I'm going to Japan!

  • Some old fashioned but definitely not overrated visiting spots!

    1. Visit the hot springs! Japan has really good natural hot springs. There's also some really cool manmade ones too that you should visit! Take a look at a video from the Business Insider of the Yunessum Spa and Resort. I know its weird but it's pretty COOL. I've been there before and loved it!

    2. More strange lovely things of Japan include the black eggs of the mountain town, Owakudani, Hakone. The black eggs are ordinary chicken eggs but boiled in the sulfur hot spring located there. The phenomenon of the black eggs are cause by the sulfur water that turn them that color-- but they are completely safe to eat and are delicious.

    3. The Osaka Castle is an historical site! I loved to visit there when I was a child. It's sort of a park now I believe. The history behind it is really cool; the Osaka Castle was the former site of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple before it had been destroyed by Oda Nobunaga thirteen years after it was built (if I'm correct). It was like the largest castle at the time and is currently very modernized and cool on the outside now. There's also a huge garden in the courtyard that you should definitely explore if you get the chance.

    ANYWAYS that was just a couple of my favorite spots in Japan. Hope you find this useful :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:

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  • If you plan on drinking alcohol, Strong Zero was my beverage of choice. You can find it at any Lawson/7-11/Family Mart. alt text

  • @BenMoore

    I'm just asuming you're going to spend some time in Akihibara :) while there don't miss SuperPotato, my favorit hole in the wall.

    Also in Akiba is Yodobashi, gigantic 7 floor tech store.

    Don't miss going into a Don Qujiote store (there's several around tokyo) they're a treasure trove of awsome cheap stuff.
    (My favorit is the one close to shinjuku station, but there might be other good ones)

    Harajuku is always fun to visit, but they might not like you filming inside the stores.
    If you're in Tokyo on a sunday, try going to Yoyogi Park to see awsome harajuku style.

    For food, go anywhere! I have not met a restaurant I did not like in japan. If you have a japanese guide ask them to take you to the small alleys close to shinjuku.. it's however kind of hard without speaking japanese..
    around this place https://www.google.se/maps/place/思出橫丁/@35.6930738,139.6996054,80m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m15!1m9!4m8!1m3!2m2!1d139.6995236!2d35.6929816!1m3!2m2!1d139.6995213!2d35.6929819!3m4!1s0x0:0xd7220cc1f6d6d75b!8m2!3d35.6930916!4d139.6995152?hl=en

    Try kaitenzushi! and do not hesitate to order what you want directly from the chef! don't just look at what's on the kaiten.

    Also get up early and go to tsukiji market.

    One last tip. Before going home, visit a 100 yen store (like one of the DAISO stores) super cheap souvenirs that are supricingly high quality to bring home to friends family and allies :)

  • There have been a ton of really awesome ideas listed so far, everyone. I think Ben is in for a pretty awesome trip. :)

    There are two Pokemon Centers located in Tokyo. One is located in Ikebukuro and its known as the Mega Pokemon center. The other is located under the Tokyo Skytree. It's newer but I THINK the one in Ikebukuro is larger. During the weekend it can get quite busy but if you go in a weekday, it won't be nearly as bad.

    Asakusa is also full of beautiful scenery and you have a killer view of the Skytree when you get out of the station. Just watch out for the monks. They target foreigners and demand a donation. The problem is they aren't really monks and they're scamming foreigners for cash.

  • @BenMoore . As other people have mentioned already.

    1. Try to utilize subway system for moving around.
      If possible, try to avoid using bus. Things really get complicate when you start ride on bus.
    2. Make sure you get the mobile wifi while you travel in japan, so you can use the map system anytime.
    3. On cellphone, there are apps that can translate Japanese after picture is taken (can translate the Japanese from picture file). This app become very convenient when you try to get the basic idea.
    4. If you get the chance to visit Shinjuku, you can visit Square Enix Artnia and Capcom bar (this one you can register spot earlier). They are about 15 minutes away from walking distance from each other.

    Have fun. in Japan.

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  • @BenMoore If you're free the evening of Sunday the 18th I'd love to meet up! I live in a suburb of Tokyo, but I'll be in town that weekend since I'm taking my GREs the morning of the 18th. Also, definitely check out the "Ben's Bizarre TGS Adventure" thread that @TokyoSlim started. A bunch of us already started brainstorming ideas for things you can do!

  • @benmoore You need to go to the Evangelion store for us and yourself!

  • @SellStep Strong Zero is ratchet, but has quickly become my beverage of choice, lol. Being poor means going for efficiency over quality.

  • @BenMoore Tweeted this to you previously but if you get a chance the Mario Kart tour is a great way to see the city and the most awesome thing I've done in any country!


    Also, if you get to go to Yokohama, the cup noodle museum is fun. Make your own and take it home!

    You'll have a blast, happy you got to go!

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  • Hi Ben!, will be heading to TGS too. Arriving tomorrow, would love to meet up.

  • @Lyn There was this teacher at Sapporo University who could pass as the spitting image of the C.C. Lemon guy. This was around 2006 when they had just pretty much come out with it, so we had him hold a can and we took his picture, but we never explained why, lol.

  • Most people have given solid advise so I'll try try to keep duplicate information to a minimum. Spent 2 weeks in Japan at the end of last year.

    • Get used to the trains. Once you have an understanding they are pretty easy to get a good grasp of.

    • Just ask for help. Japenese people are some of the friendliest people I've ever met, honestly they will go to serious links to help someone. So if you're stuck with directions or whatever, just ask someone.

    • Sumo Wrestling - Unfortunately there was nothing on when I was there but I think you'll be around when the professionals fight. Maybe someone here will have some more information for you on that.

    • Tsukiji Fish Market - Get here very early and enjoy the sushi. It's a bit chaotic but you probably won't find better sushi anywhere else.

    • Ichiran Ramen - Pretty popular ramen place that I went to at least 2-3 times while I was there. Buy what you want at the ticket machine! Very tasty.

    • Shinjuki Golden Gai - Street full of shanty style bars, perfect for someone who just wants to go from place to place and chat to different people.

    • Sensō-ji temple - pretty cool stretch of markets and temple around Asakusa if you want to check out some culture.

    • Onsen - So I'm not actually sure what ones are around Tokyo as I went to onsens in different parts of Japan. They are incredible so if you get the chance and you're comfortable in that kind of situation, absolutely go for it.

    Let us know if you're heading outside Tokyo and I'll see if I can remember anything else in particular.

  • @tokeeffe9 I believe the Onsen near Takao station opened up recently if he's willing to come to the western edge of Tokyo (the last stop of the Chuo line, plus 1 transfer to Takao-san guchi). There's also an incredible Soba/tempura restaurant at the base of Mt. Takao (same stop), and you can take the cable car or hike all the way to the top, which has some awesome views, a beer garden, a place to see monkeys, and more!

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    My only suggestion hit up Akihabara

  • @ItsTheNew The Sky Tree is the new Tokyo Tower! It's expensive to go to the top, but the Sky Tree is now the second tallest building in the world (second to the Burj Dubai).

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    This thread makes me wanna go to Japan! would love to travel from north to south, perhaps have a week in Tokyo as there seems to be loads to do and see! How much is a flight there?

  • Hey Ben! I'm a big fan, and I've been living in Japan for the past five years, so it'd be awesome if I could have the chance to meet up with you and other Easy Allies fans while you're here!

    As far as recommendations go, it definitely depends on what you want to see. But if you're an otaku like me, I could definitely come up with a huge list of places that you might like, haha

    Anyways, I can't wait to hear more from you! As far as getting in contact goes, I think twitter might be the best way? My twitter handle is @kagamiwaseda. Also, if you have LINE, my user ID there is hiiragikagami77.

  • @Lotias Obviously that depends on where you're flying from! From the west coast of the US, I think you can expect around $1000 or so.