How to stop PSN from buckling

  • DISCLAIMER: I didn't find this all out, all credit should go to MrRiddell who did an amazing job investigating this issue.

    For years now PSN quality has been a bit of a mystery. For some it's always bad, for some it's always good and for most people it's sometimes bad and sometimes great. Reddit user MrRiddell now went all the way through Wireshark, analyzing PS4 network traffic to find out why PSN sometimes seems to buckle.

    I'm not going to tell you the details, you should look into the thread yourself if you're interested

    The important thing is that the PS4 tells the PSN how much data it can handle and this information can be wrong. You can avoid this by using a local proxy as shown in the Reddit thread. For me, this pushed my download speed from 4.5 Mbit/s to 31.0 Mbit/s on a 100 Mbit cable line. Other than that we can only hope SONY will fix this "bug" with a future software update.

    Hope this helps some people who had problems with PSN like myself. Love & respect! ;)