Just bought a 3DS, unsure what game to choose.

  • Majora's Mask 3DS. Unless you hate Zelda games. I f you like Zelda games why would you sleep on the best game* in its best version.

    • Some people may disagree.

    Also Ace Attorney 6 drops tomorrow. Your 3DS will serve you well.

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening was my first game in the series and I loved every minute. Bravely Default isn't a bad runner-up either.

  • Definitely Monster Hunter Generations if you want an imaginative and unique online coop melee action game / JRPG. It definitely has the easiest start if you've never played a Monster Hunter game before and has an active community playing all the time. There is no story, just so you're aware, but the monster designs are all very interesting and well thought out. You're also going to want to find a weapon you like and learn it well. Using an online tutorial is advisable unless you really want to do it all on your own.

    Majora's Mask is also a must-play, but the superior version of it is on virtual console, so I'd go that route if you have a Wii or Wii U.

  • Those are all great games. I'd recommend Fire Emblem or Bravely Default. But you can't go wrong with whatever you choose.

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone, I ended up snagging Fire Emblem: Awakening. :D

  • I was recommended to play Fire Emblem by another Ally, loved it so I'll carry that torch. Also, Majora's Mask is incredible.

    Some other suggestions:
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Pokemon X / Y
    Super Smash Bros.
    A Link Between Worlds
    Shovel Knight

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  • @Crimz I hope you have a great time with it!

  • @Crimz Nice! I really hope you love it!

    Most of my suggestions have already been posted so I can't really say many unique suggestions. Ocarina of Time 3D is a great version of the game if you've already played it, and will be a great way to try it out if you haven't. Aside from that. I'll always recommend Fire Emblem Awakening (which you already got, WHOOOO!) and if you like that, FE Fates will be great for you as well.

    All the Pokemon games are highly recommended as well, I personally prefer Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire to X and Y, but you can't go wrong with either.

    If you like the Mario and Luigi games, Dream Team is really great. Possibly my favorite of the series.

  • 3ds as such a great catalog. I'm currently replaying A Link Between Worlds and I'm reminded why it's one of my favorite zeldas. I'd actualy rather play that bc it feels like it was made with the handheld in mind and not a port of an old game (no disrespect to OoT of MM, love em both and have the MM 3ds.) Luigi's Mansion is an easy one to miss but it's realy enjoyable as an adventure game. The environments are so well done and use the 3d really well. Mario 3D land is far superior to the wii u game IMO. Animal Crossing will consume your life in the most adorable way possible. Both pokemon games are an easy recommendation. Fire Emblem is always to big a commitment for me but I like them (still wishing for that advanced wars though.) Theater Rhythm Heaven is a really fun and bizarre rhythm game where you only really ever use the a button. Star Fox is a good pick too.

  • @Crimz Know you already chose a game, but since it seems you're on a budget, don't forget about the Nintendo Selects program. There's a couple decent games in there like New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. Also check the games on sale eShop section weekly, because certain third party publishers discount some of their games pretty heavily in that. Then sometimes you can also get some minor discounts through My Nintendo, but the selection changes monthly and is usually subpar.

    Also I second @David-Restrepo 's suggestion of The Etrian Odyssey Untold games for your next pickup, because they're great and can last you a long time. Rune Factory 4 is another great option in that regard, and we also have a new Pokemon on the horizon for you to jump into. Also worth mentioning that even early 3DS games like Kid Icarus: Uprising are still incredible and worth checking out.

  • I know I'm a bit late but glad you got Fire Emblem. Before Awakening, I always held Path of Radiance as the best in the series but they really knocked it out the park with Awakening.

    Everything about that game is incredible. It's got the best narrative in the game with some truly heartbreaking and emotional moments, the score is the best it's ever been, the visual presentation is sublime, and the strategy is deepened with the relationship system and being able to pair units up, not to mention the relationship allowing for your own personal narratives. Damn what a game that is!

    And aside from Fire Emblem Fates and the other obvious games, here are some others that are worth a shot:

    • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (ignore the licence, this is actually a great strategy game, even if the story's a bit crap. It was overseen by the creator of XCOM, Julian Gollop).
    • Attack of the Friday Monsters!
    • LBX: Little Battlers Experience
    • Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma
    • Anything in the Pushmo/Pullblox series
    • Codename S.T.E.A.M.

    Yes, I do have an Intelligent Systems fetish.

  • Those are all fantastic games and after you're finished with Awakening, I recommend playing Fire Emblem: Fates as well. However, it might be worth it to also get Smash 4 for 3ds and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Those are fantastic games.

  • Well with the New Phoenix Wright just coming out it'd be a shame if no one recommend this series to you. They remastered the first 3 games for 3ds in an all in one game so I heavily suggest that and if you like it then try 4-6 afterwards!

    Also if you happen to like simple puzzle games then I HIGHLY recommend Box Boy and it's sequel Box Box Boy! Very small puzzle platformers that are just designed so well.

    Oh and i guess if i had to choose one from this list id say Fire Emblem: Awakening