PS4 Pro Rather Game

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    Hello fellow Allies. I'm not sure if i'm the only one that feel disappointed by the PS4 Pro. The specs aren't that much of a bump and no 4k bluray support.

    So we are going to play a game. You see I was saving up money to buy a 4K TV and a PS4 Neo, but i was let down. So Here are the rules of the game. If you also feel let down. You say what you RATHER spend your money on instead of the PS4 Pro and anything else you needed for it. I think i would rather spend that money on a new gaming pc build, or a Weatherby Rilfe and a Lepold scope. and if you have nothing good to say or don't want to play the game don't even come with your smarty pant comments. Have fun playing.

    So here are

  • So I'll just preface this by saying that I think all of those PC and Xbox "PS4 is a sinking ship for having a normal console generation" alarmists are being stupidly ridiculous. The conference was disappointing, but I'm not upset that I won't be forced to buy a second $400 box in three years.

    But, as to the topic of this thread, I would rather buy;

    • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration,
    • The Last Guardian,
    • Skyrim: Special Edition,
    • Dishonored 2,
    • Pokemon Moon,
    • Final Fantasy XV,
    • and Gravity Rush 2

    at their full MSRP, totaling $400 in all, instead of the PS4 Pro.

  • I'd rather spend money upgrading my GPU to a 1070 than a PS4 Pro.

    Granted I already did that a decent bit before its official announcement, but at the time I knew it was going to be a thing so whatever. ;)

    But as for "From here on hence", I'd rather buy:

    Any major PC game I'm interested in that has (at least) a decent discount (too many to list, so I won't)
    X-Box One (and that's very low on the list actually as the majority of X-Box One 'exclusives' are also (or will be) on PC)
    Wildlife documentaries
    Stuffed crust cheese pizza
    The co-pay from the hospital visit thanks to the heart attack caused by said pizza ;)* (not really buying so much as just a payment)

    *Just a jest folks, don't worry.

  • I would rather buy an Xbox One S for the UDH Blu-Ray player, never buy a game for it, and then buy the PS5 when it comes out then buy that PoS PS4 Pro.

  • I'd rather buy more games for the bazillion systems I already have.