What games are you still planning on buying this year?

  • Mafia 3
    Dragon Quest Builders
    CoD: Infinite Warfare
    Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    Watch Dogs 2
    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy XV
    World Of Final Fantasy
    Pokemon Sun/Moon

    I'm also buying PSVR but haven't decided what games I'm getting for that yet (other than Driveclub VR because it's going cheap for season pass holders).

  • FF XV
    No Man's Sky (If there is a Black Friday sale)
    Pokemon Moon
    Whatever I end up getting for Christmas.

    Small list but I got a huge backlog to work on so this is a good time to save some money lol.

  • I don't even know. Maybe nothing? At least as a brand new release. South Park would have been the one to pick up, but now it comes on Q1/2017.

    There's just not that many interesting titles to my taste, it seems. Well, The Last Guardian is a BIG question mark, maybe I'll get that, it depends on the reviews. And Mafia III is like 50/50: I'm not gonna pay the full price for it, but maybe there's a December sale or something.

    The Walking Dead: Season 3 is something I just remembered. That's propably one thing I'll get.

    It's more likely I'll buy some older games I've been meaning to get, like Lego Marvel's Avengers or something.

  • DAY ONE:
    Mafia III: The EZA previews convinced me of getting this day one instead of waiting.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider: Been waiting over a Year for this game.
    Playstation VR: VR IS HERE
    Return to Arkham: Loved these games, can't wait to platinum Asylum again.
    Playstation 4 Pro: I'm a pro gamer :P
    Final Fantasy XV: This is going to be my first Final Fantasy game since VII.
    The Last Guardian: I've been waiting years for this.
    Hellblade: Still slated for a 2016 release, my most anticipated game for this end of year release (I hope)
    Metal Gear Survive: MGSV Phantom Pain was my GOTY in 2015 so this is a no brainer.

    Most likely wait for a sale:
    WWE 2K17
    Batman VR (might need to play the demo first)
    EVE Vakyrie(might need to play the demo first)
    RIGS(might need to play the demo first)
    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: most likely get this because of the VR component.
    Battlefield 1: Want to get this for the story but doesn't look that interesting
    Dragonball Xenoverse 2: I really want this game but looks the same as DBX1
    Batman Telltale: I'm in 2 minds to get this. On one hand it's Batman and the other it's another Telltale game.

  • Banned

    The only game I'll be playing for the rest of the year is Final Fantasy XV. I pre-ordered it awhile ago.

    I'll probably put a shit ton of hours into it. The same way I put a shit ton of hours into TW3.

  • @Art After reading through the playlist I feel like half my playtime will be just cruising around and listening to the radio, lol.

  • man im hyped for pokemon sun and moon

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in What games are you still planning on buying this year?:

    I don't even know. Maybe nothing? At least as a brand new release.

    It's more likely I'll buy some older games I've been meaning to get, like Lego Marvel's Avengers or something.

    So it seems I went the "or something" way. I have this short list of games I still want/need to get, and after watching a GT review of it one more time, I finally ordered Tearaway Unfolded on PS4. It seems a really fun game and I've heard practically just good things about it and its innovative nature.

  • Gravity Rush 2 delayed to 2017.

  • @TokyoSlim said in What games are you still planning on buying this year?:

    Gravity Rush 2 delayed to 2017.

    i think thats a good thing that game was gonna get murdered between ff15 and the last guardian

  • @FF7Cloud On the other hand, Q1 2017 is getting more and more packed! There's a lot more games I'm interested in coming out then than between now and Christmas, it's crazy!

    Off the top of my head: Resident Evil 7, Horizon: Zero Dawn, For Honor, South Park, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5... all that in the span of 3 months! And at the end of it, maybe even the NX.

    Better clear up your backlog before New Year, people! ;)

  • @FF7Cloud Moved four days before Yakuza 0.

  • @Axel just between january and april we have
    Kingdom hearts 2.8
    Yooka laylee

  • @FF7Cloud Damnit. :(

  • I'm hoping to get WWE 2K17, Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy XV by the end of the year. Maybe Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 if I ever upgrade to Windows 10. I want to try out CoD Infinite Warfare as well. I've never gotten into CoD or really liked it for that matter. But, IW has me intrigued after the E3 trailer during the Sony conference. My bro and I will play Pokemon Sun (me) and Moon (him). Last, but not least, I want to get Star Citizen. CitiCon is on the 9th (2 days!) and will give an update on when Version 3.0 is going to drop and give more details on it. When it releases is when I plan to finally dive in. I just hope it lives up to the hype. I hope ALL of these games do!

  • Dragon Quest Builders
    Technically I already bought it, since I had it preinstalled thjs weekend and it should have activated while I was asleep. I never was a big fan of Minecraft style games, but having one with more direction and Dragon Quest's jolly charm has got me excited. Loved the demo, so I'm looking forward to it.

    SMT IV: Apocalypse
    I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I've got a 5 hour flight next week so I'm looking forward to this being my companion. I only played SMT IV last spring and LOVED it, got the chaos and neutral endings. Should be just the thing to get me warmed up for Persona 5 next year.

    Final Fantasy XV
    I've been sort of on the fence with this one for a long time, but the recent trailers and Allies general enthusiasm for it have got me pretty excited to play it.

    Pokemon Moon
    A bit lower on my hype spectrum, as I haven't really been feeling these games with the recent installments, but I'm hoping this is the game to reignite the spark for me.

  • These are the last things Im planning to buy for the year.
    Final Fantasy XV
    Batman Arkham Collection
    CoD IW
    Shante 1/2 Genie Hero (on PS4 and Wii U)
    and Yakuza 6.
    Should a sale pop up for something I missed earlier in the year I might grab it

  • The only games i really really want are Civilization VI and World of Final Fantasy! I might get Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4), Final Fantasy XV and Mafia III.

  • Definitely Battlefield 1, possibly Titanfall 2, Shadow Warrior 2, CoD (So many FPSs man. It's hard to decide). Also Civ 6 and Skyrim special edition. Steep and Watchdogs 2 are possible, but I'm far from convinced.

    • Civilisation VI
    • Pokémon Moon
    • FFXV
    • First Party PS4 titles
    • Lots of PSVR games if I get a PSVR from family for Christmas (slight chance of this happening!)
    • I'm torn between Battlefield 1, CoD and Titanfall, I fancy a big stupid action game but the question is which one?