Final Straw! Have you ever had to stop playing a game you like (or don't) bc of technical bs? (Now under correct topic!)

  • @Lotias NOOOO memory corruption is the worst, at least I could go back to an earlier save. Sorry to hear that

  • @Lotias How did that happen exactly? I completed basically everything in the game and DLC on one character, as well as having other saves on the 360 hard drive, and I never experienced that.

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    @crustef Yeah it was really sad! really put me off finishing it, I have played it a few hours here and there with friends later on, but never gotten very far.

    @Haru17 I believe that it had to be an quite exact number on the savefile, it also got patched eventually. I played skyrim on PS3 as well, not xbox haha

  • @Haru17 Ok, I was just referring to the OP ^^. I’ve only had problems with saves from Bethesda with a heavily modded Skyrim, like to much blood textures :).

    @crustef That is really strange. On PC and with Steam it might have tried to replace the deleated data and failed. Might try to disable cloud save. But there could be a lot of reasons for this... . Maybe antivirus software or change to admin rights for fallout 4?

  • Not the game's fault. But I had a used copy of Shenmue II for xbox and lost and hour of unsaved gameplay due a disc error. Because of the slow pacing of Shenmue games, I was never motivated to replay that part.

    The reason I end up never finishing a game is because I may step away from them too long. And trying to pick up where I left off just feels wrong when you forget the entire story and context of your continuation point. So I feel compelled to have to start over. I've done this with GTA Vice City multiple times, Zelda Twilight Princess, God of War, and many others. I really appreciate when a game gives a little summary of where you last left off. The Arkham games do a great job with that.

    While on the topic of Arkham, though I didn't quit, that tank in Arkham Knight made me come close. I'm not much of a dual analog shooter. So I was in quite a rage if I was having trouble on tank missions. I would scream and cuss "Why the @#$&^ does Batman need a tank!?"

  • Just Cause 3 on PS4. So to preface this I played the game at EGX and it ran smoothly. I thought to myself, cool seems fun, maybe I will pick it up. (I actually won the game there but through a series of mistakes and travelling, they never sent it to me)

    Any how fast forward to February, when I repurchased a PS4 and Just Cause 3 came with it. After I completed the games I missed out in that I really wanted to finish (Bloodborne dlc, Life is Strange Episode 5) I turned my attention to JC3.

    After a few hours of play I was generally having fun, more fun than I ever did with JC2 but technically the game ran like a mess. I remember making my way to this huge base and after firing off one rocket the frame rate appeared to just half and go into the teens. That's when I decided no, this is enough for me.

    The whole point of the game is to blow things up and as soon as you do that it just goes to complete crap.

  • Second Sight on Gamecube, dunno how far exactly I was but eventually a cutscene won't load, or better said, only the sound but with a black screen, and after the sound ended nothing else happened, reloading didn't help either. And not knowing if that was a savestate issue or a disk issue I never played it again.

  • Master Chief Collection :'(

  • A ton of them.

    My biggest pet peeves are:
    Bad controls
    Severe FPS issues
    Game breaking bugs

    Poor game design is also up there, but it's not really tied to the technical aspects.

    As for game examples then...
    Witcher 1 at release was a huge mess, I had to wait for the big patch that came 1 year after release to actually finish the game. The bugged quests, messed up dialogue, wonky gameplay, 1min loading times (even when entering small houses, which was infuriating during the part where you randomly got kicked out of a house by an old lady at Shani's residence, forcing you to sit through like 5-6 min worth of loading screens to progress the story).

    Skyrim at release. Too much stuff to even list. It was made even worse since I tried to play it on my laptop (which had above recommended hardware). I still to this day haven't finished that game despite all the praise.

    Metro 2033 Where to start? Broken AI, bugs galore, wonky button inputs (I really loved sneaking up on someone having them within takedown range only for them to slightly move out of range making the takedown turn into a whiffed knife attack that somehow was loud as fuck and triggered all the nearby guards into alert mode) and more.

  • For what it's worth, I've never quit a game due to technical issues. Not even when I've lost progress, though I've never had that happen to me in the middle of a playthrough non-voluntarily.

    I also play most games on Nintendo and Playstation platforms, so there's a good bit less of a risk factor overall.

  • I wouldn't say I was really digging it before the technical issues started (after all, they began with a hard crash in the first five minutes of the game) but I was trying to play Just Cause 3 back around February or so on PS4. It was okay but after a certain point it got an update and for some reason that update made the game look like I was playing it on a toaster PC from 2004 on minimum settings, and it made the framerate worse as well in some spots. After an hour I realized this game wasn't worth suffering through if that's going to happen and just gave up entirely.

  • @Ikataishou who know, that's the tough thing about pc, it could be a million different thing or one or somewhere in the middle. But it's never happened with any other game than FO4, even other BGS games. My primary HDD is pretty full and I've had times when it tells me a game needs more space to save, but it didn't just delete old stuff arbitrarily.

  • @AnonFriction yea that was such a bummer. What a great idea for a remaster, luckily i bought for single player and campaign coop, and those worked well. I really wish it had gone betterr bc that was such an ambitious project for that studio and it raised the bar so high for what a collection/remaster should be.

  • @Haru17 yep consoles can really take the stress level down. I love playing on pc, but when stuff like this happens (and things definitely dont happen frequently, but more than I would like,) it really stresses me out and puts me in a bad mood. I am pretty competent with computers, but I have to spend hours sometimes researching, reading forums, finding other people with similar problems.

  • @suplextrain Oh man I've tried to play witcher 1, I'd like to go back but those controls are a real hurdle. Sorry to hear skyrim didn't work for you, if you have all the DLC on pc you'll get the remaster for free, and picking up the dlc is way cheaper than the remake. That could be a good time to try again, it is an amzing game (even though I like oblivion a bit more.) But if you're big on controls you still might not have liked it. There are a lot of great things about bethesda games, but their general feel is not really one of them. And I only payed a little metro, it just couldn't hold my attention. People swear by it though, I almost picked up the remakes.