Games you really wanted to like, but no matter what, you couldn't/didn't

  • Ni No Kuni and Witcher 3.

    I loved everything about Ni No Kuni, but the amount of battling killed it for me after 10 hours or so.

    Put 20 hours into Witcher 3 on and off this year but the combat and general controls are just dreadful!

  • @Haru17 said in Games you really wanted to like, but no matter what, you couldn't/didn't:

    @ZyloWolfBane But is that really wanting to like something, or is it wanting that thing to have been a better form of itself?

    Rather I tried to keep an open mind, to see what other people claim I wasn't seeing in the game. And it wasn't working, I feel even now that SO4 for all it's faults was still superior to SO5.

    FFType-0 Was was hyped, I bought into the hype, I wanted to play it based on gameplay I witnessed on PSP and like an idiot I bought it without a second thought. Turned out they ruined the camera and the game wasn't really as good as I had hoped.

    Which....given Final Fantasy's track record after FF6 that doesn't really surprise me anymore.

  • I started playing Final Fantasy VI(III) after reading the original post. That game is wonderful. Truly wonderful.

    Nothing more to add, just really like FFVI.

  • The biggest one for me is Fallout 4. I really, really tried to like it, played over 200 hours (compared to my 785 in Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls/Fallout titles), but I still wouldn't say I liked it. The thing about my playtime in Fallout 4 is that it's all spread among many, many characters over the course of months. My problem with the game is that, to me, it's not an RPG at all and more of an action game with RPG elements. All of the characters I made felt the same, in large part due to the dialogue system but also due to the lackluster perk system and lack of any meaningful skills or stats. In all that time, I never finished the game once and had no desire to. I bought the Season Pass when it was first made available, anticipating that I'd love the game, but it never clicked and I still haven't touched any of the DLC. At this point, I really don't think I'll ever play it again and that's a real shame.

  • I really tried to like Rayman 3D (Rayman 2). But its just so bland with little going on in the environment. That I just never really got into it. Then somehow, my save file got deleted. And I didn't want to play though bland dated environments again.

    I also tried to like New Super Marios bros Wii. More so since I prefer the 2D ones to the 3D games, and paid $50 dollars for it. Played it a number of times, and with others (kids at that). But I just hated the childish music. And enemies that stop to dance was not only frustrating for timing jumps. It wasn't appealing in the slightest. The helicopter hat was fairly lame too.

  • Almost all MMOs. I want to love them, but I just can't.

  • Darksiders 2. I LOVED the first one. The second one really irked me and i couldnt quite put my finger on it. Ive tried to get into it multiple times, even more so with the release of the remaster. Just can't do it. I still want to, somehow

  • @frasafrase im a huge fan of the series and that annoys me about the games as well every one who plays souls has to brag that they beat soul, or they have to let you know the beat flamelurker with a shield. thats why the games community has lost its lustre with me

  • Assassin's Creed 2 is the first one that comes to mind. I remember getting it, starting it, and just not feeling the gameplay. I could never understand why, though. I remember when the first AC was announced and I thought it looked really fun. So to have my first experience be a game that's more fluid than the first and to not like it always seemed weird to me.

    Halo 5 is kind of like that. I finally got an Xbox One for that game and the Master Chief Collection. Just wasn't feeling it at all. I love Halo but both the story and the missions themselves left me disappointed. Most of the online modes are fine; though I'm not a fan of Warzone proper.

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    @Caprica Hmm you bring up some good points, even though I absolutely loved AC2.
    But need to say that The last Ezio game.. revelations? I really REALLY struggled and pretty much just finished because I wanted to see the end, but that was hard.

    In terms of Halo 5, I watched the story on youtube yesterday and it really didn't grip me at all. I mean I LOVE the halo universe, I got all the books, figures and what not, but after 343 the story have just gone major downfall.. I mean 4 was nice, but 5 just felt... uninspired and "we have to do something big and there must be explosions!" - But for me the "real" story finishes with chief floating in space.

  • On the subject of Halo 5, while the gameplay tweaks were interesting, I echo the sentiment about the story. I see it like this: 343 traded in what made Halo, HALO (A single player experience and the incorporation of the titular ring) for E-sports and multiplayer tweaks. It's clear as day that Halo 5 was built with MP being given more forethought. And while the Legendary ending does have a tiny nod of where Halo needs to be, the overall arc of the campaign was such a cop-out that I believe 343 may have irreparably harmed the franchise. 4's story wasn't great, 5's was worse. Who wants to bet 6 is going to draw even more criticism?

  • dragon's dogma for me its was boring & unimmersive af

  • @DizBomber803 Mercenary Kings was the first game I was truly excited to play on PS4 and then.... it just wasn't great. It was a shame because the concept was fairly interesting.

    I've got a long list of games I've tried hard to like but a lot have been named on this thread already so... I'll pick one that will get me burned at the stake.


    Game of the year. Indie darling. Gorgeous exploration/platformer. The game everyone brings up when they talk about how successful indie games can be.

    I really wanted to like this thing. I saw the praise GameTrailers gave the game, saw the critical acclaim from other publications, and eventually started seeing some GOTY awards roll in. I didn't own a PS3 at the time but anyone with one, I'd immediately suggest they download Journey. Those people would then come back and thank me, letting me know how much they loved the game. So I was extremely excited when it was released for the PS4. Day one purchase for me. It was time to finally explore this masterpiece!

    Two hours later, I just couldn't keep playing. It's not a broken game, it's not a bad game, it's just not a game for me though. Beautiful environments but I felt no motivation to explore them - making my scarf grow longer wasn't something that captured my attention. The praised "multiplayer" aspect also felt strange; as I watched another player just jump in place for awhile and presumably another one, speed run towards the finish line. I didn't feel like I was playing with them, they were just a visitor in my world that didn't affect much. Seeing bits of lore attempt to create a story also felt shallow for myself and I started feeling like there wouldn't be much of a payoff - even if it's usually more about the journey than the destination.

    It's a game I respect for the accolades it received and I'm genuinely happy a lot of people can enjoy a game that doesn't involve endless amounts of violence but it's certainly not my cup of tea.

  • Mass Effect. I never gave 2 and 3 a try because I wanted to beat the first one for story purposes. I typically don't like jumping in mid series. But for the life of me I couldn't bring myself to finish the first game. I even started a second new game because I went a long time since playing it the first time and needed to refresh my memory on the mechanics of the game but again I just couldn't get all the way through it. I love sci fi, I love characters that involve telekinesis (Biotics) but for some reason it just wouldn't hold my interest. I'm tempted to give it a third try mostly because I want to try out ME 2 and 3. We'll see.

  • @Meanfingers As a Mass Effect, I'm sorry it didn't click for you but there ARE things that may help you with your decision that you may want to know about:

    At the start of 2, you will have a conversation with two characters and can make decisions that were made in the first game. I won't say what to avoid spoilers, but it does, to some extent allow you to skip 1, but you do miss out on some stuff if you don't play the first.

    With each newer entry, the less and less like the original game is. The first game is more of an RPG with exploration in empty spaces with a clunky vehicle and the shooting mechanics are not tied to ammo, but a heating system. 2 adds ammo, takes away world-vehicle exploration, and has WAY more characters to choose from. By 3, ME is a shooter. Sure, you can level up and allocate points, but its not really worth it.

    Overall, you CAN start with two if you really don't like 1 and are really intrigued about how 2 plays, but don't force yourself. If it doesn't work out, that's a bummer, because I really would like to see as many people as possible to like the series, but if you have higher priorities, follow those. ;-)

  • @Brannox Thanks for the tip! Good to know. It doesn't help that other games distract me from the series. Plus back then I was too worried about getting all the achievements which looking back on it now I feel took away a lot of the freedom the game has and forced me to stick with a specific route which made things more tedious than it needed to be. I am interested in the lore which is why I keep entertaining the thought of coming back again. I feel guilty quitting the first game because I feel like I'm messing out knowing what ME 2 and 3 has to offer. I'll probably try again with the first one without worrying about achievements/trophies and and see if that makes the experience more enjoyable. And if not then perhaps I'll give 2 a try. Sigh... another back log haha.

  • @Meanfingers Not a problem! As far as achievements go, take it from me when I say only the truly dedicated who love the game should go after them. In order to get them all you need to play through the game with THREE separate character builds, sticking with two teammates per run for the ENTIRE run, AND you have to unlock the highest difficulty by playing on the second highest possible. Also, you can't get one or two in particular until you complete the game and then play through again with THE SAME build in order to reach max level. And all of that is the MINIMUM amount of playthroughs, granted if you do everything properly. So yeah, not worth it unless you love the game.

    The lore is what really ties me over, probably only second to the character building that you can do, and that is the one thing, if any other, you miss out on by not playing the first. I can only speak for myself, but what makes the Citadel DLC in ME 3 so worth it is during the party sequence, depending on how you made your decisions throughout the series, there are SO MANY crew members and the conversations and good time you have with them all in that moment is one my top moments in all of gaming. I feel that way because for a small few (ME 1 crew), I took the time to talk with them all at the beginning of the saga, learn about them, and really develop a connection with them, not as party members, but true characters. An easy fix, if you are so inclined, is to see if YouTube has videos of all of these conversations you can watch, and get a feel for them without playing the game (the ones you would be looking for all take place on the Normandy). Granted, there are even SMALLER moments you probably won't find, and that typically is small talk when out on the Citadel (the elevators are infamous for the banter your two teammates have with each other, and the banter is always different because with six characters to choose from, there are 15 different combinations and each pair has multiple different conversations. Not worth the effort, but small moments that still provide small, light-hearted development).

    Don't feel guilty! Its quite alright if it doesn't speak to you. If a game doesn't do it for you, there are many other games out there that do that you can enjoy, so no worries.

    I'm SUPER sorry about the long reply. You can tell I'm really into Mass Effect. I just thought this would be helpful for you. Whatever you decide, it'll be the best choice for you. IF you do go back to ME 1, I hope something is different and you can find at least a little more enjoyment, but if not, oh well. :-D

  • Mass Effect 1 comes to mind right away. I'm a big scifi nerd, and the idea of a rollicking space adventure of mystery in this crazy universe with cools aliens is oh so sweet.....but good Lord was that game horrific to play. Not just terrible combat mechanics, but on a technical level it was near unplayable. I swear that thing couldn't have been more than 20fps on 360. I know a lot of people were able to get past that to enjoy the best story in the franchise, but I just couldn't bring myself to even finish the game. While I'm hoping for a ME remaster to give the game a proper chance, without that first-time "magic" in the universe that ship has sailed.

  • @Alex840 said in Games you really wanted to like, but no matter what, you couldn't/didn't:

    Ni No Kuni and Witcher 3.

    I loved everything about Ni No Kuni, but the amount of battling killed it for me after 10 hours or so.

    Put 20 hours into Witcher 3 on and off this year but the combat and general controls are just dreadful!

    I have to agree with Witcher3 . I still want to get back into it for the story so I'll probably play through it sometime on easiest difficulty. Also Shadow of Mordor. Both of these games I was looking forward but just couldn't get over the combat in either. Witcher combat is frustrating, Mordor completely trivial and boring.

  • I gave Dark Souls 2 another try yesterday, I just think it really isn't for me, but I'll probably give it another shot at some point.