Final Straw! Have you ever had to stop playing a game you like (or don't) bc of technical bs? (Now under correct topic!)

  • @Ikataishou who know, that's the tough thing about pc, it could be a million different thing or one or somewhere in the middle. But it's never happened with any other game than FO4, even other BGS games. My primary HDD is pretty full and I've had times when it tells me a game needs more space to save, but it didn't just delete old stuff arbitrarily.

  • @AnonFriction yea that was such a bummer. What a great idea for a remaster, luckily i bought for single player and campaign coop, and those worked well. I really wish it had gone betterr bc that was such an ambitious project for that studio and it raised the bar so high for what a collection/remaster should be.

  • @Haru17 yep consoles can really take the stress level down. I love playing on pc, but when stuff like this happens (and things definitely dont happen frequently, but more than I would like,) it really stresses me out and puts me in a bad mood. I am pretty competent with computers, but I have to spend hours sometimes researching, reading forums, finding other people with similar problems.

  • @suplextrain Oh man I've tried to play witcher 1, I'd like to go back but those controls are a real hurdle. Sorry to hear skyrim didn't work for you, if you have all the DLC on pc you'll get the remaster for free, and picking up the dlc is way cheaper than the remake. That could be a good time to try again, it is an amzing game (even though I like oblivion a bit more.) But if you're big on controls you still might not have liked it. There are a lot of great things about bethesda games, but their general feel is not really one of them. And I only payed a little metro, it just couldn't hold my attention. People swear by it though, I almost picked up the remakes.