What's Your Most Memorable Boss Fight Allies?

  • I remember my first time fighting Ultimecia on FF8... I just brute forced the fight without having Lionheart on Squall (I had his second best weapon on him...punisher?) and without having Eden, because it was my first time playing the game, and I refuse to use any guides on my first playthroughs on games. Anyways, in the last form, I had only Zell and Squall alive, and I managed to pull amazing combo on Zell's Limit Break, and that was enough to win the fight. Afterwards when I read some guides on how to win the fight, I laughed, Hard.

  • @jipostus Totally forgot about that one :) Epic!

  • Most recent example has to be Martyr Logarius for me.

    I was at a perfect level for him really and my insight was at about 80 so he could dodge my shots. I'm also a sucker for melee based bosses in the From Software games.

    Anyway I'd fought this guy about 10 times I reckon but I didn't want to finish up until I beat him. Everytime I fought him, I just learned that little bit more (like destroying the flying daggers attack) and it was just so rewarding , actually learning so much and becoming a better player. Because of that experience, I'll always remember that boss fight now above any other in all the Bloodborne or Souls series.

  • Final Fantasy 7, Mt. Nibelheim Mako Reactor, Giant Spider that cast the lightning element enemyskill "Trine".

    It's memorable to me because it was the first boss in the game that I struggled with - progressing through the game with little to no grinding, and probably overlooking some essential strategies. There was a sense of anxiety and awe being beat by it, and finally the achievement besting it afterwards. Probably akin to beating a boss in the Souls series. Definitely sprinkled with nostalgia. A fond gameplay memory of FF7.

    • The third or so boss in The Shadow of the Colossus, atop a giant plateau. The feeling of being truely dwarfed by a skyscraper of a boss. His giant club-sword tossing me head over heels even when he missed. Then, finally ascending the thing, jumping through all the hoops, and ending it all. Sending the towering monolith heavily towards the ground.
      Throughly awe inspiring game.

  • Just came up in my head right now...The Final Fight in Undertale Genocide Run

    Spoiler Fighting Sans was probably the most epic fight ever, even after dieing at least 60 times I could not give up! And then when I finally killed him I felt like I just survived a real fight to the death! And THAT MUSIC! o my god was that amazing

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    DmC Devil May Cry's Bob Barbas is a more recent bossfight that really stands out to me. The design of the boss, the different attack patterns, the sounds and music... it just all came together for something really memorable, to me at least.

  • My most memorable boss fight is Yiazmat from Final Fantasy XII. My brother and I (Mostly my brother) spent 12 hours fighting Yiazmat. We didn't look at a guide so we kind of had to brute force him. Because of gambits we didn't have to be actively playing the entire time, so we just left the PS2 on while we did other stuff. About every ten minutes the party would be wiped out, so my brother would go swap in the other three characters and revive the dead. That was a long day.

  • One that always comes to mind for some reason is Gohma in Ocarina of Time.. that fight scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. The first time I played it I had to stop and come back to it a few days later :|

  • I could really say all of Stretch Panic since that game is just one big boss rush, and all of the fights are unlike anything I've ever seen. But Demonica really stands out. That fight gave me nightmares, it still gives me nightmares. You don't even fight Demonica, you just have to try and keep her out of the room that you're in, since if she sees you, you die. Having to rush around attacking windows and trap doors, trying to track her movements through tiny holes in the wall, all the while looking to see if the image behind the stained glass window is that of a monster or a hanging girl when the lightning strikes, Jesus, its terrifying as a kid and hella creepy as an adult.

    But really that whole game is pretty memorable. I don't think I've ever seen another game in which you have to defeat a giant jelly blob with lightning or beat a boss by literally rearranging its face.

  • Icon of Sin, Doom II. No question.

    Hardcore design and a memorable level, the best boss in the best Doom game. Nothing else really compares.

    Best boss in recent memory is High Lord Wolnir from DS3. One of my favourite designs of all time even though the fight itself is very easy.

  • Ugh, that Riku fight in Hollow Bastion, where he does all the warping. I was stuck on him for days until I finally quit for months. There is no other fight in which the sting of unskippable cutscenes is more sharply felt. ("DERE'S NU WAY UR TAKIN KAIRIS HEART!")

    Came back 3 or 4 months later and beat him on my first try. Sometimes you just gotta take a break, I guess.

  • I doubt it's what you were looking for, but the first thing that came to mind for me are the raid bosses from Destiny. I'd primarily played single-player games or multi-player games where you could play by yourself (shooters) until Destiny. It took me a good 6 months before I decided to finally brave the Destiny subreddit and find a group willing to take on someone with no raid experience. The fear I felt the first time I faced Atheon, getting teleported around and being so unsure of what I was supposed to do was intense. I didn't want to be the one to mess up!

    On Crota, my most intense memory comes from the first time I decided to be the sword-bearer. Being the one actually dealing the damage while 5 other players watched from a distance... After the first sword I had to set my controller down and mute my mic while I tried to catch my breath. My hands were literally shaking when I finally downed him I was so nervous.

    Say what you will about the game, but it allowed me to have some unforgettable experiences.

  • The Big Arm boss from Sonic 3. I was 4 or 5 years old when I first tried this fight, and the music ALONE terrified me. I remember my dad trying to help me beat it, but I ultimately figured it out. It was an awesome feeling to nail that precise jump. :)

    Love & Respect

    Youtube Link to the Boss Fight Right Here

  • Can you count the Sister Ships in AC:BC as bosses? Annoyed me to no end

  • King K. Rool in Donkey Kong 64. That Chunky punch at the end felt so good.

  • Ornstein and Smough from dark souls 1 for sure. I died like 35 times before i beat those buttholes, and i can´t remember ever experiencing that kind of euphoria as when i beat them.

  • I'm not going to include any souls game in my pick because all boss battles with those games are on a different level. My most memorable boss battle might have to be shadow of the colossus, just the first one. I know the following bosses are more interesting but that moment when the first boss thing turns round and you realise this huge monster is actually reacting to you and about to attack. Then you start to climb on it and your realise what kind of game you are getting into. Most far boss though is the flying one and honourable mention goes to the one that looks for you in the tunnels then you jump on its back. Man I miss that game :(

  • Most recently: Pontiff Sulyvan from Dark Souls 3. Especially his second phase, where I was just repeating: "Stop swinging your goddamn swords already!!"

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    @Nillend Oh man, wait for the Nameless King. It's a crazy fight, super hard though.

  • @UltimateBrent I've already beaten it, and it was probably the hardest if not the best boss in the game. But with him I knew I would eventually beat him, if I would be patient. But the Pontiff was really frustrating and was most memorable to me, constantly swinging around.