What's Your Most Memorable Boss Fight Allies?

  • Photoshop Flowey from Undertale. Loved the sinister vibes, and totally unreal animation.

  • Memorable but annoying, Lazarevic from Uncharted 2 what a pain to do on hard or crushing.

  • The End from Metal Gear Solid 3 is the greatest boss battle I've ever played. It's a genius fight that has some fun ways to do it.

    I always remember fighting Majima in the first Yakuza game because that was when we first met the mad-man, lol.

    Fist-fighting the Pope in Assassin's Creed II will always be memorable. It's not something I thought would be entertaining lol.

  • The Frieza Saga styling of Final Fantasy 7's final boss battle. Also any of the Dark Aeons from FFX. Still yet to defeat Bahamut and Magus Sisters; hunting for that platinum baby!!! :p

  • These are mine:

    God of war 3: Poseidon

    Although the fight was not very hard (unless you played it on chaos) the introduction of this boss is so badass I wanted to scream. I repeat those words in my head everytime I outplay someone in a game or outside of it.

    Youtube Video

    Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter: Cyber Akuma

    God! I HATED this guy, I don't remember how much money I spent trying to beat that guy and failed regardless. I'd have my revenge on the PSX game, but at a hard cost.

    Youtube Video

    Donkey Kong Country: King K. Rool

    This may not be the most impactful introduction nor the hardest boss, but he will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was the first game I beat back then in 1996 when I was 4 years old. I still play the cartridge from time to time and stay for those beatiful credits, feeling proud and teary, like the first time I beat it.

    Youtube Video

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  • First boss fight that came to my mind after reading the thread title was Bowser in Mario 64, so that's my answer.

  • For me it have to be Koloktos from LOZ Skyward Sword and Giygas from earthbound though saying why they're memorable is spoiling it.