Anyone own an Arcade Cabinet??

  • Now this is completely random but I was wondering if any of the other allies here own an arcade cabinet? It's weird but when I was younger one day I came home and my dad had gotten a pinball machine, F-14 Tomcat. It's actually a really cool pinball machine and I think one of the first ones to have voiced dialogue. He got them through trade, he was a construction worker and traded work for the machine. Later on we got another pinball machine, Spyhunter which was based off the arcade game. Many years later he got an Asteroids arcade machine and a Kung Fu Master machine. We ended up giving the Kung Fu Master machine away and our Asteroids machine broke down. While I was in college I asked my dad if I could have the broken Asteroids machine for my birthday which he agreed to. Ended up getting the monitor fixed (although its in pretty poor condition) and just a few weeks ago lugged the thing into my new apartment.

    Anyways, I was curious if anyone else had their own Arcade Cabinet? If so is it an original machine, did you or was it converted to something else or maybe you made a custom MAME cabinet (thinking of doing that when the Asteroids machine finally kicks the bucket) was just curious. Every now and again ill look through craigslist to see if anything cool is for sale, for a while really wanted to get a four slot neo geo machine and more recently kinda interested in getting a machine with a Jamma board so I can get one of those multicarts that has like 700 games. Anyways let me know.
    Thanks Allies!

  • Yes! Technically I gave it to my sister and brother in-law. But in college I was browsing eBay and found Street Fighter II Turbo within an hour local pickup for $300. I never knew I could own it for so cheap! Once I found a way to transport it with my friend it was a done deal.

    Literally it was a childhood dream. I even discussed with my brother as a kid if "you could own an arcade machine one day, what would it be?" This was back when arcade games were seemingly out of reach for a commoner. Reserved only for rich celebs and strip mall arcade galleries. Well my answer back then was Street Fighter II because it just felt timeless and it has endless replay value.

    When I moved out of state I left it at my parent's house. My brother in law just finished their basement so I said they could take it and get it out of my parent's way.

    I wouldn't say it's an original. I believe its what you would call a conversion cabinet. But it does have the marquee and joystick art and humourous game art around the screen that has a funny misspelling for Balrog (Balrog).

    Once I found out how arcades worked and realized there was a JAMMA standard I picked up Soul Edge for dirt cheap ($30). Unfortunately I found out I would have to rewire the JAMMA + cards to make the controls right so I didn't really use it beyond just testing. Sadly I think that board is just wasting somewhere. I think it got tossed.

    Other than that I found an iCade cabinet at a thrift store for $3. I bought it and converted it into a neat tabletop mame cabinet powered by a raspberry pi.

  • I'd love to own a pinball machine or maybe a Space Invaders or Galaga cabinet someday

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    I really really want one.. but my GF said that if I bring one home, she'll leave me :cry:

  • @Lotias Think of how many girl's you'd attract with a legit arcade cabinet...

    Hah, when I got mine, I was student in college with a studio apartment. I didn't have much for furniture cause there wasn't much space. It was literally just a tv, my bed, a plastic dresser drawer, and an arcade cabinet as my nightstand. It was quite ridiculous and magical at the same time.

    Could you imagine having this at home?
    alt text

    I'd love to bring it home but our house is small enough as it is and we have a kid on the way. One day we'll be day..

  • @matt
    Thats so awesome you have a SF II machine. Being a 90's kid I fell in love with SF II in the arcades, and would love to have that machine someday. I think they use JAMMA boards like you mentioned so I'd be interested in getting one of those multiboards that have like 600 games, which include all those 90's classics like your SF/MK/Beat'ems and such.

    Do you have any pics of your iCade / rasberry pi set up. I got a pi from a friend and havent done anything with it, making a mini mame machine sounds really cool.

  • @Lotias
    That's rough dude, I actually just moved in with my girlfriend and luckily she doesn't have a problem with my asteroids machine. If you have the money, you could look into getting a bartop machine. I saw someone on my local craigslist selling a custom made one that has like 600 games on it. Might be easier for the girlfriend to get behind since its small enough to store away when your not playing it.

  • @TheMarcV Thanks! I can post a pic when I get home later.

    The Street Fighter 2 boards are JAMMA+, which just means it has more connections than a standard JAMMA board would have. Kind of a pain in the butt since the whole point of JAMMA is to be standard and then comes along JAMMA+ which is totally not standard. It's due to all of the buttons required to play Street Fighter 2 (4-way joystick plus 6 buttons per player).

    I'm not too familiar with the multiboards. If you're open to emulation I would say you should give the MAME cabinet a try. It was a fun project and it's very capable. The raspberry pi has a nice frontend for a MAME cabinet, but it is cumbersome to set up and transfer files to. I used the cheap cabinet which had built in controls and I modified the controls using a cheap donor USB PC controller to make it USB. Then I bought a replacement LCD screen and driver for display and gutted some PC speakers for sound. It was the most custom work I've done. It's not that pretty but it was total a learning experience.

    If I had the capacity for more stuff (i'm purging at the moment) I would totally build another project. Amazon sells full USB arcade button kits and you can basically turn anything into an arcade machine (plywood; coffee table). And LCD PC monitors are everywhere. I have two spare ones myself just sitting around.

  • It's obviously not something I own, but I gotta say this cabinet that Nathan Barnatt owns has got to be my favorite overall.

    Youtube Video

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    A buddy of mine had an arcade machine custom built for him. One of those ones with thousands of games preinstalled. We play a lot of Turtles in Tim, Simpsons, Street Fightet, MK, MvC etc.
    He is a streamer. You should check him out. MaximusBlack on Twitch.

  • @themarcv I built a bartop a few years ago (pictured w/o plexiglass and marquee) and am currently working on restoring an old Robocop/BadDudes machine is a great resource.

    1_1567571865324_IMG_5321.jpg 0_1567571865321_IMG_5320.JPG

  • Looking to buy that Arcade 1up Marvel Cabinet, but one day I do plan on building my own

  • @dmcmaster Yeah. those 1up cabinets are very appealing. I'm looking to snag one at some point and convert it. I ended up getting rid of my asteroids machine a few months ago. My dad had a friend how was interested and I kinda needed the space.

    Once I get more room Id love to get the SF 2 or Marvel 1up cabinet and convert it with a retropi or something. Figure maybe in a few years they might do a SF3, MvC or Alpha cabinet and I'll snag one of those.