PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro

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    What a disappointing console. They didn't reveal the specs. I still haven't in to it mutch is it true that it doesn't supportUHD bluyrays ? I have been saving up cash. I wanted UHD TV and PS4 neo or new gaming pc build or a nice Weatherby bolt action and Leapold scope. So I guess its down to two. pc or rifle.

  • @TokyoSlim said in PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro:

    It's already been confirmed by CD during the post conference show that patched Pro games can (and in the case of the "new" tomb raider, at least) will have a graphics slider which gives the option of 4k30, 1080p30 "max settings", or 1080pUnlocked (he said 45+fps). That's a pretty big benefit if that's going to be relatively common. I hope it's something more devs decide to do.

    Youtube Video – [2:16:25..]

    Yeah that is something that I picked up as well and thought was interesting. That developers could create one 1080p setting for HD tv:s with more detail and stuff or maybe higher fps, and one 4K setting for those who have 4K tv:s and want that high resolution. Sounds great if it's an option that games will have. Hopefully Microsoft will do this too with Scorpio, though they didn't mentioned it, instead I believe Phill said that if you don't have a 4K tv there will be no real reason to buy Scorpio. We'll see.

    Also, the name is awful. It's like any regular PS4 is for amateurs that can't play. Plus it is annoying to say.

  • I really don't like the name. "Pro" is virtually a buzzword. "Pro" is something you attach to a mouse or a keyboard or some other peripheral.

    If I try to think of a worse name the system could realistically have, I can't come up with one.

    Only watched the EZA stream so I didn't get to see much of the graphical benefits. I only really care about the VR benefits though. We won't see the full potential for a while though. Hopefully.

  • @Sage-Of-Thyme I totally agree. I am very surprised that they name it the Pro. Maybe every company is going to use Pro instead of S now when they release a newish product.

    Maybe they will release a PS4 Pro S in the future...

    And the product itself.. I don't know. We're probably getting tons of graphical comparison videos the next year between PS4 and PS4PRO and XboxOneS and Scorpio. Hopefully the difference is very much noticeable, both on a 'conventional' TV as on a 4K HDR compatible one.

  • @Sage-Of-Thyme I've been thinking about it. It's not the worst choice.

    S or L that phones used is meant for a size different, which isn't the point of PS4 Pro.
    Plus is used by a lot of phones, so they didn't want to go that route.
    4k isn't going to be entirely true because games might not even hit 4k. It's up to the dev.
    They don't want to go Elite like the 360 because it doesn't run off the tongue. Xbox Three Sixty Elite just sounds stupid.

    Pro is used by Apple for multiple of their devices, so it's a socially accepted name for a device that is superior than its original.

  • @Whoaness I agree, I really have no problem with the name, for me it makes a lot of sense. It makes it clear that it's just a different, better version of the base product.

    And I feel like this is a label they will reuse in the future, for other consoles too. In this light, 4K would have been convenient but only work for the PlayStation 4. What about the PlayStation 5's superior model? Can't call it 5K...

    "Pro" encompasses more than just the 4K aspect.

  • I don't think I would be happy with any name after hearing the name PS4ever. I loved that name.

  • Pre-ordered Baby! Name is very dumb. I have a 4K TV so will be great to make proper use of it.

  • So i don't own a PS4 yet; i was waiting for this event. i had my mind set on the Neo, or Pro now. But i'm going to go for the Slim now. The reason i was interested in the neo was maybe it would be announced that VR would work much better on it. I don't own a 4k tv and i'm not planning on it any time soon; so i don't see a reason for me to buy into the Pro. I also have the chance to buy a PS4 slim for 50$; So i figured i buy a PS4 for the price of a controller; than when VR hits and the Pro does perform much better; i just buy it than.

  • @Randy-Verschueren Where are you getting this $50 price?!

  • I feel obligated to upgrade to the pro since I have a 4K TV. That's it though. The announcement didn't get me any more hyped for it than I already was at the idea of getting to play these PS4 games that I love in a higher resolution.

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    Who else was surprised to see "Shadow of Mordor" in their showcase of games to show off the PS4 Pro.

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  • @Swordfish00830 Haha yeah that was a bit odd. Maybe it was easy to optimize and it did get a lot of accolades.

  • @Swordfish00830 Shocked but I was pretty surprised to see Tomb Raider there too. You can definitely see they are doing there best to get that TR game on the good books by having the different settings.

    I suppose my main disappointment really is that I'm not very confident that many games at 30fps will come close to 60fps on Pro. I was really hopeful we'd hear something on Bloodborne but now I just think it'll perform better if it's patched, not 60fps better.

  • @Caprica said in PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro:

    I was thinking about this while I was seeing the negative reactions people were having. The PS4 Pro at $399 is not compelling when compared to the $399-$499 Scorpio that's coming next year.

    $399-$499? Try $499-$599. Unless they're taking a huge loss, I don't think it'll come at a budget price.

  • @Swordfish00830 said in PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro:

    Who else was surprised to see "Shadow of Mordor" in their showcase of games to show off the PS4 Pro.

    Not surprised. They needed to show off how well HDR works on PS4 Pro. I'm also guessing that game is either getting a patch update with HDR effects or a GOTY version, or a remastered version. If they're talking about Mordor now, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a remastered version in the pipeline.

  • Remasters from PS4 to Pro? A patch isn't enough?

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in PS4 Neo revealed as PS4 Pro:

    Remasters from PS4 to Pro? A patch isn't enough?

    Well, it IS an old game, sooo......

    And besides, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that SOME third party devs may charge you for HDR enhancements. Dumb, but patches costs money.

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    @Carlos False. Any patches that add 4K or HDR content will be coming out of the developers pocket.
    Confirmed by a personal friend of mine, Jack Sipich of Absinthe Games.

    Oh, and some literallywho named Shuhei Yoshida.