Star Trek VR Gameplay showcase

  • I just discovered a video by IGN detailing the core gameplay and mechanics of the Ubisoft Star Trek VR game:

    Some highlights:

    • You can play solo or with other people online
    • 4 roles
      • Helm (Pilot)
      • Tactical (Weapons)
      • Engineering
      • Captain
    • The captain has an advantage over the others and gets some additional information about the mission and the current tactical overview, which the other players do not
    • You don't have to fight. There are multiple ways of winning
    • Coming to Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive
    • No price point yet. My personal guess is that it will come somewhere in the 30-50 USD range

    I also read on the official website that the game will feature procedurally generated missions after you complete the story:

    In addition to a dynamic storyline, Star Trek: Bridge Crew features an “Ongoing Missions” mode, procedurally generating missions for countless hours of Solo and Co-op adventure.

    Let's just hope they also let us try out the "Kobayashi Maru" scenario. I would actually expect it to be the tutorial ;)

    Youtube Video

    Does any of this info change your opinion on the upcoming Star Trek VR game?

  • as a trekkie im interested, i doubt its gonna be 30 bucks though. Unless they really polish it up i dont see that value.

  • Damn, sounds like it will last for a good while! Looks uglier than my own aunt however which is a feat.

  • @Bigdude1 My guess is based solely on the fact that I expect these early games to be the price of more expensive indie games. Maybe I'm completely off.

    Has anybody seen the pricing of PS VR games? I feel like that's gonna be a benchmark for early VR games.

  • @marcel maybe they could get away with that price point with the lack of competition in the vr library, idk i just probably wouldn't get it at that price.

  • Remember Bridge Commander? Yeah, you remember Bridge Commander.

    In all seriousness though, this is very exciting at least in concept. If this went more AAA, it could be AMAZING. As it stands, it might be a fun "party" experience, but I can see people getting bored with it pretty quick.

  • @Mechanoid Yeah, it looks like some of those early Kinect games ... but I just need to play this ;) I owe this to the 10 year old me who LOVED watching Star Trek and wanted to BE on that bridge :)