What's Your Most Memorable Boss Fight Allies?

  • It's either the final boss in Beyond Good and Evil, or Dahaka from Prince of Persia WW.
    The one from BGaE was a really epic showdown, it reversed your controls, made you use all the things you learned, and had a great mysterious alien vibe to it. (still waiting for BGaE 2)
    The Dahaka fight was an amazing payoff, fighting this beast you ran away from since the very beginning.
    Such good memories.

  • The first boss in Majora's Mask,



  • The Final Boss in Chrono Trigger, Lavos or Giygas from Earthbound, hard choice.

  • Photoshop Flowey from Undertale. Loved the sinister vibes, and totally unreal animation.

  • Memorable but annoying, Lazarevic from Uncharted 2 what a pain to do on hard or crushing.

  • The End from Metal Gear Solid 3 is the greatest boss battle I've ever played. It's a genius fight that has some fun ways to do it.

    I always remember fighting Majima in the first Yakuza game because that was when we first met the mad-man, lol.

    Fist-fighting the Pope in Assassin's Creed II will always be memorable. It's not something I thought would be entertaining lol.

  • The Frieza Saga styling of Final Fantasy 7's final boss battle. Also any of the Dark Aeons from FFX. Still yet to defeat Bahamut and Magus Sisters; hunting for that platinum baby!!! :p

  • These are mine:

    God of war 3: Poseidon

    Although the fight was not very hard (unless you played it on chaos) the introduction of this boss is so badass I wanted to scream. I repeat those words in my head everytime I outplay someone in a game or outside of it.

    Youtube Video

    Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter: Cyber Akuma

    God! I HATED this guy, I don't remember how much money I spent trying to beat that guy and failed regardless. I'd have my revenge on the PSX game, but at a hard cost.

    Youtube Video

    Donkey Kong Country: King K. Rool

    This may not be the most impactful introduction nor the hardest boss, but he will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was the first game I beat back then in 1996 when I was 4 years old. I still play the cartridge from time to time and stay for those beatiful credits, feeling proud and teary, like the first time I beat it.

    Youtube Video

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  • First boss fight that came to my mind after reading the thread title was Bowser in Mario 64, so that's my answer.

  • For me it have to be Koloktos from LOZ Skyward Sword and Giygas from earthbound though saying why they're memorable is spoiling it.