What's Your Most Memorable Boss Fight Allies?

  • Can you count the Sister Ships in AC:BC as bosses? Annoyed me to no end

  • King K. Rool in Donkey Kong 64. That Chunky punch at the end felt so good.

  • Ornstein and Smough from dark souls 1 for sure. I died like 35 times before i beat those buttholes, and i can´t remember ever experiencing that kind of euphoria as when i beat them.

  • I'm not going to include any souls game in my pick because all boss battles with those games are on a different level. My most memorable boss battle might have to be shadow of the colossus, just the first one. I know the following bosses are more interesting but that moment when the first boss thing turns round and you realise this huge monster is actually reacting to you and about to attack. Then you start to climb on it and your realise what kind of game you are getting into. Most far boss though is the flying one and honourable mention goes to the one that looks for you in the tunnels then you jump on its back. Man I miss that game :(

  • Most recently: Pontiff Sulyvan from Dark Souls 3. Especially his second phase, where I was just repeating: "Stop swinging your goddamn swords already!!"

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    @Nillend Oh man, wait for the Nameless King. It's a crazy fight, super hard though.

  • @UltimateBrent I've already beaten it, and it was probably the hardest if not the best boss in the game. But with him I knew I would eventually beat him, if I would be patient. But the Pontiff was really frustrating and was most memorable to me, constantly swinging around.

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    @Nillend I really liked the pontiff fight. So much so that I decided I would beat him with only parrying and a dagger. I got him to phase two, but couldn't do it from there :) Still pretty fun.

  • FFX Lady Yunalesca. My first time I played through, I wasn't power leveled so it took quite a few times. Auron's epic this is your story speech, the 3 stage battle itself, and the story reveal around it all.

  • Luca Blight from Suikoden 2
    It takes 3 parties of 6 consisting of your strongerst fighters, an arrow rain and a 1v1 duel with the protag to take him out and he isn't even the final boss. He also beats you up without any magic/rune usage.

    The music during this entire thing is also great:
    Youtube Video

    Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid
    For the time it was a downright amazingly designed fight. If you had a rumble controller he could make your controller "move with his mind" if you placed it on the floor, he analyzed your savefiles on your memorycard to say stuff like "So you like Castlevania?" and so on. The fact that you could then change to the second controller port to avoid him reading your mind during the fight just topped it all off.
    The buildup to the boss with the mind control music playing in the background just made it even better.

  • The most memorable for me is probably the Final Battle between Dante and Vergil in Devil May Cry 3. It was so emotional, and difficult, and unforgiving. I had failed a few times and gathered a small crowd that was my family watching, cheering, and giving advice how to beat him.

    When I finally won, I felt like I lost everything. There's very few games that made me feel like that. Vergil is one of my favourite characters and I was hoping beyond hope that there'd be another way.

  • Almost any boss that I beat when you are supposed to loose on. Or any boss in Breath of Fire III (my first and favorite JRPG).

  • Fighting Kefka in the finale of Final Fantasy VI was an amazing experience that left a permanent impression on me. I loved how much symbolism and how many classical art and literature references were jammed into an epic, four-stage fight with a demented imperialist-turned-god. And the accompanying music (one of my favorite things Uematsu ever worked on, and given that I went to the Distant Worlds concert series three times that's saying something) is what got me to teach myself organ. Enough said.

  • @UltimateBrent Pontiff is hard because he mixes up super fast attacks with super slow attacks so you really have to pay attention to his movement.

    Nameless King is hard because the camera is working against you and its hard to actually hit that damn dragon with most weapons.

  • The Arcana Chariot boss in Persona 3.

    This is mostly because I was super unprepared and had no supplies when I hit this boss, not to mention I didn't have a convenient save spot and I ended up in this constant loop of dying while fighting it. This went on for a long time, since I couldn't go back to a save and had no choice but to keep trying to defeat it.

    At one point I got it down to almost dead and then the entire party got wiped out and I was so angry I almost screamed and instead ended up biting my PS2 controller, which had teeth marks on it from that day on.

    Eventually I managed to defeat it but that easily one of the most frustrating boss battles, and entirely my fault for forgetting to save regularly.

  • Sephiroth. Not in FFVII though.... it was Kingdom Hearts. That was difficult, made even worse by the fact my friend and I were doing an epic weekend full playthrough of the game, and I hadn't slept in like 48 hours. When I finally beat him I felt super accomplished.

    Cleric Beast in Bloodborne was also pretty amazing. Never had played any Souls game, so this was my first experience. The feeling of finally beating one of these bosses, was extraordinary, even if later bosses were better this was my first.

    Most of the bosses is Persona 4 were amazing too, especially due to the emotional reasons for these bosses to exist.

    The Profound Darkness from Phantasy star IV was one I remember enjoying when I was a kid.

  • The first one that springs to my mind is Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls 1, those guys beat the heck out of me so many times but it was still a really cool and memorable fight for me, and that feeling when I finally beat them was like nothing else.

    Also an honorable mention to the God of War series and the rest of the Souls games, whenever I think of cool bosses I immediately think of these - so many bosses from these games really stand out in my mind.

  • It's either the final boss in Beyond Good and Evil, or Dahaka from Prince of Persia WW.
    The one from BGaE was a really epic showdown, it reversed your controls, made you use all the things you learned, and had a great mysterious alien vibe to it. (still waiting for BGaE 2)
    The Dahaka fight was an amazing payoff, fighting this beast you ran away from since the very beginning.
    Such good memories.

  • The first boss in Majora's Mask,



  • The Final Boss in Chrono Trigger, Lavos or Giygas from Earthbound, hard choice.