Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast!

  • Well, technically, it was yesterday... but I love my DC. Yes, I still own it. It's 17 years old, and I chip modded it at a mall kiosk about 16 years ago, and I still play it every now and again. The first three games I bought for it was Soul Calibur, Power Stone, and NFL2k. There were so many quality titles in it's short lifespan, and to me there is no system with as much nostalgia.

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    Does anyone else have any Dreamcast memories?
    What games did you own?

  • my mom bought it when i was like 14 after my neighbors got one and i was at their house every single day, we had so much fun with it, playing Soul Calibur, MvC2, Shenmue 1 &2, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic Shuffle oh man... those were truly good times. i still got it and is next to the PS, PS2 :P

  • My sister's friend let me borrow his Dreamcast one summer and I played it almost all day, every day until I had to give it back. It was the one non-Nintendo system (pre-Wii) that I had a significant amount of time playing, and it was fantastic. I played Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Power Stone, and through the entirety of Shenmue that summer, and played a ton of Record of Lodoss War (which is basically a Diablo clone based off of an anime I'd never heard of). Good times.

  • love this so much! Being a kid with no money, I had an SNES and skipped PSX, Sega Saturn and N64. I was able to save for the Dreamcast and have loved every bit of it. It had such a great launch. Power Stone was an epiphany!. That whale in Sonic Adventure was awe inspiring. Shenmue is officially my first trip to Japan.

    Everything was so solid. I loved the simplicity of backing down to four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. I still have mine and will never get rid of it.

  • I liked dreamcast, it was the Arcade console everyone including myself wanted. You got almost perfect, identical port of Marvel Vs Capcom [2]. I played it at Blockbusters' competition called Hollywood Video. It was an awesome experience.

    Problem is, at the time, I had mindshare for PlayStation or Nintendo. SEGA is the very last thing on my mind because they failed before, and then when I heard they were leaving the console business - I was like "I was right to wait."

    At this point I was fed up with Nintendo's BS, even though I had GameCube on my radar.

    SEGA had a huge hit in their hands that was destroyed immediately by Sony's Juggernaut: The PlayStation 2. If only they had better commercial, and better marketing or bigger marketing budget...

    I'm going to come around to buying a Dreamcast and at least one heavy hitter like MVC/MVC2.

  • Ah man, the dreamcast. I look back on it like an old relationship with good times. I remember being about 10 when it came out. I'd seen it in all the magazines and I knew it would be incredible. I got it with Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur and I wasn't wrong. Although it didn't set the world on fire in the way I wished, it was ridiculously ahead of it's time and it will always have my undying love.

    With the likes of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Shenmue 1 & 2, Power Stone, House of the Dead 2, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Soul Calibur and ports like Shadow Man. And then I also got Chu Chu Rocket for free from Sega Europe in the post as we'd signed to Dreamarena. It was the first game I'd played online via a console.

    It was a glorious time indeed. I love you Dreamcast, you magnificent bastard!

  • Happy Birthday auld chap!

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  • Such a fun system, still never understood the controller, had less buttons than the Saturn and only one analog stick despite the ps2 having 2 and then the wire placement

    Lot of fun and great games

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