GT Video Game Library (physical)

  • I asked a question that Brandon answered during Cup of Jones that basically said "What happened to the game library you guys had at GT?". He answered as if I meant the IP of all the videos made at GT but I really meant to physical library.

    Do all the Allies have pieces and parts of the full games library? Did they just share it amongst each other or did they have to sell or give it away?


  • They donated it. I believe he addressed it in an earlier Cup of Jones. They also had twitter posts when they were packing all of that stuff up. I forget the name of the organization they donated to.

    Found some links.

  • I guess I just wonder if they regret that since now EZA doesn't have a very big game library. Wonder if they had to dispose of it due to agreement with Defy or something. Thanks!

  • I bet no one had enough room for all those games, gear, consoles, etc haha. Plus I'm sure there were a ton of games that no one wanted or needed

  • @Faaip said in GT Video Game Library (physical):

    I bet no one had enough room for all those games, gear, consoles, etc haha. Plus I'm sure there were a ton of games that no one wanted or needed

    Yea, I guess. Sure do miss "First 15"

  • @Chris-Snow Yeah me too, that was one of my favorite shows

  • @Chris-Snow No agreement or anything. Defy basically let them do whatever they wanted with the games library. It was just too massive to store, even split between allies and had too many Dumb Games not even Kyle wanted to deal with. I think Ben took the biggest chunk of it, but still it's only a small portion of what it once was as they donated the rest.

    Brandon has said before that it feels good getting rid of the GT Library, and as people have started sending games in as gifts during groups streams he's talked about putting shelves in a closet in the garage so they can start over and build an EZA library. Most of the games during the GT days were sent to them by developers/publishers for reviews and such or acquired for the express purpose of needing footage from something for a video whereas the games they're accumulating now are all games lovingly sent in by fans who either would like EZA to stream them or just enjoy them themselves. So basically, as they build a new library it will have an entirely different vibe, and if they ever reach the studio goal and happen to decide to reboot The First Fifteen you will know that the majority of these titles they're picking through are all games the community loves and wanted to share with EZA.

  • @Faaip Well said!

  • If I understand the EZA backstory and lore correctly, Ben Moore has a rather extensive, impressive, and somewhat neglected video game library of his own. I always thought a great idea for an ongoing skit would be to have one or two EZA members pretending to break into Ben's place (not in reality because Ben lives so far away from everyone and is entitled to his privacy of course. Not to mention the travel time and scheduling, ect more as a running joke set up based on his supposedly enormous game collection. ) to play one of his random obscure, classic, or forgotten games just long enough to get a sort of first impressions feel of it and could be titled "Just 15 minutes Moore".

    You could do all sorts of one time or running gags about the size and impressiveness of Ben's game collection, how he pays for so many games....Such as, maybe it's in some high tech super security Resident Evil style vault but otherwise Ben's apartment is just a ratty old couch and some ramen noodles stacked up in bulk. The idea that they are trying to get in play 15 mins and get out before Ben catches them, ect.... Could be cute and fun.