The Dragon of Dojima Will Rise - Yakuza 0

  • The more I see this game the more I want to play it. Listening to Huber talk about it is making the HYPE just that much more intense. There's definitely some nostalgia to it as well. I spent a few years in Japan (even saw some yakuza; some are NOT discrete about it) and the ability to go back, at least in virtual form, is such a trip. Can't wait to walk the streets of Shinjuku again...

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  • Here is the video that was posted by super3dcow on the UneasyAlliance reddit and his/her youtube account. Everyone should rewatch this epic speech.
    Also props to you @Mechanoid . This is a masterpiece. Have a cookie :cookie:

  • It really sucks that I can't even pre-order this game as it's not available on or

  • I'm all in on Yakuza 0. 5 was my favorite game of last year and if Zero is even half as good as it then it'll probably take GOTY again.

  • @Mechanoid This image is pure HYPE.

    I'll definitely be getting Yakuza 0, Yakuza 5 on PS3 was really fun.

  • Iirc you definitely should play Zero before Kiwami, due to the big upgrades to the combat system.

    They are fairly excellent Japan simulators where you live in this little bubble of Japan, gambling, arcades, delinquents trying to shake you down for a few yens. Wacky as f but also very serious and emotional. This guy behind it somehow manages to balance goofiness with a more serious tone, and, make it work. The combat is a bit simplistic, like a 2D brawler in a 3D space, but the more recent Yakuzas have really tried to make the combat more fun and deep.

  • Never played any of the Yakuza games but they have always intrigued me so maybe ill give Zero a go

  • @Nillend Thanks! Fun Fact: Huber's face fit perfectly, I had to do almost 0 touch up. Coincidence?

  • I imported Yakuza 0, and it is freaking amazing, Kiwami not so much (still good though) and Im planning to import Yakuza 6 when it releases in December

  • So hyped for this.

    I still need to play Yakuza 5 though, which is next on the list if I can ever beat Bloodborne...

  • Oh man, I thought this was coming out soon, but it'll be next year. Still hyped.

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  • I am so pumped for this game. We get to see the beginning of Kazuma's story. How he became the Dragon of Dojima. I am so thankful that Huber's hype is being directed towards this series. It really needs more attention. I felt such joy when Yakuza 5 was coming over. SUCH RELIEF. And the Yakuza 0 announcement was such a surprise! I'm glad that there are people at SEGA and Sony that have faith in Yakuza. It is just pure fun. Playing every game was such a joy. This series give me such a rush! The combat is always a blast! Like River City Ransom in 3D! No other game will give you more satisfaction when it comes to beating people with your fists.

    Sure, there are a bunch of Yakuza games out there. Figuring out where to start can be hard. But do what you feel is best! If you want to jump in, just jump! Start playing the easiest one to find. If you want to start of the beginning at 1, go for it. Each game has a kick ass story, starting at the first one will give you FIVE whole kick ass stories. If you'd rather not go far back, playing 3, 4, and 5 is a great choice too! 3 can be hard to find, however. Don't be afraid to start at 4! No matter where you start, you always have the option of going back. Yakuza needs you and all the support you can give it! With your help, the Dragon of Dojima will rise another time.

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    For all the new people who might want to get this game:
    This is a prequel for the series, so perfect time to jump in.

    Youtube Video

  • That is my plan.

  • I'm so pumped, love the series, still havent played the ps2 games despite owning them, but I've played all since then.

  • Cant wait to add the US version of 0 to my collection.
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    For anyone wondering why I dont have the PS2 versions of 1&2 I lost them, although im pretty sure one of my brothers friends might have stole them a few years ago.

  • @DMCMaster said in The Dragon of Dojima Will Rise - Yakuza 0:

    Cant wait to add the US version of 0 to my collection.
    alt text
    For anyone wondering why I dont have the PS2 versions of 1&2 I lost them, although im pretty sure one of my brothers friends might have stole them a few years ago.

    I'm glad we're getting a physical release, I wasn't expecting that

  • Never played any game from the series, but listening to Huber and Ben talk about it got me really curious, so I might make the jump with Yakuza 0! But with all the other games coming out in the first 3 months of 2017, it might struggle to find a window.

  • @Axel If you have a ps3, worth looking into getting 3 or 4. They should be cheap at this point

    Also @DMCMaster No Yakuza Dead Souls? :P

  • @ACardAttack
    Got it, although I somehow lost the case for it, so it sits in a CD booklet most of the time. Have thought of picking up a second copy just for a case.