• Love you all guys, you made it possible that Ben is going to TGS and is living his dream!


  • It is really refreshing to have positive gaming discussions. So glad I found these guys.

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    @descendfromgrace Yeah I must agree! its like a breath of fresh wind! There are so many communities, podcasts etc out there, but they often get too... whiney or they are all so fanboyed. I mean sure EZA got fanboys, but they are still possitive about whats going on and clearly got love for the whole medium.

    I feel that there are pleanty of times where I listen to EZA podcast or FrameTrap and I nod and say "yes! yes that is very true!" to myself, that doesnt happen very often in other places.

  • @Lotias I listen to their podcasts at work and they always make my day better.

    It's frustrating watching folks who don't get as excited as I do but I have never had that issue with these guys. Especially with Huber.

  • Except for that @sblomkamp scrub

  • @Musou-Tensei Haha I forgot about that

  • @mattlandry I love it too! Speaking from a long time GT/EZA fan, I have found that the people they've attracted are good and intelligent individuals. The jolliness dissipates all the vitriol that the internet is known for slinging. I have also been lucky to have some of these people give me pointers and support on my own Youtube endeavor. This forum is like a bastion from the often found hatred and nonsensical ramblings of most internet commenters.

  • @BlazingBahamut Love and hugs to you, friend!

  • I truly dig the passion and excitement that emanates from the Allies, and of their supporters. Jolly is definitely the word to employ.

  • I've joined a few other big-name gaming forums in the past where I ended up leaving quickly as I didn't have a great time or received a bad first impression. This place has been the nicest community so far. I don't post much, but everyone I've interacted with here so far has been the jolliest of jollies!

    As for the main allies I've rarely gotten as excited for games as I have since I've started watching Easy Allies. Especially during their E3 of Dreams. I'm jealous of those of you who've been around for awhile! I could have used their excitement at times.

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    This community is always jolly ☺

  • @Musou-Tensei Are we really aren't allowed to talk about sexual content? I get no porn but that's one thing I've always wished I could hear from the allies more and it seems they try to steer away from it a lot. I don't expect a whole show or discussion about sex but I dunno I think it'd be cool to at least hear the more comfortable allies talk about it in passing. A whole show about how Huber dicks down bitches would be dope though! :P

  • @BlazingBahamut YES!!!!!!! So happy for him!

  • @mattlandry Not entirely sure tbh, but it was just a joke anyway, a thing I did back in the Gametrailers days where it indeed was against the rules.

  • Man, I was super active at the start of EZA, and now work has SERIOUSLY picked up and I find myself missing streams left and right and not visiting the forums as often. I didn't even fully realize it till recently. And wow, I genuinely feel like something significant is missing in my day to day. I've been wanting to think of a significant thank you to EZA and the community - and I have some ideas - but for now, just know how grateful I am to all of you. To the Allies themselves and this super jolly community, thank you for being such a nice, positive bunch of peeps. It's so wonderful knowing I've always got this to come back to.

    Keep on rocking, allies.

  • @Musou-Tensei Ok cool! Good to know it's not for sure a rule now! lol I just find it crazy in any case when showing and talking about murder is totally cool but talking about something every person in history does with people they love is bad. Makes no sense. Basically:

    Unnatural destruction of a human in a violent manner = Totally cool

    Natural reproduction or even existing without fabric over your body = EVIL

    Haha yeah I'm a bit facked but social constructs might be a bit more facked than I am even.

  • I love this community too. It feels like having a huge group of friends from around the world, even those I don't recognize yet feel like friends.

  • The vibes come from the Allies themselves. They're just so damn agreeable.