New to Destiny (PS4)...Vault of Glass approaching

  • Hello Allies,

    I am a few weeks into Destiny now, about level 25, and I would love some people to play and chat with from this community. I have one buddy I play with but would love to make some gaming friends. I now have the vault of glass and some other raid on the moon I think ready to go and will need a crew to help me through my first time. Also, the strikes are fun. Let me know if anyone is interested! Thanks allies!

  • I think I've seen a PS4 group of Allies for Destiny mentioned on the forums somewhere. I'd be down to join, just preordered Rise of Iron!

  • I believe there are "EasyAllies" and "EasyAllies Destiny LFG" communities on psn. Which reminds me that I should join those.

  • I'm getting back into Destiny ahead of Rise of Iron, but will be on Xbone, calling any Xbox Destiny players, new and old! please message me.

  • The EasyAllies has an official Bungie Clan, that you should ABSOLUTELY join, especially now that Bungie has added Clan functionality in-game.

    Additionally, I created a "EasyAllies Destiny LFG" community on PSN. Once you join the Bungie Clan send me an invite to the group, as it's an easy way to keep track of what Allies are currently online playing Destiny to party up for smaller adventures like Strikes or POE.

    And lastly, I've been meaning to run the VOG as well. I need to run it for an exotic quest. While I can't carry by myself since I don't run Relic (which may not make sense to you atm but don't worry haha), I've logged a bunch of runs on the VOG back in the day and so am more than happy to help you and your friend. Send me a friend request to "Galaxy010" on PSN and message me. I'm a college student and so usually only come on for 20-30 minutes a day to play Overwatch, but I can carve out enough time for a VOG run over the weekend. Just keep in touch via messaging to give me a heads up on the time.

  • I'm in the same boat as you OP, you can send me a friend request on PSN, my ID is Solidpanic. I'm trying to pick up stride for Rise of Iron, so send me a invite and I'll help as much as I can.

  • Do we know who runs the clan? Sent a request to join last week but haven't been added yet.