Anyone played Hero Siege?

  • Despite the game being two and a half years old, I just started playing Hero Siege a few days ago with a friend. After having put over 10 hours into the game, I can safely say that it is now my new favorite isometric hack and slash RPG to play co-op, which is a bold claim! Considering this genre contains the likes Diablo 2. We have been loving practically every minute we have played. There is a bit of a "what the fuck is going on" period at the start, but once we figured out what some of the items and relics that we found along the way do, the game really opened up. I love the way that the game allows you to put the difficulty up at any point and gain huge amounts of XP in order to gain several levels extremely quickly.
    Anyone else played it or still does?

    Long time GT and Easy Allies fan.