What games are you still planning on buying this year?

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks I keep forgetting about Rising Storm 2.. I can't wait for that game

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    These ones:

    alt text

    titanfall 2 i hope has good SP campaign if so i will get it.

    I was watching mafia 3 footage. so dissapointed that it looks like GTA spin off rather than unique Mafia game.

  • Is nobody else excited for Steep?
    I know "sports" games aren't real big here, but it's got jolly co-op challenges, racing, chill moments, and cool stunts!

  • @Sheria
    Okay thanks, whenever I see that game mentioned I always think, wait is that Vanillawares next game? Now I know, and have been told that's half of the battle.

  • @TokyoSlim
    I actually am pretty excited about Steep, I kinda miss snowboarding games and think skiing seems really cool too. The only issue I have with it is it just kinda seems a little bland. I don't think everything should be like SSX but Steep just seems generic to me for some reason. I'll for sure get it some day, might be something I ask for X-mas or something.

  • @TheMarcV I think what sold me on it is in the video posted above, when the wingsuit guy smacks into the bell tower and rings the bell... I laughed, already know this is going to entertain me for a while.

    Also, RIP wingsuit guy.

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    @Black-Cell It looks like it can keep me busy for a while until the real good games comes out.

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    Thanks for the nostalgia tip. I don't remember the Mickey Mouse game for PS1 that you're referring to. Looks pretty good. Mickey has a history of some great 2D platformers. My personal favorite being The Magical Quest starring Mickey. That was a surprisingly cool game.

    No problem! I enjoyed it as a kid and the art style is cool. I think it's the only mickey game I've played but so I wouldn't know but if that's true, it's a shame they abandoned the 2D platforming.

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    @BabyfartsMcgeezaks I keep forgetting about Rising Storm 2.. I can't wait for that game

    Me neither man, I really hope it comes out this year.

  • Up. I just checked my list of games for the end of the year and November is going to hurt.

    For October, I will pick Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 for sure (it's funny how it was almost an ambassador of the PS4 Pro during the PlayStation meeting but the game is out a month before the console).

    November: Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV an Gravity Rush 2. Oh and probably a PS4 Pro with FF XV. Better be good boy, you'll cost me 450 bucks.

    Also waiting for reviews: The Last Guardian. And I'm still torn between Mafia III & Watch_Dogs 2 (but more hyped for the last one).

  • Updated list

    Trails of cold steel 2
    Final fantasy 15
    Nhl 17
    World of final fantasy
    after a price drop or good deal Dragon quest builders

  • I only planned to buy South Park, so when that was moved to 2017, i thought I wouldn't be getting anything new for the rest of the year, but man I'm getting so hyped for Civ 6, so I think I'm definitively going for that

  • For me it's just the following;

    • Gears of War 4
    • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

    After them I'm going to do a second playthrough of The Witcher 3 which will pretty much take me until the end of the year given how huge the game is.

    2017 is looking pretty good though.

  • Dragon Quest Builders
    Dishonored 2
    The Last Guardian
    Shantae (if it comes out this year)

    I want to pick up FFXV, but I won't have the time to commit to that game until February rolls around, so I may hold off.

  • @bard91 Aw, I hadn't heard it was delayed... Always that double-edged sword, where it's good to polish it more but sad to wait longer.

  • I was always planning on picking it up but after seeing some more of Dishonored 2 I'm really excited for it. I'll also be playing my first ever Final Fantasy when 15 comes out.

  • Mafia 3
    Dragon Quest Builders
    CoD: Infinite Warfare
    Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    Watch Dogs 2
    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy XV
    World Of Final Fantasy
    Pokemon Sun/Moon

    I'm also buying PSVR but haven't decided what games I'm getting for that yet (other than Driveclub VR because it's going cheap for season pass holders).

  • FF XV
    No Man's Sky (If there is a Black Friday sale)
    Pokemon Moon
    Whatever I end up getting for Christmas.

    Small list but I got a huge backlog to work on so this is a good time to save some money lol.

  • I don't even know. Maybe nothing? At least as a brand new release. South Park would have been the one to pick up, but now it comes on Q1/2017.

    There's just not that many interesting titles to my taste, it seems. Well, The Last Guardian is a BIG question mark, maybe I'll get that, it depends on the reviews. And Mafia III is like 50/50: I'm not gonna pay the full price for it, but maybe there's a December sale or something.

    The Walking Dead: Season 3 is something I just remembered. That's propably one thing I'll get.

    It's more likely I'll buy some older games I've been meaning to get, like Lego Marvel's Avengers or something.

  • DAY ONE:
    Mafia III: The EZA previews convinced me of getting this day one instead of waiting.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider: Been waiting over a Year for this game.
    Playstation VR: VR IS HERE
    Return to Arkham: Loved these games, can't wait to platinum Asylum again.
    Playstation 4 Pro: I'm a pro gamer :P
    Final Fantasy XV: This is going to be my first Final Fantasy game since VII.
    The Last Guardian: I've been waiting years for this.
    Hellblade: Still slated for a 2016 release, my most anticipated game for this end of year release (I hope)
    Metal Gear Survive: MGSV Phantom Pain was my GOTY in 2015 so this is a no brainer.

    Most likely wait for a sale:
    WWE 2K17
    Batman VR (might need to play the demo first)
    EVE Vakyrie(might need to play the demo first)
    RIGS(might need to play the demo first)
    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: most likely get this because of the VR component.
    Battlefield 1: Want to get this for the story but doesn't look that interesting
    Dragonball Xenoverse 2: I really want this game but looks the same as DBX1
    Batman Telltale: I'm in 2 minds to get this. On one hand it's Batman and the other it's another Telltale game.

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    The only game I'll be playing for the rest of the year is Final Fantasy XV. I pre-ordered it awhile ago.

    I'll probably put a shit ton of hours into it. The same way I put a shit ton of hours into TW3.

  • @Art After reading through the playlist I feel like half my playtime will be just cruising around and listening to the radio, lol.