Why are so many PS4 Pro complaints just the fact that it isn't as powerful as a $2000 PC?

  • I haven't seen any of this here, but I see misleading info on other forums and all over reddit using any kind of misleading or ignorant info they can to trash on the PS4 Pro. I get it,s not a huge leap as it's just an upgraded PS4 and seems to only be worth it if you have a 4K HDR TV for the most part but I see all sorts of comparing screenshots of PS4 Pro trailers to graphics on PC Max settings 4K. Like with Rise of the Tomb Raider you literally need THE BEST $2000 PC you can buy to play this game at 4K 60fps maxed out. The PS4 Pro plays it at about high settings 30fps in 4K and people are pointing out the texture quality difference and referencing the resolution for some reason.

    TL;DR: Basically, what more can you expect for $400? You would need to spend about $1000 on average to have a PC that runs games at this resolution and quality level. Is that not a good enough deal for people? I get if you don't care about the graphical leap but all I am seeing with people trashing on the system is pure ignorance. Not to mention 99% of people have never even seen these games running in 4K HDR, yet they still try to act like it doesn't look any different as if they know from watching a 720p live stream.

    This is why I love you guys. You keep an open mind, If you don't like something you understand it might just not be for you and don't call everything "trash." I fucking HATE those people who say shit like "Witcher 3 is garbage" because they don't like the combat and stuff like that. Thoughts?

  • You don't need a $2000 or even a $1000 PC to have a PC that goes over what the PS4 Pro can do.

    My $1200 laptop is much better than a PS4 and that price is only that high because it is a laptop, which is what I wanted, but I know I could have built a better PC for less money.

    I am definitively dissapointed with the specs of the Pro (but I'm not complaining about it), because I imagined that it would present an actual significant improvement over the specs of the PS4, which it is not. I still think that it is great value, and I play a lot more on my PS4 than I do on my laptop.

    The PS4 is not a big improvement and for some (including me) that is disappointing, so I can see why some would claim that it is not what they are expecting.

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    The PS4 Pro is not playing games at 4k. Its more like some weird 1440p at medium settings. What I'm really anoyed at is that it does have a 4k bluray player. I have been saving cash for a 4k tv and PS4 Neo, not any more. I think now that cash will go maybe new gaming pc or rifle and scope or save to take a vacation trip.

  • Because people like to think they already have a PS4 Pro to form opinions of it.

    They are time travelers from another dimension.

  • Well for me, I had what I considered at the time a "Futureproof" PC when I built it 3 years ago, it can STILL run games at higher resolutions than PS4.

    But the thing is we're not in an age anymore where technological leaps are as spaced out as they used to be, we're not forced to wait 5-10 years for the "Next big thing" that's why we get new phones every damn year, I honestly don't get why people don't have this mindset towards consoles.

    The same people complaining that the PS4 pro isn't much better than the PS4 (Which keep in mind the PS4 Pro costs as much as the PS4 originally did at launch, don't forget this) will turn around next year and drop $800 on the newest iPhone (Yes, consumers. You may be on a contract with your carrier but you're paying $800 or MORE for that phone you traded up to), which bugs the hell out of me.

    It's not nearly as reasonable to say you need the newest phone each year compared to spending $400 to upgrade a system you've already had for 3 years, I mean even PCs SHOULD be upgraded every 2 years to stay current, that's never changed. Hell the parts don't usually even last that long under heavy use.

    But again people are looking at this the wrong way, yes the PS4 Pro is offering higher specs, but do you need it? It's up to you. They're not forcing anybody to upgrade.

    Of course this also assumes that when games like FF15 finally come out and they can prove the performance isn't that drastic between the two consoles, this will be the clincher.

  • Buying a PC is a huge investment. A lot of people who can't afford both a PC and a console, and for that matter, people who can only afford a console, feel a desperate need to justify their purchase by shitting on everything that isn't their platform of choice. Yes, a high end PC is more powerful than a PS4 Pro. Consoles have never been cutting edge performance, and anyone who expects them to be is an idiot. But they are relatively affordable, and they get a bunch of awesome exclusives due to console manufacturers having their own in house studios, and often publishing games that no one else wanted to fund because they get exclusivity and that increases the value of their platform. So unlike third party publishers, it's still a good deal for them.

    Fact is, consoles are good value for their price, and you can't play Bloodborne on PC. I am saying this as someone who is primarily a PC gamer btw. You get a good PC, then you save up some more money and get a console for the exclusives. That's how you enjoy gaming to its fullest IMO.

  • Most of it is console war BS. People (especially faceless voices online) will crap on anything for no reason....But I do have concerns about this iterative model that manufacturers seem to be moving toward. I'm a console gamer mostly for the convenience, and a big part of that is knowing that the $400 I drop on a console will give me 5 years of access to the newest games. Now I'm not so sure. Will devs target the scorpio/pro and gimp the xbone/ps4 versions? $400 every 3 years instead of 5 makes the pc price tag a bit easier to swallow.

  • @RockDoctor PC's price tag is a lot more higher than you think. Most people won't think about it, but they upgrade their PC a lot more frequently because PC tech moves insanely fast.

    I had a 560 ti that I bought in 2011. I was pretty satisfied with it, but I came to a point where it wasn't powerful enough to play the latest games at reasonable performance. I couldn't even run Battlefield 4 on normal settings because the 560 ti wasn't powerful enough, a game 2 years after the 560 ti came out, and it was already outdated. I thought it was the rest of my rig that was holding the video card back, but PC enthusiast said my i7-2600k was not the issue as CPUs. Instead, they said I should upgrade my 560 ti, a card that is nearly the price of a console.

    Now I had done a full upgrade with a $1.5k PC just to be able to manage good performance on any game (hopefully). PC upgrading is just way more costly than consoles for what I think is very little payoff. I bought Battlefield 4 on PS4 and had also tested it on my newest PC. The difference in experience was not much more improved.

    The problem with this PC vs Console argument is this: no matter how powerful is the platform, it is the games that determine outcome. If the games on both PC and Console have relatively the same experience, then no amount of power will change that. You could throw three Titans in SLI and it would not automatically make a game look ($3000 / $400 = 7.5) seven and a half times better than it does on console.

    The fact is that devs aren't going to be consistent with PC's wild nature of various configurations, so your rig might not hold water until you plop another $400 for a GPU upgrade just to play a game, and that $400 GPU probably isn't enough to play a game on High settings 2 years down the road. A console would force them to ensure that the game runs relatively well, and the Pro/Scorpio upgrade just gives them a second option of graphics performance. Making two graphics settings is not a big deal as making thousands of settings that PC has. You don't need the Pro or Scorpio to make the games run well. The original consoles will do just that. Pro and Scorpio are just for the enthusiasts.

  • @bard91 You can get the newest games running in 4K on a PC under $1000 now at a smooth framerate??? Please show me! and doubling GPU power and increasing CPU power with a 1TB hard drive for only $100 more is just such a good value. Any more than that, you'd have to imagine would cost Sony a lot more. They always sell consoles at a loss at launch so I imagine this is no different and if the console was $500 everybody would be complaining about the price. I get if you don't care about this stuff but I just don't know what else you can expect for $400.

    On a side note I have no god damn clue in hell how Microsoft has the scorpio so powerful at such a low price. They are either losing out on tons of money to boost long term sales or have some insane deal going with AMD or something. That shit is a mind blowing value.

  • @Acidtrip-69 Yeah I totally get the 4K Bluray player issue for sure if you consume movies that way. That is by far the most valid complaint IMO. They must be moving toward a digital only type of deal but I imagine 4K movies must be a big ass download. 1TB HDD helps though.

    And yeah according to digital foundry, from what I understand, it's something like 1440p upscaled to 4K using this new super-scaling technology and these experts say you can't even notice a difference with the naked eye. You would need to do some heavy examination side by side with a native 4K to really see the difference in resolution.

  • @mattlandry said in Why are so many PS4 Pro complaints just the fact that it isn't as powerful as a $2000 PC?:

    On a side note I have no god damn clue in hell how Microsoft has the scorpio so powerful at such a low price. They are either losing out on tons of money to boost long term sales or have some insane deal going with AMD or something. That shit is a mind blowing value.

    Well we don't know how much the Scoprio will cost, but if they don't price it higher than the PS4, they are probably losing a ton of money on it. It's not unusual for consoles to be sold at a loss only to get it back through a cut of game sales, however, Xbox isn't in the top position to be able to utilize that situation. Being undercut by the PS4 Pro would certainly work against a higher priced Scorpio as well.

    There's also the fact of the Xbox One S having the 4k blu ray drive. How much does one cost? It seems like PS4 Pro doesn't have it as a cost saving measure and because they believe PS4 Pro buyers prefer digital services over buying a physical disc, but the Xbox One S must cost more because of it, and they lowered the price significantly. Microsoft must be losing money per console sale.

  • Ohhh shit you're right. I heard it was cheaper from somebody online and just didn't think anything of it. Yeah if the specs don't change, I'd imagine it's gotta be around $500+ unless they are getting a great deal or selling it at a hefty loss. The xbone S is $300 isn't it? so that's pretty huge. I've very interested to see how sales change with xbone Skorpio being the most powerful console and the 4K Bluray player for the S @ $300. It seems to me like they are selling their new consoles at a slightly bigger loss to get better sales long term but I may be wrong.

  • @Whoaness

    Your post is full of good points. I would also like to make clear that PC gaming is too complex and finicky for me. Half gen consoles are ok unless we veer more towards small updates every few years. It would suck to spend $400 on a card to every 2 years to play new games at max settings....but it would also suck to spend $400 on a console every 2 years to play new games at max settings.

  • @RockDoctor The thing is consoles will basically never be Max settings for the newest AAA games unless they decide to start making consoles like $1000. To have a PC that plays the newest games at mostly 60fps at 4K, it takes $1000 for the GPU alone and then everything else it'd come to about $2000. I love PC gaming personally what you get for $400 for the PS4 Pro is about what you'd get for a PC a little under $1000 or so. it's really a great value because a $400 PC these days won't even run most games as well as a normal PS4 does.

    I get if the console doesn't have the things some people prefer and won't buy it but I see a lot of people trashing it for not being more powerful than it already is which is kind of stupid IMO. getting any modern 4K gaming for $400 is unheard of up to this point.

  • @mattlandry

    Yep I agree.

    Unfortunately, people will grab a hold of any perceived weakness and trash anything that they can. The internet has created a culture of raining on parades that you just gotta ignore. People watching a compressed stream on their 1080p monitor and concluding that 4k hdr doesn't add anything is a perfect example.

  • @RockDoctor lol so true! And it wasn't even true 1080p quality haha. At least the EZA community barely has any of that so that's something to appreciate anyway!

  • Seems to be some damage control on some sites regarding the PS4 and Pro. A lot of Xbox fanboys, happy with two months of NPD data where Xbox had a rather slight lead. While being heavily discounted to clear stocks for the slim. With prices as low as $240 on Amazon for older models. And PS4 sales were stagnating with the Neo, slim, and a upcoming price cut info being widely spread.

    Sure Sony is misleading uninformed gamers with the idea of 4k gaming. But it was already known that native 4k gaming, was not gonna happen with the leaked specs. And a console can't keep up with PC's without becoming cost prohibitive. But the games will still look far better than what we could have seen from a stream. And with the sales ranking on Amazon, the Pro looks to be flying off the shelf on release.

  • @-Jak- Pretty much summed it up right there. Even if you just look at the 4K Horizon Zero Dawn video on the Playstation youtube channel, set it at 4K, it already looks insanely more amazing even downscaled on a 1080p non HDR monitor so just imagine how it looks on a proper monitor!