PS4 Pro looks amazing in 4K

  • @TheMarcV yeah, based on the digital foundries time with it, you need an HDR and 4K TV. But they are really impressed by it. There's minor boosts I believe to 1080 but not worth it if you don't have the right set up. Which was to be expected since It's not PS5. It's just an option for the community that wants a bit more for now.

  • @TheMarcV Yeah it sounds like they got to lightly go hands on with it but you'll know they will be making them comparison videos ASAP! lol and I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning it's meant for running 4K (Hence the previous code name PS4K) and select games might run better if the developer decides to spend the time on that and that's basically what we got. I can't really think of anything else to expect it to do for 1080p personally other than what the dev works on. Also double GPU power I imagine will mean that games in 1080p will kind of have to run slightly better on the PS4 Pro compared to the normal PS4 even if devs don't spend a bunch of resources optimizing. I can imagine 4K TV's will be the standard in a few years anyway. They are already down to like 400 bucks without HDR and the prices go down pretty quickly when it comes to TV tech so I wouldn't worry about it. It's always smarter to not be an early adopter anyway to save money and make sure you pick the right product so that's what I usually do anyway :P

  • @CGamor7 My thoughts exactly!

  • Horizon is going to be the game which makes me buy a PS4! It looks so cool and absolutely beautiful! Though I don't think I'll end up getting the Pro unless it has some serious benefits. Looks like Horizon still runs at 30fps even on the Pro, though I'm not too surprised by that.

  • Yeah it'll be rare to run a game at 4K 60fps on a PS4 Pro even. New games are just now starting to get a constant 60fps at 4K with the new Titan X Pascal 12GB edition which just came out and even then not every game can do it. The PS4 Pro is nowhere near that powerful. People weren't even sure the PS4 Pro was gonna be able to do 4K 30fps but they pulled it off with the new scaling technology. If you're gonna have a 4K TV, the PS4 Pro is a big graphical fidelity upgrade so for an extra 100 bucks it's very worth it IMO but if you're not gonna have a 4K TV don't bother unless you really want to have the best hardware. You gotta think it's rendering 4x the pixels as 1080p so that's hugely taxing on your hardware especially when they can't even get the biggest PS4 games to run @ 1080p 30fps a lot of the time.

  • I just wish it would run the game at 60fps at 1080p. Oh well, I doesn't matter that much to me I'll just buy a PS4 slim sometime next year.

  • Digital Foundry's video is definitely good. They have both sides of the tale with lots of info.

    My takeaway from it:

    • PS4 Pro has a native 4k game, The Last of Us, albeit it's a PS3 game. Some can argue that it looks bonkers good compared to game this gen.
    • HDR has a significant difference despite what we could see on stream. There is a huge difference.
    • Super sampling is going to help solve aliasing issues and is being used by Horizon. Super Sampling is rendering the game at a higher resolution (4k) and downscaling it to the set resolution (1080p) to produce a better image quality. I guess the best comparison that is widely available is the high pixel density on your phone.
    • People need to be very selective when buying a 4k TV because input lag is going to be a huge issue.

    What I think about the PlayStation meeting is that they are going to have to rely on media being directly in front of a 4k TV to see the difference. This is much like when Nintendo had to sell the 3D aspect of the 3DS where no one but people on the floor could be able to see it. Although the 3D on the 3DS absolutely sucks, 4k+HDR is already out there in stores and has content for it. Now I actually find it more funny when people say "why don't they just do a Nintendo Direct instead of wasting people's time getting them to go to NY?" They needed media to actually see it up front.

  • @Whoaness Great takeaways! Also they mentioned that the upscaling method to upscale to 4K from about half the pixel count is awesome and looks basically the same as native 4K I've seen a digital foundry video where they talked about this tech a few months ago and it's really cool. You'd have to do some crazy analysis to really tell the difference and it helps performance like crazy!

  • @TheOhrenberger Yeah that would be amazing! Apparently the Horizon devs said that their game is built to only run at 30fps and many of the code is based around that framerate similar to DS1 where it had issues doing 60fps on PC. Not sure if that's some PR bullshit for Sony or if that's legit. Hopefully they release on PC soon after. As long as it's a smooth 30fps with no dips and good frame pacing(which it looks like) then that's fine with me though. 30fps only seems to be a problem in twitch shooters and when it the framerate isn't stable but games like Uncharted 4 are fine for me.

  • @Whoaness HDR is definitely a huge difference maker. When implemented correctly it's more noticeable than the bump from 1080p to 4K. I think the reason why we weren't able to see the difference on stream is because most of us aren't using HDR displays lol. I think that was more for the people in attendance. But I could be wrong.

  • Have you played a game on a 4K monitor yourself? Idk in my opinion HDR and the resolution being 4x greater is probably a similar impact for me but I'm a tech guy who really has an eye for that stuff. I think that's more personal preference and if you were just a random person you probably would say the HDR is a bigger difference since the color is what's different instead of 4x sharpness. From the stream we watched though, the HDR definitely showed much better than the 4K as you could actually notice color differences and detail but we had no way to see a 4K resolution at all. Sweet you'll get HDR support on the standard PS4 though if you have a TV with HDR compatibility.

  • I might care about high dynamic range in the future when I can afford a $2K 4K screen, but I could honestly give a damn about pixels. Games look fine in 720p as long as they're not full of jaggies. The PS4 Pro, new iPhones, new TV screens—all of it—should just be subtitled "diminishing returns," because tech companies are proffering smaller advancements for more and more money.

    Besides, very few games are dark enough for me to even care about color saturation at the moment.

    And @mattlandry, the issue you're talking about is how some games are animated at a certain frame rate, so changing the frame rate would speed up all the animations and... yeah. So basically unless they recode some those games in porting them, they'll have to stay at their original frame rate (usually just 30 fps).

  • The thing is 720p basically means more jaggies and overall a blurrier game and it's up to the developer to implement some really good anti aliasing to counteract some of that but it isn't always easy and sacrifices a lot of framerate for it and still often looks blurry with some noticeable jaggies even when done right. I get if 4K isn't anything you're interested in but I highly recommend 1080p over 720p or at least 900p because a lot of devs don't put much into optimization and might not have good enough or even any anti aliasing in their games at all to boost performance. lol I'm not telling you what to like or anything just not sure if you are aware of how all of this works. That's why some games look decent in 720p while others look blurry and full of jaggies.

    And about the 30fps thing that's basically what I meant. Like in DS1 on PC when they originally unlocked the framrate some animations would go double speed and fuck the gameplay up REAL bad. I just did a bad job explaining that lol

    Also I don't really consider 4K and HDR diminishing returns at all. I was thinking that'd be the case before I saw it myself but 4K and HDR are both extremely noticable differences like going from SD to 1080p TV's it's a similar boost in resolution and pixels. They have got to be reaching the point where it looks better than the human eye can detect though so that's gotta be coming soon haha again some people value it more than others though. Same with SD to HD or VHS to DVD some just don't care since you're still seeing the same shit just in a more defined way. Have you seen a 4K HDR monitor run games before? It's more impressive than I ever thought it would be.

  • @mattlandry The thing is some 1080p games look way busier than even much more visually complex games. The dirt in Nioh just looks like a field of static at times—totally distracting even when compared to much more visually complex titles like Uncharted 4. I can't say if that's jaggies or just how the textures are made, but something like Skyrim reads a lot better to me even at 720p with screen-tearing every time you cast a spell. And that's not only a measure of familiarity either, there's plenty of other games where that is the case.

  • @Haru17 Yeah more pixels does lead to more things that can potentially distract you for sure. Yeah if you'd rather have simpler visuals then for sure 4K and the PS4 Pro most likely isn't for you haha. And yeah with Nioh I'm pretty sure it's the extra pixels that cause that effect where with 720p, the pixels all just blend together in a more smoother looking visual assuming we are talking about the same thing (I only played it a bit so just going by memory.) 1080p of course should have less jaggies so I don't imagine that'd be it. Also games like skyrim with a lot of muddy textures does look better in 720p in a way so you can't see how bad they look so clearly lol but yeah whatever you enjoy most man go with that. Save an extra 100 bucks that way too! I kind of envy you in that way since I'm a budget gamer who loves the newest best looking shit!

  • So am I kind of screwed if I have a tv that is 4k but not HDR? I'm not sure if it's worth it, I aso have my pc hooked up to the tv and its got a 970 so I imagin it'll still be where I play multipatform games.

  • @crustef You're not screwed, you just won't be able to enjoy HDR. For most people this will be the case. You will still be able to play 4K games and all that jazz.

  • @ObbyDent cool thanks, just a bummer that it seems you get more benefit from the hdr than the resolution bump. Just another thing to save money for :/

  • HDR is definitely the big game changer. I wish had an actual 4K HDR screen to see the difference, but I'm sure that Horizon will look good regardless of what PS4 you're playing on.

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    I mean 4k in all honour.. just what I don't understand is why developers and/or Sony pushes for higher resolution all the time. Why not stay with 1080p for a while (especially since most people don't have 4k TVs) and focus on getting games up to a solid 60fps instead? Maybe it is a bit selfish, but I would prefer to play a game that runs super smooth in 1080 instead of having "stunning" graphics and it being sluggish.

    Its like the old saying "Playing video games for its graphics is like watching porno for its story"