Giving away 2 Halo 5 Req packs

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    Hello fellow Allies.

    So I got 2 codes with my halo 5 spartan figures I bought, since I dont have an xbox at the moment I figured I'll give back to the EZA community.

    I am not sure which is the best way to do this! also Im not sure if they are region locked or anything. I bought them via Amazon UK, but on the pack it said made in USA. So I guess you guys have to try! if you take it, please like this post and say so in the thread!

    The codes are:




    Also if you take this, please tell me what you got from them! :D

  • Hello, both codes are for an intermediate REQ pack. I took the second one so the first one is up for grabs.}

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    Awesome! should be 1 left then for whom ever fancys it! :D

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    Still think the first one is left if anyone fancy it!

  • Just an update on what I got from the REQ pack:

    • A rare helmet
    • Arena EXP boost
    • Rare speed boost REQ