Vita Delays & Cancellations

  • Currently as a few of you might know, I'm travelling around the world and the Vita is now my primary platform.

    Now I get that the Vita hasn't sold that well, I get that it isn't being supported as well but I'm getting really fed up of this recent trend of games that have been promised or announced for Vita and they are delayed indefinitely or just cancelled.

    The main reason I created this topic today is because of the latest news that Hyper Light Drifter port to vita has been cancelled. Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter

    I was really looking forward to this. But this isn't the first time I've looked forward to a game and been disappointed. Bastion was delayed until PSX, Volume was delayed several months, Axiom Verge took over a damn year to get to Vita! Right now we're still waiting on Salt & Sanctuary, Banner Saga and games that have dates on PS4 (Darkest Dungeon) don't have any release date on Vita.

    Developers... stop announcing games for Vita if you're not going to commit to it and if you are, give us some information. Just a one liner saying the Vita version will come later isn't good enough!

    Is anyone else annoyed at this or am I the only one still using my Vita?

    Also I totally understand why hyper light drifter didn't do the port, it's a fair reason and I feel for them but this has to stop.

  • Well Kickstarters incentivize developers to port their games onto every platform under the sun, which I'd argue is bad for the medium. When you kickstart a game so successfully in 2013 that it makes it onto Wii U, three years later, when that game is done, turns out it might have just been a waste of time after all.

  • Ya I totally agree with that but it does go beyond kickstarter games too.

  • Well, it's the nature of Kickstarters. They can promise something initially and drop it later. It makes them look bad, but they'll shrug and look the other way.

    I think if it was me and it was really important to me, I'd ask for a refund. It's not acceptable to do this regardless of who you are.

  • If you're not a weeb into japanese niche games the Vita will simply not offer much for you in the near future, Sony doesn't care, western devs don't care, I have 3 exclusive weeb japanese niche games for Vita on pre-order for the next 2 months, new games by japanese devs get announced almost every month, I don't care if western devs don't don't care, lol.

    It's a weeb machine.

    If they advertised their crowdfund with having a Vita release though, they should refund people.

  • I could have sworn Darkest Dungeon is coming the same day on both vita and ps4

  • @David-Restrepo Hmmm.. actually looks like you're right. I could have sworn I saw somewhere saying it was delayed on vita. blog post

    I feel like people are missing the point of the thread. I already know not to expect TLOU and Infamous on Vita. I know what games get released on it and love those games. I'm just sick people saying a game will come to vita but they don't give a release date or it's cancelled like Broforce, Not a Hero and I'm sure many more in future.

  • I know I'm definitely going to be playing Darkest Dungeon on vita instead of PS4

  • Dude I'm still waiting for BioShock....

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Vita Delays & Cancellations:

    Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter

    I read this as Huber Hype Light Drifter Kickstarter. I'm either really tired or have watched too many Easy Allies videos with Huber.

    To keep this on topic, I would have bought a Vita if Bioshock had been released on it as someone before said. Since I don't have one, is the Vita still worth getting now or should I wait for the rumored new model?

  • I use very Vita all the time and I'm frequently picking up games for it. I can't think of a time when I had your issue though, not personally. That said, the little indie titles and what not aren't really of any interest to me.

    EDIT: Actually, I can think of one instance, that being the Vita port of the Zone of the Enders HD collection. That did annoy me a bit, but it was quite some time ago now.

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    I use my vita pretty much everyday! on my train journey to and from work. I really get what you are saying!

    There are games I see now and then thinking "ooh can't wait for this to be on the vita!" then I wait... and wait... and wait...

    Thinking "shouldn't this game be out yet?" look at website etc and just "canceled" ..this sucks hard.

  • I just hope developers think a bit before saying it's coming to Vita too.

    Right now, I imagine we're going to see a lot more delays and cancellations.