have an xbone xD

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    Halo 5: Forge is cool but I wish it came out with the server browser that will come to it, eventually.

  • I bought Oceanhorn and Phoenix Wright and i'm waiting on NHL 17 and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

  • nhl 17 is probably my only new game this month i do have trails of cold steel coming in the mail though

  • No new games, per se, but just trying to keep myself busy on those I've unfinished or just can't put down. All of the 3DS Pokemon titles, just for those small goals (create a pair of ace catcher Pokemon; catch Shinies of my favourite Ghost-Types)... But, unfinished? Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Dusted off my save, just to feel my jaw drop at the work left for me. Loving the experience though, and this interest is revived due to my re-watching the Zelda 3 streams. :D

  • @Linky I'm so excited for that server browser! I love Halo 5 BTB but some of the maps in the playlist are so outdated. Forge has been improved so much since launch and I just want to play BTB on good, new forge maps. There are some good maps in the playlist, but maps like Antifreeze just make me want to stop playing. Can't wait to just host a custom game lobby full of good BTB maps and wait for people to join.

  • @Linky Earth, Wind & Fire always gets an upvote from me.

  • Destiny: Rise of Iron. This year was supposed to be the release of Destiny 2. However, the team learned their lesson from vanilla release and decided to push it back for finer detailing. As a result they had this story event planned to happened at some point or another and decided to fill the slot with a story about medieval "knights of the round table" trying to defeat an ancient super-computer-tentacle-virus that was dug up by the alien scavengers in their quest to become machine gods. With all these space realism and sci-fi games like No Man's Sky, Star Citizen and even CoD now, sometimes I need a true taste of science fantasy.

  • Nothing. I still got stuff to play though, so it's no crisis.

    I do have Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5 to play, but I need to get an extermal drive so I can install them. Stupid 2nd gen 60GB PS3 actually only has 47GB of usable space empty, and since you need double the space to download, and install the game, I can't even play them.