EZA Watches "Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun" [SPOILERS]

  • Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun (Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun) is an adaptation of one of the funniest and smartest manga series I've ever read. Much of the comedy stems from poking fun at and reversing gender roles in the shoujo genre. The series is also masterful at setting up expectations and then contrasting the reality for comedic effect. Things just don't go the way you think...

    The titular character Nozaki-kun would normally be the strong and silent type, which he is for the setups. The punchlines come from his occupation as the creator of a popular shoujo manga. His attempts to rope others into helping him, his constant note taking and observations, and his "failures" of implementing what he's learned are hilarious. Mikorin, Kashima, Seo+"Lorelai", Hori-senpai... the cast gets pretty big but they all have their own unique comedic trait and the chemistry between all of them makes for a great comedy.

    And while while romanctic elements is largely played for laughs, you can't help but cheer for certain pairings to couple up. :heart:

    The anime version of Gekkan soujo nozaki-kun has 13 episodes (here's hoping for a second season) and has good to very good production values. The VO's are great (some don't like Chiyo's but I think it's pretty cute) and the music fine, if a bit forgettable (the OP and ED however are pretty catchy).

    If you're looking for more, you can find the manga version at bato.to

    So what did everyone else think about Gekkan-shoujo nozaki-kun? Is there a particular ship that needs to set sail? For me, the SS Kashima+Hori is long overdue!

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    @alexwhiteplays (I had it ready to go so I just put it up)

  • YES.
    Now this is an anime for me!
    After the thing where I didn't know what C was before I watched it, I decided to at least google it next time and oh man have I been excited to watch this.
    Shoujo romcoms are my favourite thing in the world. Shoujo romcoms with a setting that can provide gags upon gags are even better (see; Ore Monogatari).

    Needless to say I was pretty hyped up going in.
    Art style was nice - slightly above standard art for the genre with a good emphasis on the main characters. Solid thumbs up.
    Voice acting is good except for maybe Kashima but that could be part of the joke, sound design is good, and the animations are better than good. But let's be honest, it's a romance comedy and unless any of those are absolutely terrible they're not impacting the show - though those hilarious panic animations of the main girl are sooo smooth and miles ahead of the usual 2 frames with waggly arms you get in those situations.

    The bicycle bit in the first episode will hook you, and it's a pretty good snapshot of the quality of the bait and switch gags throughout the show. By the end of the three episodes we watch as a group it's still in the phase of introducing characters so it's definitely leaning on the comedic end of the spectrum - in fact I think the only real romancy parts are the very beginning and towards the end of episode 1. It'll be interesting to see how/if it transitions into the main love story and the romances between the other cast members. Oh and I love how Kashima and the red head guy are basically Tamaki from Ouran split into two :D
    Red head and Green hair must end up a pair, with the pair Mechanoid chose as well as main duo being the others.

    This anime tapped right into my girly side and got some quality laughs out of me in the process. I'm definitely finishing this one, in fact I'd rate this really high up on the romcom comedy quality list. Not as absolutely golden as Ouran (though let's be real here; what is?), but definitely at the level of Ore Monogatari and School Rumble.

  • Just FYI to those reading, Gekkan-shoujo leans very heavily to comedy and doesn't have a developing story per se. It's almost entirely comedy/gag focused. Personally I prefer this style, but for those looking for plot or a more traditional story structure, it's not really there. It is however one of the funniest things I've ever read/watched, and delivers even more if you're familiar with the shoujo genre.

  • @Mechanoid I sort of guessed that's how it would go after the third episode, definitely better than the infinite dangling of the carrot that stuff like Skip Beat and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama tended to do. I put it on the level of Ore Monogatari and School Rumble because they all find some way around getting stuck in romance cycles that they'll never get out of - Ore Monogatari starts with the pair going out and their comedy is in the mismatch of the couple in their first relationship, while School Rumble flips it all on it's head and has a love flow chart so convoluted and large enough to be a computer wallpaper so they can bounce between couple jokes so often it doesn't get old.

    I'll probably watch the rest of the show on the weekend and I'm pretty interested in how it's going to continue flipping tropes (a rival manga artist at the school leading to hilarious results might be too far away from the shoujo parody but I can hope)
    Oh and the manga better end with the guy writing himself and the girl as the main characters of a story. Corny as hell I know, but it'd be cute.

  • I watched episode one, but this one is real far outside my wheelhouse. I don't think i get it. I'll watch the a few more episodes and see if I can't figure out what this is. :)