E3 Ubisoft Recap and impressions

  • This post is based on the badly made notes that I took during the conference.

    This is probably hardest conference form to write about. Apparently the Nintendo nostalgia that many gamer possess, is absent from me, replaced by love for Ubisoft's legacy. I never played Zelda, Metroid or other Nintendo classics (except Pokemon, much later), and you know what? I do not regret it. You may say that I've missed out, and you would be right, but I have as fond memories on videogames like any of you. Franchises like The Settlers, Tom Clancy, Silent hunter, Prince of Persia, Anno and more have enriched my youth. Even later there could be found occasional jewel like Valiant hearths, I am alive, From dust, and even Watchdogs (Yeah, I liked that game). But the obvious fact that Ubisoft has been falling, similarly as Nintendo not so long ago. Since, let's say around 2010, Ubisoft has changed for me. The quality games, whether because of story or gameplay, is falling. Anno and The Settlers lost themselves in clouds, Tom Clancy's games seem to always be missing, Silent Hunter sunk into abyss and my favourite franchise of all time: Prince of Persia... Time has forgotten it. Replaced by Assassin's Creed that seemed promising at first, but ultimately failed (all puns intended). Individual pieces would show up only occasionally, hinting on the return of the former glory... But it never came. E3 is about dreams. Huber's become real. What are for him Shenmue and Resident evil, are for me Prince of Persia and Age of empires. I still hope, every year, that Ubisoft will realise that their legacy has become bland at best. Maybe for the 30th anniversry? Nah. Not even this year. I continue to wait... but that doesn't mean that all games are bad. Even this year, a couple of jewels shine between the dirt of disappointment. Let's check, shall we?

    It began with Just dance. I've done quite some dancing in y life, so a game like this is closer to me than the most. I've never despised dance games, but they never achieved what they were meant to do, or at least in a way they were supposed to. But in short, it was bad and unnecessary. But they had to set the tone to begin their conference. Something in the lines of colourful and cheerful: Aisha Tayler. #noracism
    Payed only in red wine and sarcasm, she was one of the highlights this conference.

    First game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.
    Youtube Video

    I was really looking forward to this game. Last year's trailer seemed really good, especially if the game could deliver rumored open world and combat dynamic.
    But it didn't bring the goods. The textures were "meh" at best and voice acting reminded of causal conversation with a cup of tea. That made the combat seem even duller that it looked. I still have some hope for this game, because the concept seems interesting enough, but this was still a disaster. The game comes march, 7th 2016.

    Next we have one of the jewels I talked about: South Park
    Youtube Video

    The trailer was a greatness itself with hinting on the new Watchdogs. Also the conversation was as much comedy as the gameplay. It's also nice to see that they improved gameplay to. Also, the title.... :smirk:
    A bunch of savages.

    Next we had some Division updates. Sorry, but I just don't care and it didn't convinced me. But we had two VR games next. Both with negative and positive sides.
    Youtube Video

    I LOVE the idea to use VR to simulate flying. While the visuals seemed to be lacking on the screen, the map offers some nice opportunities for intense maneuvers. But who gave the idea that the eagles shoot their voices to kill enemies?! That was bad. Totally unnecessary.
    Next was something that should've come to VR sooner: Star Trek.
    Youtube Video

    Ok, let's just confess: the game looks bad. But apparently it is also fun. The way they presented this game was the right way to present games for VR. For the fans of the franchise, this is great news.

    Next is a very special game. You know which... YEAH: FOR HONOR!
    Youtube Video

    Ok! Firstly, great trailer. Secondly: Jason Vandenberghe. The dude is amazing. He is one of those people that can read the TV installation manual or a financial report of EA and still make you feel excited. Have you seen how Huber looked at him, when he described the game. Pure admiration. I really whish that in some other dimension or something, Jason is Huber's father or a teacher.
    alt text
    Also, this game was designed with Huber in mind. Now we just wait for the Bear DLC.
    Also, I did't think it would have this amazing backstory. I'm a sucker for a good narrative. This game is just getting better and better. If For Honor would come out this year, I think it would take GOTY, at least for me.

    Now, we unfortunately have to take a step back. A sequel to a popular game: Grow up.
    Youtube Video

    Ok, I know that many people liked this game, but I have absolutely zero interest in it. It offers nothing new that would attract me in. So, If you are a fan of the origina: Good news. Otherwise, let's just move along.

    Next game opens up a good conversation rather than an original gameplay or story concept:
    Youtube Video

    This is what you do at a press conference. I'm looking at you Sony. Make an epic entry and unexpectedly, drop a game at the show. And the mic after that. More people should do this!

    Next, we got something for the new AC movie. I'll just quote my notes here:
    another behind the scenes
    21th of December
    Not a bad trailer, learned nothing new.

    Next we have a very interesting game: Watchdogs 2
    Youtube Video

    I really wanted to talk about this game. I am one of those people that liked Watchdogs 1. I like the concept, the world, even somehow cliche story. But I liked characters the most. Every single character in that game, I was able to connect to. They present this great opportunity to form an attachment to any of them. I don't like Marcus. I don't like the voice-acting, that he is a free-runner and a hacker (I can't find it believable), that once he gets to a building, he can just send his robot in and that he listens to smooth music while infiltrating a building. Yeah, pls make it less exciting. I like the drone though, and the improvised weapon.
    The franchise will also get a movie. The game comes out 15th November 2016.

    Lastly, here comes the traditional surprise new IP of the press conference. Presenting: Steep
    Youtube Video

    Sigh. That was a disappointment. Another sports game... Even EA doesn't end its conferences with sports games. I admit that after watching the trailer again I was astonished with the visuals. But this game doesn't bring anything concrete at the table. It's a game that you turn on to relax and take it easy, if you don't want to engage something heavier. A game to easily wake up to, or before you fall asleep. It's casual, but that doesn't mean that'it's bad because of it. I can't really judge it constructively, as I don't know much about it yet. If it is as much open world as promised, then I see potential to explore and doing some tricks in between. Then again It is possible that a part of my scepticism for this game comes from the fact that I have Alps right in my view, half an hour drive away.
    We will have to wait and see, but until then, this is a bad game for me and a bad finish for the conference.

    Bottom line:
    Ubisoft continues to fall down for me. There were some nice moments (For honor, South park, Aisha Tayler and releasing a game at the place), but only two of those were actual games. Even EA an Bethesda had more good game announcements ( at least for me).
    Objectively, this was
    3 stars/5, but for me gets barely 2,5/5

  • Quick thoughts on Steep, does Jones impressions from the day one discussion stream sway your opinion?

    I feel like the game could be awesome, but I really need to know the progression. Even if it's just unlocking visuals. The main feature that could be 10 or 0 is the friends adding challenges. This all however will fall flat if the point system is boring.

    Really enjoying your impressions overall, Ill be reading more throughout the day

  • @Stormcrownn I guess he reflects my opinions. I'm worried because this is Ubisoft, and the open world could mean 3 or 4 instances/zones with one mountain each, so there will be lack of exploration. But if they give me a very large area, preferably through entire alps, and let me move freely through it, that could be interesting. The lack of any progression system is also worrying. What exactly are you supposed to do? Some plus points appear when a skier makes a trick in gameplay, so is it an acrobatics game? For what goal are you making these points?
    I don't know. I just need more, and even then, I don't think I will buy this game.

  • I've had a hard time enjoying Ubisoft's presser for the last 3 years this mainly is because of Aisha Tayler I have to admit, because I can't stand the whole "I'm a gamer too here let me rub it in your face so you know" every time she gets on stage it feels like I'm watching somebody try to converse with me through memes and really bad jokes. #GirlWood ? What?

    But moving along, I also don't like how Ubisoft puts "Gamer Banter" in their trailer, it always sounds so fake that it pulls focus thus making me pay more attention to the horrible role-playing (probably done by devs) and not the actual game. I honestly can't even tell you much about the new Ghost Recon because all I remember is that pro gamer talk that was going on.

    I did enjoy the sit down with Matt Stone and Tray Parker, that felt real to me and it was a breath of fresh air. Eagle Flight was....well it was terrible to watch, show the game not people playing it. VR will always look jarring to people just watching a guy with a headset on.

    The best thing of the whole presser for me though has to be For Honor because man you could FEEL the passion through the screen, Jason Vandenberghe does a phenomenal job in hyping you up for a game you may not even have been interested in, I mean I wasn't but after watching him on stage this year I was sold. Passion like that sells a game, telling me to pre-order something now because it may be gone quick is not. I'm looking at you Bethesda >.>

  • @ChaoticMeltdown
    But I like bad jokes and memes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    But I know what you mean. I lost interest in the Wildlands and Watchdogs 2 also because of the banter.

  • @Nillend Oh no a dank memester :fearful:
    I just don't get why they add those, they don't sell anyone on the games. Having that banter in almost feels like they want to pull your focus away from the game because they don't have faith in the product. The game looked fun especially if played in Co-op but damn Ubisoft that demo was almost as bad as that horrible Minecraft demo on the Microsoft Stage....actually, no scratch that Minecraft was worse.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown
    Because your simple mind won't comprehend all the so called "new concepts" that the game presents. :point_up: :neutral_face:
    And yeah, Minecraft was a disaster. When they said "Let's get out of here", my reaction was "Thank god!!!" :pray_tone1:

  • @Nillend Huh....point made. I guess I'm too dumb to understand all the cool new stuff that all those Teraflops allow the game to do.
    Jesus that VR bit of Minecraft, never again please.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown Exactly xD