What Allies have VR here?

  • @matt said in What Allies have VR here?:

    ost fun. I will admit it was underwhelming when I put it on. The tech kept asking, "is it blurry?". I got it adjusted the best I could, but it wasn't super sharp. Wasn't sure if that's just the technical limit

    I think its a Technical limitation, im not sure of the specs of the psvr but i experienced something similar with the vive.

    Im actually really excited to try out space pirate trainer and Onward but it might be a little bit before i buy those

  • I have a psvr on preorder, but I'm probably going to have to cancel and buy a new hot water heater instead. Stupid adulting.

  • @Bigdude1 Sounds good. I'm most excited to have a killer app space and driving experience. Playing something like Burnout or GT would be so cool.

  • @matt yeah i might try somthing like project cars on the vive, idk ill have to do some research.

  • @TokyoSlim yeah i know the feel, i installed a new one at my house last year

  • I don't, but I have a PSVR ordered.

  • I work at Best Buy so I have tried all 3. Vibe wins hands down as terms of tech, Oculus has great support from not only game industry but other media areas, and PSVR is a step in the right direction for gamers.

    I will probably be going with the PSVR, the price is great and the games coming will entertain me enough to justify the purchase. VR is still in an early age so who knows, maybe one day I will get that Vibe or Oculus for experiences not found on PSVR but I cant fully justify spending that much money just yet to be an early adopter. Especially with the chance that a newer version of VR might come in 3-5 years. I'm only jumping in early because VR has convinced me through early testing in store that it's a great experience. Now just time to wait for those games to come out. Resident Evil 7 will probably be my first major reason to buy.

  • so i got my vive tried out a few things

    1. played valves "the lab" really good little tech demo great for dipping your feet in vr.
    2. played onward for about a hour or so, really cool military sim, unlike a lot of vr games you actually move around with the trackpad which takes some getting used to, using weapons and manually reloading is really satisfying. still dont know all the controls yet. some glitches being early access but still very playable and fun multiplayer

    Overall really responsive and just as reliable in my house as it was in the store when i tried it out.

  • @Bigdude1 we should start an Allies Onward meetup! keep us posted to any other games you try

  • @sblomkamp
    Totally! its really fun

    anyone wants to add me on steam its Bigdudeone

    i tried this game called The Gallery
    i didnt play much so far it seems like a adventure game, but currently stuck on it after i got the flashlight, but the tech is really cool

  • @Bigdude1 ermm.. thats the game i work on. Let me know what you think!

    I'll add you on steam. Expect an invite from a Nancy pantzy