Can/should Final Fantasy XV be my first FF game?

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    I'd say play some of the older games, just to get a feel of where the series comes from and also to get some references that might show up that carry through the games. But other than that, each game are a unique story with all! so it is okey t just go for XV

  • I think you should be fine just playing XV. It looks more removed from series tradition than most of the other ones, and they're all self-contained stories anyhow. This is coming from a pretty devout release order advocate.

    Also FF, at least in my experience, isn't very grindy from IV onwards. But if they aren't your thing don't force yourself.

  • As others have mentioned, story wise you don't need to play the earlier FFs. The only thing that carries over are elements from that universe. There are famous character names that get carried over but are different people per each FF. Mobs, summons, music, and other creatures also get carried over. You will catch things from earlier FF in FFXV which can help you appropriate it more. It can work backwards too. If you play FFXV first then go back to the earlier FFs you can see things you experienced in XV which can make them a little more exciting. If your biggest interest is FFXV then start with that then maybe go back to the earlier ones. If you start the earlier ones first with less interest then you'll just be forcing yourself to get through it.

  • If you don't like JRPGs and they don't appeal to you, then no. Just start with XV. But I would recommend FFV, VI and XII. V and VI are good old school examples of the franchise that don't require too much grinding and XII is just effing awesome so I had to recommend it. It's got some western RPG feels to it, so you might enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the responses guys.

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  • My 1st was VII, everyone needs to start somewhere and thanks to most FF games being their own thing, it doesn't really matter where you start.
    It's still a JRPG though, with many of the "tropes" and stuff you won't find in western RPGs, also grinding is still a thing (at least it was in the demo), I just don't know how necessary it will be in this one.

  • Being a diehard FF fan, I wanted to also add my input: I agree with everyone else here: Don't force yourself. Its not necessary to play eariler titles. Do what you're most interested in. However, I would be remiss if I didn't say to give others a shot. Not now if you're averse to playing them, but each FF offers something different. It's why the franchise, as a whole, is wonderful: There's something for almost anyone. I prefer VII, X, and XII and each are very diverse. At the end of the day, it just seems like XV should be a good point to dip your toe into the franchise. After all, Tabata (the game's director) has already gone on record saying XV is targeted to both die hard fans and gamers looking to get into the series. So it seems, at least yourself, they've succeeded on that front. Now let's see if there's a decent game behind that to keep us interested.

  • FF7 and FF9 have some sort of magic about them. They are the only ones I've completed. I've heard 6 is wonderful too.

    FFX is where I stopped caring. The charm left the second VO was added and the characters became large models. It just felt weird to me and the fun of reading text kinda vanquished with bad VO.

    Personally, I'm not super into FFXV considering I haven't liked any since the PSone. I loved those games less FF8 so I'd PERSONALLY recommend you to try those just to taste what others are.

  • No way! Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is clearly the pinacle of the franchise. If you think Noctis' magic is cool, then wait 'til you get a load of what this protagonist can do. And the story... I don't think I've cried longer in a single consecutive period ever in my life! #Masterpiece

  • I'm gonna be that one guy that says.. yeah, sure , why not :/ ? I mean FF isn't persona. All of the games are fairly different from each other. I'm not a big FF fan. I grew up on the Tales games, but if there's one thing I respect about FF is that they did try new things in almost every major game in that franchise. Enough to make every game feel unique and its own and not dependent on the player having played previous games I think as long as you have played jrpgs in general then any FF game could be a fine first FF game even 15.

    I made the persona comparison earlier because if you had asked "should persona 5 be my first persona game" I'd of said hell no! That franchise is far to convoluted and dense and intimidating to jump in at 5. I think anybody who hasn't played any of the previous games will be so overwhelmed by that game's systems and storytelling and overall weirdness and I think anyone who says otherwise has already played the games and doesn't truly remember what it was like to first be introduced to that franchise.

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    I think the PS4 and PC versions of VII have in-game cheats that help to avoid a lot of the grinding, so if that is your main concern you might consider trying that.

    Like others have said, other than a few references to series staples like Chocobos, Cactaurs, Malboros, Cid, etc etc etc... you won't be missing much from a story perspective.
    I would highly recommend IV, VI, VII, and IX though.

  • @Alex840 I grew up on 6 (3 NA), 7, 8, and recently found 9 (2 years ago).

    Many of the FF's that were revered in days gone by boasted the job system or some other classic feature. 4 (2 for me), 6 (3), 7, 8, and 9, all have interesting stories but don't require you to play them in any particular order or understand anything about the previous entries. They all have some similarities that seasoned players will appreciate but are unique enough that new players can hop in without any trouble.

    I almost envy those who can experience new FF entries without comparing them to the past.
    For the record, I played 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 10 (ps3 psn), 14 (f2p) in that order. 12 soured me on modern entries and 15 is the first time I've been excited about Final Fantasy since 2001 when I finally played FF7 and FF8.

  • @Japhy58 its tough... I agree, would be nice to experience XV with fresh eyes. Would probably end up being my favourite final fantasy and the battle of which FF is better would continue. However I'm happy I got to play Older titles new. Because I'm pretty sure I'd have a hard time appreciating them the same way.

    The thing the original poster needs to realize is that, there's a strange phenomenon with final fantasy. Typically and not always of course the first final fantasy you play will be your favourite. You'll be doomed to defend its honour in the forums for generations. Ppl will be telling you FInal fantasy 29 is better, while you desperately cling on to those FFXV moments you loved so much lol. Anyways, just play what u can when u can. I think XV is a good place as any to start.

  • The whole concept of Final Fantasy is that any game you play is the Final Fantasy adventure of that world. So no matter the number the concept is that you will be taking part in the greatest and most epic story of that world. Thus you can start with any of them but I would say avoid the MMORPG ones as a starting point.

    I know what you are thinking, but the sequels to the main games are really just filler and subplots being explored. So grab any main numbered game and have at it. 7,9, and 12 are some fan favorites you can buy for cheap and play through while waiting for 15 but no game is needed to be played beforehand as each story is independent to the world of each game.

    Minor Spoilers below:

    You will find a lot of the same items and summons across multiple games. Getting used to the changes between 7, 9, and 12 can get you in a really good spot to enjoy 15 but is in no way required.