New Dualshock 4 update has Direct Input via USB

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    Mark Cerny is saying that the Dualshock 4 update will be able to send input signals through the USB where it didn't before. This is huge for me as I'm almost always plugged in.

    I've heard people talk about the Dualshock 4 still using wireless even if you're plugged in. I didn't realize it until I was playing a game on my phone and my wifi on my phone was trashed because I was playing PS4 at the same time. The phone got better wifi reception as it moved away from the controller.

    Now my questions are about if this is a hardware feature and old Dualshock 4's won't have this capability?
    When will the new Dualshock 4's be sold separately? (I hear it will be with the new Slim date, but no confirmation on the solo controller)
    Do I need the new slim or Pro console to be able to use this feature because it might be the console and not the controller hardware that does this?

    Everyone's so focused on the Meeting itself that they're not asking about some of the periphery that I'm wondering about.

    Oh yeah, it also has a light bar in front for player indicators.

  • Yeah, I also wonder if it's a hardware feature....but considering that when you use a regular old ds4 on PC with a USB cable it can communicate exclusively via wire, maybe it's a matter of firmware? Sure hope so.

  • i don't know why i don't trust that guy... his look and smile look so damn evil and maniac, like he's liying directly to your face...

  • I really hope they replaced the plastic bolt that's holding the R2 and L2 button with a metal one. I'm sick of buying a new controller every year because that damn bolt broke again. Microsofts controllers are much better.

  • Hopefully this means that I can use the new DualShock 4 controller with my current PS4.

  • @Dragonhunter I'll have to keep an eye out for that problem. I may be talking out my arse, but maybe a metal bolt is too heavy?

    Build quality is a big problem for me with DS4. The sticks are just too easily worn away. I believe the new sticks look slightly different so maybe they're better.
    I prefer the DS4 over other controllers, but they don't feel solidly built. Hopefully the new one is sturdier.