Best Video Game Ending Songs (Spoilers)

  • There's a lot of ending-credits music posted here. I was thinking the spirit of the thread was more about songs used in the actual ending of the game itself. 'Still Alive' from Portal is perfect though, it's a bit of an exception because it's basically the story continuing while the credits role.

  • @justin Twilight Princess has a mid-credits scene. Best of both worlds! =P

    • Tekken 2 - I always love 2 the most for its more spiritual atmosphere and this ending song epitomises it. The powerful yet calming female voice just stops my heart every single time, then you have the instrumentation build up to a crescendo, only for it leave again in a quiet moment of reflection. Genius.

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    • Batman: Arkham City - that music is just chilling, and then after that bit with the song, it has this haunting ambient whistle. It's a piece of music I'll always remember.

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    • Sonic Adventure (Super Sonic ending) - I just love the badass nature of Crush 40's soundtrack, and to me it is the culmination of the way Sonic handles everything with a cocky attitude. Plus it's catchy as fuck!

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    • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - After what is a seriously affecting ending this song kicks in. This one feels the most sorrowful of all the end credits music in Silent Hill. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn always brings a powerful sadness to her vocals and its in full force here alongside Akira Yamaoka's composition. The way it ties in with the story of the game is fantastic and hits home the fact that the worst horror is inside your own mind. A silent hell where no one can help you.

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    • Super Mario 64 - Not only is it still my favourite Mario game, but this music wraps up everything you've done, creating that sense of a job well done, of looking back (aided by the shots of all the levels in the credits). It only becomes more nostalgic with every listen.

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  • Why no one mention Journey yet?>!

  • Portal - Still Alive
    Portal 2 - Want You Gone

    i cri evrytim
    Persona 3 - Kimi no Kioku
    Persona 4 - Nevermore

    I don't know how to embed vids...

  • First of all, thank you @Linky and @DizBomber803 I was beginning to lose faith in humanity when none of the first posters were saying Still Alive.


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    I considered a video with the actual ending, but then I thought maybe that's spoilers. Then I thought, can you even call the ending of Crisis Core spoilers for the game? Really, aren't they Final Fantasy VII spoilers? Since if you've played that game, you already know what's going to happen.

    And last but not least, this:

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  • @Paper-Lion Yes. Yes to this. Yes to ALL of this. (Wow, there are a lot of great ending songs I like).

  • @PrinceofTheUniverse AMG! Dude, both of these songs give me the feels and made me love both of these games even more.

    Since you already took what I was going to put I'll put down another good one!
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  • One that made me sad was Chrono Cross ending theme, Radical Dreamers. Just the flow and atmosphere of the game, completely nailed an ending theme to a game that is just an emotional roller coaster towards the text

  • But to not be a total bummer, one more recent ending theme(albeit by a veteran composer using a classic SNES track to cap an awesome jazz jam) David Wise, on Tropical Freeze ending theme is just a fun, jolly, funky jam. The spirit of DK and crew hasn't been this captured in music since that opening to DK64 that was almost Run DMC level greatness. Wonderful jazzy romp and it just kicks into a funkified rendition of Stickerbrush about halfway through. link text

  • Final Fantasy X and Mass Effect 3