PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro

  • Kind of dissapointed... PS4K was so much better.

  • Even though hardly any game will actually run at native 4K on the PS4 Pro? ;)

    But yeah, PS4 Neo had a better ring to it than PS4 Pro if you ask me.

  • Its a bit underwhelming.. So far I don't see any reason to get one when it releases

  • "PSBore"

    Upvote me, knaves.

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    Seems like most people are tripping up on the name of PS4PRO. Why not just call it PS4K?

    However even though I dont have a 4k tv, and prolly wont for a while, Im still kinda excited to trade in my PS4 for the PRO!

  • Why not call it "The Dark Souls of PlayStation 4"?

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  • Is there any reason to own a Pro since I don't own a 4k TV?

  • @Linky
    Hard to say atm, but its assumed that improved frame rate's and faster performance (loading of XMB, load times for games)

    Am I the only one that finds the design of the Pro kinda funny? Kinda looks like 2 slims stacked on top of on another

  • @Linky I asked that same question, and based on what we just saw and heard from Sony, I answered "no". (Despite the small reassurances about the HDTV boost being there as well.) It seemed really integral to have a 4K display to get the bang for your bucks here.

  • PS4 Pro is actually a good name to avoid any confusion. PS4K or PS4 Neo are too close to what Nintendo did with their WiiU naming which caused confusion.

  • I don't think we can say what benefits the pro will have over the ps4 at this point, but I'm guessing it will have improved performance and more effects. You should see some benefit even if you don't have a 4k hdr tv (I'm not saying it'll be worth the price).

    Unfortunately, it'll be really hard to get hyped by any reveal/gameplay trailers going forward as all of them will be running on a pro. I'm also a bit concerned that there will be a slow decline in the quality of ps4 games as more people upgrade to the pro.

  • One word review: Meh.

  • @Linky Do you already own a PS4? If not it'll be the thing that's proofed for the rest of the gen and allows you to take advantage of when/if you decide to go with a 4k tv in the future.

    It'll be my youtube/netflix box eventually, like how my ps2 is my dvd player, but it'll be at 4K. Now gimme that FFXV bundle.

  • @Nillend said in PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro:

    One word review: Meh.

    Four words: "Your review is overtext."

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    @Linky Well they already showed that some games will use improved graphics on 1080p displays. Increased anti aliasing, better lighting, increased framerates etc.

  • I kinda wanna just keep calling it the Neo instead

  • I would have preferred if they had improved the specs but that said as I no longer own a PS4, I'll definitely pick up the Pro (awful name) when I get back home.

  • @Mr-M Does a PS2 count, I just don't see myself owning a 4k TV anytime soon but I am interested in picking up a PS4 sometime soon.

  • @Linky I answered earlier to you "no" for getting a Pro, but that was really on the perspective if you already have a PS4. My perspective.

    But since you don't have the console, then yeah, I'd say absolutely go for the Pro. Extra 100 bucks will get you a better version of the machine that'll be ready for future also.

  • I said this on stream, and I don't want to be oldmanshoutsatclouds, but I loathe this name. I understand and appreciate the decision to settle on that name. Not Plus, not Neo, not 4K - those names don't immediately communicate that you're missing something, your PS4 experience is clearly lacking. Pro seems cynical and the decision to show it with COD seems even more so. I will naturally buy one because i don't know what's good for me. When I bought my OG OLED Vita I knew it was a great purchase. PS4 Pro makes me feel like a sucka :(