What's Your Most Memorable Boss Fight Allies?

  • Almost any boss that I beat when you are supposed to loose on. Or any boss in Breath of Fire III (my first and favorite JRPG).

  • Fighting Kefka in the finale of Final Fantasy VI was an amazing experience that left a permanent impression on me. I loved how much symbolism and how many classical art and literature references were jammed into an epic, four-stage fight with a demented imperialist-turned-god. And the accompanying music (one of my favorite things Uematsu ever worked on, and given that I went to the Distant Worlds concert series three times that's saying something) is what got me to teach myself organ. Enough said.

  • @UltimateBrent Pontiff is hard because he mixes up super fast attacks with super slow attacks so you really have to pay attention to his movement.

    Nameless King is hard because the camera is working against you and its hard to actually hit that damn dragon with most weapons.

  • The Arcana Chariot boss in Persona 3.

    This is mostly because I was super unprepared and had no supplies when I hit this boss, not to mention I didn't have a convenient save spot and I ended up in this constant loop of dying while fighting it. This went on for a long time, since I couldn't go back to a save and had no choice but to keep trying to defeat it.

    At one point I got it down to almost dead and then the entire party got wiped out and I was so angry I almost screamed and instead ended up biting my PS2 controller, which had teeth marks on it from that day on.

    Eventually I managed to defeat it but that easily one of the most frustrating boss battles, and entirely my fault for forgetting to save regularly.

  • Sephiroth. Not in FFVII though.... it was Kingdom Hearts. That was difficult, made even worse by the fact my friend and I were doing an epic weekend full playthrough of the game, and I hadn't slept in like 48 hours. When I finally beat him I felt super accomplished.

    Cleric Beast in Bloodborne was also pretty amazing. Never had played any Souls game, so this was my first experience. The feeling of finally beating one of these bosses, was extraordinary, even if later bosses were better this was my first.

    Most of the bosses is Persona 4 were amazing too, especially due to the emotional reasons for these bosses to exist.

    The Profound Darkness from Phantasy star IV was one I remember enjoying when I was a kid.

  • The first one that springs to my mind is Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls 1, those guys beat the heck out of me so many times but it was still a really cool and memorable fight for me, and that feeling when I finally beat them was like nothing else.

    Also an honorable mention to the God of War series and the rest of the Souls games, whenever I think of cool bosses I immediately think of these - so many bosses from these games really stand out in my mind.

  • It's either the final boss in Beyond Good and Evil, or Dahaka from Prince of Persia WW.
    The one from BGaE was a really epic showdown, it reversed your controls, made you use all the things you learned, and had a great mysterious alien vibe to it. (still waiting for BGaE 2)
    The Dahaka fight was an amazing payoff, fighting this beast you ran away from since the very beginning.
    Such good memories.

  • The first boss in Majora's Mask,



  • The Final Boss in Chrono Trigger, Lavos or Giygas from Earthbound, hard choice.

  • Photoshop Flowey from Undertale. Loved the sinister vibes, and totally unreal animation.

  • Memorable but annoying, Lazarevic from Uncharted 2 what a pain to do on hard or crushing.

  • The End from Metal Gear Solid 3 is the greatest boss battle I've ever played. It's a genius fight that has some fun ways to do it.

    I always remember fighting Majima in the first Yakuza game because that was when we first met the mad-man, lol.

    Fist-fighting the Pope in Assassin's Creed II will always be memorable. It's not something I thought would be entertaining lol.

  • The Frieza Saga styling of Final Fantasy 7's final boss battle. Also any of the Dark Aeons from FFX. Still yet to defeat Bahamut and Magus Sisters; hunting for that platinum baby!!! :p

  • These are mine:

    God of war 3: Poseidon

    Although the fight was not very hard (unless you played it on chaos) the introduction of this boss is so badass I wanted to scream. I repeat those words in my head everytime I outplay someone in a game or outside of it.

    Youtube Video

    Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter: Cyber Akuma

    God! I HATED this guy, I don't remember how much money I spent trying to beat that guy and failed regardless. I'd have my revenge on the PSX game, but at a hard cost.

    Youtube Video

    Donkey Kong Country: King K. Rool

    This may not be the most impactful introduction nor the hardest boss, but he will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was the first game I beat back then in 1996 when I was 4 years old. I still play the cartridge from time to time and stay for those beatiful credits, feeling proud and teary, like the first time I beat it.

    Youtube Video

    PD: If you find any grammatical error I encourage you to correct me, please. Thanks.

  • First boss fight that came to my mind after reading the thread title was Bowser in Mario 64, so that's my answer.

  • For me it have to be Koloktos from LOZ Skyward Sword and Giygas from earthbound though saying why they're memorable is spoiling it.