One, somewhat silly suggestion...

  • I am having blast on this forum so far, and this is actually something I have missed for a long time, since I haven't really been actively using any forums in years. But anyhow, one thing I did love when I was using forums several years ago was Forum games. I think it's silly to ask but if this category would be added to EZA forums, I would appreciate it a lot. It's not neccessary by any means, but I think that would be fun thing to do with this community we have here.

  • @jipostus Forum games as in roleplaying? Or what kind of games?

  • You know, word games, stuff like answer questions with song titles, or change letter on previous 4 letter word and so on. Things that involve people coming and continuing to answer with more or less creative answers etc. I know I didn't explain myself well, but I think you might get the idea. But all kinds of games we can utilize this forum would be fun to play.

  • admin

    You're welcome to start a topic that's a game, but we're not going to create a forum for it till it needs one. So get started!