Swimming in 7's

  • One of the free PS Plus games this month is Lords of the Fallen and playing through it made me think of the old GT saying "swimming in 7's" for games that are good but not great and really fun to play.

    Lords of the Fallen is to me is a perfect example of that saying.. it may be a lesser Dark Souls and may stray a bit too close to being a rip off of that series with a story I don't understand or care about and subtitles that don't match what the characters say, but I'm having a grand time playing it (and its getting me warmed up for Bloodborne).

    So what are some 7's that aren't great or came and went without anyone taking much notice that you have a lot of fun playing??

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    7.8.. not enough Dark Souls

  • Skyward Sword

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    Not every Zelda is a 10. It did have colors, though :/

  • Singularity is my favorite 7. It is a really creative and fun FPS game in the vein of the newer Wolfenstein games. Lovely jaunt through time with fun twists and GREAT atmosphere.

  • @Faaip I actually had the exact same feeling while playing Lords of the Fallen - this is a really strong 7 and I'm having a great time. It's just a little odd since I honestly don't care for the Souls series much (Bloodborne being the exception). I probably need to get my head checked out.

  • @SabotageTheTruth To be honest, I've only played the first Dark Souls (and didn't finish it). I feel like I hear a lot of people say they liked Bloodborne but not the Souls games, that's interesting.

    I've got Bloodborne on order though, should have it in a day or two. I really want to play DS 3, but can't really afford full priced game at the moment

  • @Faaip Brandon really summed up the way I feel pretty perfectly. It has a lot to do with the setting. Dark Souls is high fantasy, but there's no robust towns to explore, it's just doom and gloom everywhere. Bloodborne is gothic horror, so it just feels more natural not to have a lot of interaction with actual people, and slowly seeing Lovecraftian vibes creep in just adds to the ambiance. The combat is much more visceral and doesn't have you holding up a shield waiting for the right time to strike.

    Either way, we all know Bloodborne is a perfect 10/10.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah I think the slower paced combat is part of why I couldn't finish Dark Souls. I think I'll enjoy the different feel of Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 more.

    Its funny you mention the settings of the games.. I think I prefer the demented version of a fantasy world that Dark Souls has over the gothic style of Bloodborne. I think its just because I've always been a bit of a fantasy and medieval nerd. I always say these games are better horror games than most horror games. Its impressive the sense of foreboding and dread they create without relying on "classic" horror tactics like overtly disturbing imagery and jump scares

  • Sleeping Dogs is a game I love and it tends to get a little less love from critics. That game grabbed me more than a lot of other more popular open world games. Something about the vibes and the setting, really cool crime drama set in a place that fet different enough to be exciting. And the combat is realy fun.

  • @Faaip I plan on giving DS3 a shot once the GOTY edition comes out, or whatever they want to call it, since like yourself, I just couldn't get through the slow paced combat of the first one. I personally get burnt out on fantasy settings pretty easily just because of how saturated the market is. Lord of the RIngs, Game of Thrones, Dark Souls, almost every JRPG ever made - so much fantasy, no matter where you look.

    Best 7 ever? GP Riptide.

  • @crustef Ditto! I really enjoyed it. The fist fights felt brutal and I loved that. Wei Shen!

    I really don't remember this game that much. I only played through it once on a rental. Does anyone remember Rise to Honor for PS2?? I had a real fun time kickin ass in that game. It had a dual sticking combat gimmick to manage fighting multiple guys coming at you from all angles at the same time. Think Robotron x Punisher (Arcade)

    I think I enjoyed Enter the Matrix more than most. The stylized combat was fun.

    Though, I haven't beat it, Stranglehold is a fun game. I approached it as a "dumb game" and it kept me entertained. It's a treat for anyone familiar with John Woo tropes. I bought it for a 99cents at gamestop. Have they gone back and raised prices on their cheap games? There were some low cost games I was going to pick up but now they're over $5. Duke Nukem Forever is still $3 though :)

    Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend for GBA! That game deserves all the love it can get.