What games are you still planning on buying this year?

  • Gravity Rush 2
    Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy XV

    Man, I wish both Persona 5 and Nier Automata released this year. :(

    PS: people, please, please play Gravity Rush 2, it's a god damn masterpiece.

  • February 2017 is gonna be nuts

  • @bard91 Ah damn it, Amazon still has it at Dec 29.

  • Good question! I've got quite a few on my radar, but as far as surefire Day 1 purchases go, here are the lucky ones:

    Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS)
    Just ordered it actually. I just love Metroid, and I know, deep down, that a new proper title is coming to the NX, so I want to play this little appetizer first. My expectations are set low enough that I can only be happily surprised! My main issue was that I have no friends around to play the game with, but it looks like a couple Allies have it, so hopefully we can set up a play session or two!

    FIFA 17 (PS4)
    That one's a no-brainer, I buy FIFA almost every year, it doesn't even count at this point. I've got quite a large group of colleagues who play it almost every day at work, we organize intramural tournaments, etc. So I've got to jump on that one and practice.

    Pokémon Sun (3DS)
    I've mostly tried to stay on media blackout for this one since E3, but I couldn't avoid some news titles about new features and I'm intrigued! At least I've avoided seeing any of the new Pokémon so each encounter will be a surprise. I'm really pumped to dive into a new generation and hopefully down the line trade and battle with some of you, and Kyle and Brandon!

    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Wii U)
    Backed that one on Kickstarter, so I'm getting it no matter what! I loved the previous games, the gameplay and controls are really tight, and the Metroidvania/exploration aspect is nailed perfectly. I honestly feel that if this series had been around in the SNES days, it would be considered a classic today.

    Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
    I'm moderately hyped, but Ben's latest impressions from TGS reassured me. I'll still wait for reviews for this one, in case something goes horribly wrong, but otherwise it will be my big game of December/January.

    Also on my radar, but will probably have to wait: The Last Guardian, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Severed, WWE 2K17, Rise of the Tomb Raider, World of Final Fantasy.

  • @bard91 said in What games are you still planning on buying this year?:

    South Park the Fractured But Whole is probably the only game I plan to be for the rest of the year

    It's just been delayed to Q1 2017 :/

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    Gears of War 4: Gears has been my go-to franchise on the Xbox so this is a day one buy.

    I feel you, I loved the trilogy on Xbox 360, probably some of the best coop fun I've ever had. It's the ONE game that makes me wish I had an Xbox One.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4): Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I tried the reboot and really enjoyed it.

    Because of the Xbox One exclusivity, I didn't really follow the conversation around it last year, but I might give it a shot now that it's coming to PS4. I also really enjoyed the reboot, so if this is more of the same, I should have fun with it.

  • @Axel I noticed, for me Persona 5 will be my Q1 2017, so South Park will just have to wait :/

  • Day one:
    Dragon Quest VII
    Pokemon Moon

    Others that came out this year:
    Dark Souls 3
    Ratchet and Clank

  • Civilization VI
    Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2
    Mafia III
    Pokemon Moon
    WWE 2K17 (Pleeeeease don't suck)

    And then whatever reviews well for PSVR. Some of those prices for "experiences" have me cringing.

  • Well Last Guardian and FFXV are the only two that are day one purchases, well now that South Park has been delayed. I hope that one doesn't hit in February. I can't manage P5, For Honor, Nier, Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn AND South Park. Hell I don't think I can manage anything but P5.

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    @Sheria said in What games are you still planning on buying this year?:

    Steins;Gate Zero

    Hey Sheria, Steins;Gate Zero, that game is in the 999 series, no?

    No, it's not a part of the Zero Escape series. It's a sequel to the Steins Gate Visual novel released back in 2009. I only got to play it last year though when it finally came to the Vita. I hadn't seen the anime either and fell in love with the story, can't wait to see where it goes.

  • Deus Ex Mankind divided
    Shadow warrior 2
    Dishonored 2
    maybe titanfall 2 if it turn out good

    I dont buy games on day one. so maybe any of game I will get next year.

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    Games seems to keep getting delayed, so we will see what I ACTUALLY can buy.

    I was hoping to be able to save some money, but now we have to see..

    Games for this year:
    Titanfall 2: Im just fancying a futuristic shooter that isn't CoD.
    Final Fantasy XV Always been a big FF fanboy, but this is the last chance for the series to redeem itself after the less good parts.
    The Last Guardian If we can avoid any more delays this will be a day 1, close out the world, load up with snax and play.
    Dishonoured 2 I still need to finish the first one, but this is something Im really looking forward to.
    100ft Robot Golf As soon as I get my PSVR delivered this game will get bought!

    Games after christmas:
    Skyrim Remastered Looking forward to spend another 400 hours in this world. Also I always said "If a remake gets released to PS4, Im going to buy it".
    Battlefield 1 Might do same as with BF4, buy the complete edition on discount, for some reason my hype for this game have died after it seemed like battlefront with WW1 skin on.

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    These ones:

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  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks Is Cuphead coming out this year?? I'm primarily a PS4 gamer this gen but I'd pick that up for PC. Looks like a beaut.

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    @matt Yep that's what they said, though I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed it until next year.

    It's very charming, reminds me of that Mickey Mouse game for PS1.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks
    Thanks for the nostalgia tip. I don't remember the Mickey Mouse game for PS1 that you're referring to. Looks pretty good. Mickey has a history of some great 2D platformers. My personal favorite being The Magical Quest starring Mickey. That was a surprisingly cool game.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks I keep forgetting about Rising Storm 2.. I can't wait for that game

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks said in What games are you still planning on buying this year?:

    These ones:

    alt text

    titanfall 2 i hope has good SP campaign if so i will get it.

    I was watching mafia 3 footage. so dissapointed that it looks like GTA spin off rather than unique Mafia game.

  • Is nobody else excited for Steep?
    I know "sports" games aren't real big here, but it's got jolly co-op challenges, racing, chill moments, and cool stunts!