Mod Support for Fallout 4 and Skryim SE on PS4 no longer on the table

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    bit of a bummer Sony won't be implementing it because I've always played Bethesda games on console and never gotten to try any of the mods. That being said, I'll still pick up the Skyrim remaster because it's Skyrim. No mods needed to enjoy that game.

    To be honest you're not missing much, most mods are throwaway stuff. Also to it's a pain in the ass to get several of the more worthwhile mods to work together on PC so I can't even imagine how annoying it must be on X1 (or how it would be on PS4).
    There are only a few times I ever felt modding in Bethesda games were borderline necessary, like that vampirism shit in Oblivion. So don't sweat it.

  • I would never play a Bethesda game without mod support. Then again I play Bethesda games on PC, so it's not an issue for me. Sucks for people playing on PS4 though. You guys are missing out.

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    This is a bit of a bummer! I played skyrim on PS3 and had like 400+ hours logged into it, now I had hoped to play it again when it comes out on PS4 where it would look better and I was excited to try mods for it.. Well I guess now its back to just explore this vast world again.

  • Update on this:

    So mods are coming after all, just in a limited fashion. Rejoice?

  • As long as I can get mods that allow me to start the game without having to go through the opening nonsense of skyrim(don't want to be dragonborne) and fallout(don't want to be married) I might give these game another shot, all of the mods I truly care about are non cosmetic so the lack of outside source doesn't really faze me.

  • Yeah, crazy how that happened, right? It's almost like Bethesda released that statement to get Sony to pay attention and everyone shouldn't have rushed to judgement or something.

    [flatly stares at camera]

    Anyway, I'm hyped. Outside graphics usually break immersion (groan) anyway. I just want fixes to magic damage scaling, different kinds of spells — stuff like that. I wonder if they could get the playable falmer race to work without new textures because of the eh-hum eh-heh-hurmn hum and whatnot.

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    Not a huge loss. Let's be honest here. People that want to mod Bethesda games are going to do it on PC, not on consoles.

  • @Art The headline isn't the story ATM.

  • Honestly, I just want unofficial patches and little fixes like the mod that makes enemies spawn OUTSIDE of all your settlements instead of inside them. If those kinds of things work... I'm set. I don't need an AK-47 or a master chief skin in my RPGs. I completely understand the appeal of that kind of stuff for people that want it, but I can live without it. Hopefully this is just the first step though and Sony will open up more down the line and allow the same kind of support that Mircosoft has.

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    Well thats something I guess! but no more weird naked mods and driving around in skyrim :( but mass skeleton fights here I come! :D

  • yuck... if what I have been reading about this is correct you cant even do custom scripts and with my limited understanding of modding this basically means no mods, this just seems like a BS way to sell more copy's of skyrim on the eve of it's release by "technically" saying we have mod support.