Sony's annoying habit.

  • I just saw on Kotaku that they have two new colours of the Vita releasing in December for Japan. They also have a cool FFXV ps4 that's releasing there as well (update: now confirmed for west, however my point stills stands). These are only two examples of many things that Japan gets that the west doesn't. Also not to mention the many missed opportunities for customization options.


    FFXV PS4

    So.... One of the thing that's sucks about Sony that Microsoft seems to do well with, is giving ppl options with their consoles. For years Sony has failed delivering on this. I seriously don't understand them sometimes...

    Just a thought I felt like sharing. Feel free to share any shortcomings that bother you, or things you really like.

  • Seriously though, who in the west would buy these Vitas? Not many, I'd say most who are interested in a Vita already have one.
    In japan on the other hand the Vita is not dead, it gets constantly new games and ports.

  • @Musou-Tensei @TokyoSlim yeah I had updated it already that it's coming, but my point still stands. I didn't really write this in reaction to those announcements but a continued annoyance that Sony just doesn't give consumers a lot of options for over a decade. Nintendo and Microsoft I think do a better job. For example those customizable Xbox controllers 😜.

  • @CGamor7 said in Sony's annoying habit.:

    Nintendo and Microsoft I think do a better job. For example those customizable Xbox controllers 😜.

    Nintendo isn't perfect. There's been an uproar over holding back the regular New 3DS (which supports faceplates unlike the XL), and eventually releasing it only in bundles.

    Xbox is dead in Japan, hence why we actually get cool stuff here.

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    Think this comes to both Sony and Nintendo, they like to release in different parts at different times.. for some reason.

    But I believe the most annoying bit of sonys habits over all are that they can never start a pressconference on time. They are ALWAYS delayed by like 15 minutes.

  • @Lotias lol

  • It should be no surprise why we aren't getting color options for Vita in the west. You would end up with an oversupply of Vita's, since its not selling much in the west. Retailers are already buying few Vita's as it is. Some have even gotten rid of Vita sections. So those color options wouldn't be avalaible everywhere and would prove hard to find.

    So it makes no business sense for a retailer to partner with Sony to sell additional colors. As significant demand isn't there. And in the retail business, if a product is not moving. Your losing money on lost shelf space.

  • I miss the crazy amount of colours Nintendo used to give us in the GBA/Gamecube days.

  • @Carmichael said in Sony's annoying habit.:

    I miss the crazy amount of colours Nintendo used to give us in the GBA/Gamecube days.

    What about the GBC/Nintendo 64 days?

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Oscillator Good point. I had that translucent purple GBC and the translucent green N64. They were awesome.

  • On a system that's not handheld....I honestly don't care. It gets bought, hooked up, and stuck on a shelf (And covered with a T-shirt to keep out dust).

    On a handheld it matters a little more cause we're all vain and we wanna be holding something cool in public.

  • Welcome to the other side of the Atlantic. Now you know what it's like to be European when everything reads "Service/Offer/Contest only available in US and Canada."

    It sucks being overlooked, doesn't it?

  • What about ? I've always wanted to have enough money to buy a set of custom colored stuff from them. However, if Sony was offering it on something I didn't already own, I'd totally be down. I just wish they'd do the color thing at launch, and not down the line. I don't need another Vita.

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