PS4 Pro does NOT support 4K Discs

  • Discovered via NeoGAF and these twitter responses, confirmed by PlayStation EU Exec Jim Ryan.

    Man, what a disappointing PlayStation event. The only way to watch 4K content is via streaming services, such as Netflix.

  • By the time those 4k disks will be cheap enough to actually justify, even pleb Australia internet will be able to stream it. It'll be irrelevant to have it in there.

  • I don't think it's worth it regardless. It's like the upgrade from laserdisc to DVD (Yes, I had one of these....shut up lol) sure the discs were smaller but the visual quality wasn't any better.

    So until they stopped making laserdiscs there wasn't much reason to switch.

    Let's use an example, I'm pretty sure most people have a DVD/Blu-ray collection or LOTR or Harry Potter or Star Wars by now right? Do you really wanna buy them all again? AND buy a new unit to play them on?

    It's far FAR more economical to have a 4K TV and stream 4K content from a service than to buy a new unit and specially upscaled discs at retail one at a time.

    Though, I will say it's rather silly considering it's sony's own tech here. It should there, by default. Like power windows in your car.

  • I'd honestly be very curious how many people care about this. I feel like streaming has essentially taken over all tv/movies.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in PS4 Pro does NOT support 4K Discs:

    I'd honestly be very curious how many people care about this. I feel like streaming has essentially taken over all tv/movies.

    Exactly, at one time I scoffed at the idea. But now I haven't had cable for over 4 years now. There's a lot of movies and TV shows I actually OWN but it's just easier to stream them.

    Like House, my most favorite TV show of all time. I have the complete boxed set on DVD. Looks like crap compared to streaming it off netflix. And I never have to swap discs! lol. Lazy...I know, but that's the world we live in.

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    As long as it has a Blu-ray driver Im happy, no biggy if its not 4k Blu-ray!

  • It's not like they make 4K blu ray anime anyway.

  • @Haru17 said in PS4 Pro does NOT support 4K Discs:

    It's not like they make 4K blu ray anime anyway.

    Very good point lol.

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    Hey I wanted UHD Bluray support :(

  • Would it have been nice to have for future proofing? Sure. I'm not really broken up about it not having one though. I will likely upgrade my launch PS4 sometime early next year for better 1080p performance, not 4k - but I'll also likely be upgrading my TV to a 4k set later on in the year. Again though, not a terribly big issue for me.

  • @TokyoSlim said in PS4 Pro does NOT support 4K Discs:

    Would it have been nice to have for future proofing?

    I think the whole reason it's not in there is because they don't believe expensive disks containing stuff cheaper and easier to use via streaming services that already exist are going to take off.

    (At least in my country) it is cheaper to have the three different Netflix things - Netflix, Presto and Stan - than it is to buy one of those disks a month, so spending a large chunk of money buying a box to play those disks when the box you're buying already has capabilities to use all three of those cheaper apps is relatively pointless.

  • @Mr-M
    I was talking about future proofing for my own personal needs. Disk media isn't dying off just yet. It'll be a while. Especially in my house.

    The two simple facts of the matter is, that there is currently no streaming service directly comparable to disk media quality. If you think Netflix and etc. are providing you with "good enough" quality - then you probably aren't really interested in 4k blu rays to begin with and therefore it's a nonissue. Or you're one of those people who get sucked in by marketing lingo and leave the "smooth motion" option turned on on your tv because you think it makes things look better. (not judging, that's fine if you like it!)

    Also, bandwidth is always going to be a problem.
    According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, it won't require more than a stable 15 Mbps to stream 4K. For many that means a max speed of around 50Mpbs roughly.

    Only around 25% of Americans have internet faster than 14Mbps, so... enough to stream 4k Netflix. Only about half of Americans have internet bandwidth to even stream 1080p without a lot of buffering. Many places still have data caps and throttled bandwidth during peak hours! My last gf only had DIAL UP internet! Despite all that, Netflix is doing super business. Why you may ask? Because most people don't actually care what their movies and tv shows look like past a certain threshold and Netflix generally meets that.

    SOME people, though, want the best image quality, and spend a lot of money on home theater systems, and as I said, currently there is no substitute for disk based media in that regard. Those people aren't going to drive the market, but neither do people who buy Porsche 911's, but they still make them for people who want to buy them, even though everyone else is ok driving minivans or a Prius.

  • My main concern would've been that what if this support had come at the cost of.....well cost? Would most people be willing to fork out another $50-$100 for that feature when it's already a rather innocuous overall upgrade that a lot of people will struggle to justify?

  • @TokyoSlim Never heard of "smooth motion". Most people I know didn't know 4k Blu Ray existed until today either :P

    There's two different ideologies here. What I was saying is that, in Sony's eyes, the upgrade in quality for 4K UHD Blu Ray Disk based movies from regular blu ray disks isn't worth investing in at this time due simply to the cost and their prediction of the flow of the market.

    Again, Sony are betting big on that "25% of Americans can stream 4k" number to rise faster than the physical version approaches being affordable. But, that's only for the lifespan of this .5 updated console; in the ~3 years until the PS5 comes out will the price of the disks have dropped to the point that raising a console price by $50 to accommodate for it wouldn't have pushed more people away than they would have gained? It's likely the PS5 will have support anyway.

    It's a purely business decision. I'm really surprised at the amount of people hating on it because to the best of my economical knowledge it's a good move on their behalf.

  • On one hand, I totally understand that digital streaming is the future. I totally admit that physical media is on the decline in terms of popularity, whether we like it or not... just look at Apple, who is dropping the 3.5mm (headphone) port in their latest iPhone.

    That being said, to a simplified media perfectionist who is looking for an all-in-one device, this decision by Sony must be infuriating. You either go with a PlayStation 4 Pro that provides a simulated 4K experience for gaming and compressed 4K streaming... or you go with an Xbox One S, a system that is $100 cheaper that provides a TRUE 4K movie experience, yet a typically subliminal gaming experience to PS4 (not to infuriate Xbox owners, just going off their graphical fidelity via statistics). Also, NEITHER system provides an optimal 4K experience with the best picture and sound quality options available, which infuriates me to see audio reglected in quality-potential yet again.

  • @PyroPaperPlanes I think it's a timing issue. 4K isn't standard and is far out of reach for most people at this point in time, but the people who can go 4K right now likely have the means to stream it as well. I think the main negative about it is that it'll be vastly more obsolete to the PS5 than the PS3 was to the PS4, because by the time of the PS5 everything we're thinking is cutting edge will have fully become standard and the need to take advantage of that will actually be a thought in the consumer's mind.

  • I've thought about this a bit more and I kind of agree with both. I'd debate how much the feature would be used but at the same time this is meant to be the premium device for people who want the best.

    I wonder what sales forecast Sony have for this, as it honestly does seem much more targeted at the big console gamer.

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    @tokeeffe9 Im not sure how well these 2.0 consoles will sell (thinking of the scorpio as well). At first I thought the slim versions would kind of become a bit obsolete as people would just wait and go for the high end version, but then I also realised, what about all the parents, guardians or even first time console buyers? If there are a cheaper version and "the only" difference are the 4k resolution - also since most people don't own a 4k TV, I see them going for the slim as its cheaper and has a bigger hdd than the "original" consoles.

    As well as with streaming 4k, I am not sure if people have good connection enough, or bother to use it as on 1080p TVs it won't make much difference in the end anyway.

  • @Lotias I was thinking the same.. The $399 price tag plus a 4k TV is a pretty high cost of entry for someone who hasn't bought a PS4 (or game console) before. I think that would make the slim look a lot more attractive.

    Plus with how much they're pushing the 4k, will it cause most people to think its not worth getting without the TV if they don't realize there would be a performance boost at 1080p?

    I do think its strange that it won't support 4K discs since that seems to be their selling point. I don't really know how this stuff works, but could it have to do with games still being put on blu-ray discs?

  • The Push for 4k is to make the generation longer like they did with HD the previous generation and as theres such a large difference in quality and the fact people are most likely not running these tv sets yet shows developers will have time to drag their feet with the higher end tweaking the GPUs to get their upper limits